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Commentary on Psalms

By Henry Law

Table of Contents

   Psalm 1 - Here two portraits are presented to our view. The godly man appears. His walk is holy, happy, fruitful, prosperous, heavenward--The ungodly is entirel
   Psalm 2 - To oppose the kingdom of Christ is utterly vain, because it is established by the Father's power, and by the provisions of the eternal decree. Holy ex
   Psalm 3 - Foes without number press upon the speaker. Prayer is his refuge. Calmly he sleeps. His fears are gone. Speak, Lord, that thus our hearts may ever res
   Psalm 4 - This psalm begins with prayer. Solemn admonition and earnest entreaties follow. Then the believer's chief good appears in contrast to the lot of the u
   Psalm 5 - Faith prays, knowing that wrath will overwhelm God's foes, and mercies crown the righteous. May prayer be thus stirred up in us! 1, 2. "Give ear to
   Psalm 6 - Here godly sorrow changes into godly joy. May we so mourn that we too may be comforted! 1. "O Lord, rebuke me not in Your anger, neither chasten me
   Psalm 7 - David, stung by unjust reproach, appeals to God. He prays and foresees future judgment. The end is praise. When slanders fly around may we be similarl
   Psalm 8 - God's name is excellent in all His works, but especially in Christ. O God! reveal Your name to us. The Spirit, who gave these words, gives their inter
   Psalm 9 - Fervent praise acknowledges God's help and righteous judgments. Prayer follows for continued favors. May we thus praise! May we thus pray! 1, 2. "I
   Psalm 10 - The main feature in this psalm is the foul portraiture of evil. Prayer follows in full confidence that God will arise and judge. May the Spirit raise
   Psalm 11 - Confidence relies on God when storms of trouble threaten. The terribleness of final judgment is revealed. May perfect shelter be our happy lot! 1.
   Psalm 12 - Fearing that the godly cease and the ungodly vaunt, prayer is made and confidence is professed in God's pure Word. Supported by such comfort, may we n
   Psalm 13 - The soul long troubled here at last finds peace. Lord, may our faith never fall! Joy is at hand. 1, 2. "How long will You forget me, O Lord? foreve
   Psalm 14 - Inhabitants of the world are represented as lying in wickedness. But the year of the redeemed is foreshadowed. May we tremble at this sight of sin, an
   Psalm 15 - Here is a beautiful picture of the holy man. Holy Spirit, mold us into this blessed form! 1. "Lord, who shall abide in Your tabernacle? who shall d
   Psalm 16 - To the believer there is much joy in present state. There is, also, bright hope of rising to eternal life. May this joy and hope be our abiding portio
   Psalm 17 - Abundant prayers are made. The end is confirmation of confidence. May we thus pray, and thus be comforted! 1, 2. "Hear the right, O Lord, attend to
   Psalm 18 - Mighty deliverance is realized, and utter ruin of every foe. May we intelligently swell the note of praise! 1, 2. "I love you, Lord; you are my str
   Psalm 19 - Two witnesses proclaim God's glory. His Works and Word harmoniously respond. May the joint testimony teach us! 1, 2. "The heavens declare the glory
   Psalm 20 - Intercession is our duty and our privilege. Trust in God secures success. May we be encouraged to pray and not to faint! 1, 2. "May the Lord hear y
   Psalm 21 - This ode of triumph celebrates our exalted Head. May we thus sing on earth by faith, and lengthen out the strain through endless days! 1, 2. "The k
   Psalm 22 - The deepest anguish of our suffering Lord is here portrayed. The story of the Cross is told in minute detail. Light breaks forth at last. May we gaze
   Psalm 23 - Jesus leads His flock like a shepherd. May we rejoice in the delights of His fold! 1. "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in need." Happy the
   Psalm 24 - Jesus ascends in triumph to His throne in heaven. May we in spirit ascend there, and with Him continually dwell! 1, 2. "The earth is the Lord's, an
   Psalm 25 - Repentance and contrition find vent in confession and prayer. May these holy exercises be the home of our souls! 1. "Unto You, O Lord, do I lift up
   Psalm 26 - Prayers, professions, and resolves are here interlinked. May the Holy Spirit draw holy lessons for us! 1. "Judge me, O Lord; for I have walked in m
   Psalm 27 - Faith makes strong professions, and utters earnest prayers. May such be the exercise of our hearts unto life eternal! 1. "The Lord is my light and
   Psalm 28 - Earnest prayer is followed by exulting praise. May prayer lead us to glad thanksgivings! 1. "Unto You will I cry, O Lord my rock; Do not be silent
   Psalm 29 - Jehovah's voice is mighty. It sounds in the storms of nature, in the outgoings of grace, in the terrors of the dissolving world. May our listening ear
   Psalm 30 - Sorrows are transient. Joys are forever. May we so mourn, that we may be comforted! 1. "I will extol You, O Lord; for You have lifted me up, and ha
   Psalm 31 - The believer's security is in God in every trial, through life, and in death. May we be kept by His mighty power through faith unto eternal life! 1.
   Psalm 32 - We are taught the blessedness of sin's pardon through the faith of Christ. O Lord, give us this blessing, and we shall be blessed! 1, 2. "Blessed i
   Psalm 33 - All praise is due to God, for all He is--for all that He has done. May we begin the praise which shall not end! 1, 2, 3. "Let the godly sing with j
   Psalm 34 - God's never-failing care demands unfailing praise. Sheltered beneath the refuge of His wings, may we sing gratefully! 1, 2. "I will bless the Lord
   Psalm 35 - Appeal is made to God for help. Many are our times of need. At all times we have access to our God. 1, 2, 3. "Plead my cause, O Lord, with those wh
   Psalm 36 - Two very diverse views appear. The wickedness of the wicked is very vile. The glory of God shines brightly. May our thoughts rise from earth and rest
   Psalm 37 - The temporal prosperity of wicked men soon vanishes. True happiness is the portion of the godly. May such be our lot! 1, 2. "Do not fret because of
   Psalm 38 - The Psalmist, in deep sense of sin, and writhing under just chastisement, spreads his sad condition before God. 1. "O Lord, do not rebuke me in You
   Psalm 39 - The Psalmist resolves to be guarded in his speech. He reflects on the brevity of human life, and the vanity of earthly show. He prays in prospect of h
   Psalm 40 - Marvelous deliverance follows continued patience. Others are thereby quickened to act faith. God's goodness is unspeakable. Christ is the end of the l
   Psalm 41 - The happy state of the compassionate is depicted. The vindictive malevolence of the ungodly is also shown. Prayer to God and profession of faith follo
   Psalm 42 - Rejection is the pervading note of this hymn. The joys of the sanctuary are forbidden. Insulting foes augment distress. In conclusion, the soul is chi
   Psalm 43 - The pensive note of the preceding hymn is here prolonged. The circumstances are the same; the same, also, are the exercises and the expressions of the
   Psalm 44 - The Church is here exhibited as in the depths of grievous trouble. But faith reviews the mercies of past days before it bewails present sufferings. Co
   Psalm 45 - This hymn is fitly termed a song of loves. It is a prelude to the Song of songs. The spiritual Bridegroom is rapturously commended. The Spouse is show
   Psalm 46 - God's near protection is a stronghold against all fear. The wonders of His mighty hand should excite terror in His foes, and confidence in His people.
   Psalm 47 - A view is presented of the kingdom of Christ most gloriously established, and universal praises are evoked. 1, 2. "O clap your hands, all you peopl
   Psalm 48 - The beauty of Jerusalem is a picture of the beauty of the Church. God's favor to it foreshadows His favor to His people in all ages. 1, 2, 3. "Grea
   Psalm 49 - The truths of the Bible call for universal heeding. The mysteries will repay all study. Natural men, in their best state, are immeasurably inferior to
   Psalm 50 - We have in this Psalm a revelation of glorious truth. The final judgment is announced in dreadful sublimity. Formalists are rebuked, and warned of the
   Psalm 51 - Of all the Psalms, this is the one, perhaps, which is most frequently interwoven in the believer's prayers and pondered in his meditations. It has bee
   Psalm 52 - The proud boasting and the malicious plots of the ungodly come to a fearful end. The case of the righteous greatly differs, and calls for praise. 1.
   Psalm 53 - A repetition of a dreadful scene is again presented. Again the whole world is seen as lying in the wicked one. But the year of the redeemed again appe
   Psalm 54 - Deep distress afflicts the Psalmist. He knows his refuge, and flees to it. In confidence of gracious aid he vows the sacrifice of praise. We, also, ar
   Psalm 55 - In the eventful life of David trouble follows trouble as wave succeeds to wave. His intervals of rest were very few. Throughout his days darkness seem
   Psalm 56 - Similarity of circumstance leads to similarity of conduct. Continued troubles prompt continued prayer. Prayer may wrestle long, but it will never stri
   Psalm 57 - Trouble, prayer, confidence, and praise are the pervading notes of this instructive hymn. Our faith will surely have its trials. May each trial cause
   Psalm 58 - Persecution in another form here agitates the Psalmist's mind. A fearful picture of the persecutors' hate is next exhibited. Confidence in their ruin
   Psalm 59 - Imminent perils surround the Psalmist. Foes environ his path. Means of escape seem utterly to fail. But God can never fail. Prayer flies to His presen
   Psalm 60 - In the bright day of prosperity the gloom of adversity is not forgotten. The contrast elevates the joy of success. Abundant victories are realized, an
   Psalm 61 - Attention to prayer in a season of great distress is supplicated in the experience of former mercies. Promises are remembered, and grateful service is
   Psalm 62 - Firm confidence in God is here avowed. He is commended as a high fortress of protection. The ruin of the ungodly is foreshown; exhortations to trust i
   Psalm 63 - Warm expressions show the intense longing of the soul for God. The joy of public ordinances is set forth; confidence is added in the final triumph of
   Psalm 64 - The voice of prayer again is heard amid the multitude of afflictions. But deliverance shows a smiling face. Foes will fall prostrate and the righteous
   Psalm 65 - Incessant praise is God's undoubted due. Countless are the motives which awaken it. May it be the exercise in which our souls unweariedly delight! 1
   Psalm 66 - Praise is the note which sounds throughout this hymn. Marvelous mercies are recounted, both temporal and spiritual. All demand devout thanksgiving. As
   Psalm 67 - A hymn here meets us earnest in prayer, bright in prospects, shining in prophecies, glorious in anticipations. Hope gazes with delight on the fullness
   Psalm 68 - Happy was the occasion of this hymn. David was permitted to see the joyful day when the ark, the type of the blessed Jesus, was brought to its resting
   Psalm 69 - The Psalmist is involved in intensity of misery. The severest troubles in every form assail him. The downfall of his enemies is foreshadowed, and the
   Psalm 70 - Respite from trouble is not of long duration. The tide flows back with unabated strength. Earnest prayer is the ready refuge; the confusion of foes is
   Psalm 71 - Weighed down under the burden of his many years, harassed by ingratitude and cruelty, David warmly expresses his unwavering confidence in God. Increas
   Psalm 72 - This Psalm presents especial grandeur and magnificence. In the first instance we have a description of the glorious reign of Solomon. But this reign s
   Psalm 72 - The mind is often sorely tried by seeing the wicked in such great prosperity. Doubts are disposed to rise in reference to God's righteous government.
   Psalm 74 - Hostile invasion had brought ruin into the city. Grim desolation frowns where once the Temple magnificently stood. The outrage of the enemy is plainti
   Psalm 75 - Notes of thanksgiving introduce this hymn. Resolution is professed to minister right government. Promises of renewed praise are added. 1. "Unto You
   Psalm 76 - Probably some illustrious victory was the occasion of this ode. It especially celebrates God's glory in the preservation of His Church. For this all p
   Psalm 77 - A train of sorrows moves along this page. Relief is found in drawing near to God, and meditating on His wondrous works. We may have the same suffering
   Psalm 78 - We are enjoined to give earnest heed to the words spoken from heaven. A dark display of Israel's ingratitude and rebellion follows. God's repeated and
   Psalm 79 - The ruins of the Temple and the cruelties of the insulting foe impel to the mercy-seat. Promises of praise are uttered. In the depths of distress may
   Psalm 80 - Suppliants in deep misery flee to the mercy-seat. A graphic allegory portrays the Church. May we bear fruit as lively branches of the true Vine! 1-2
   Psalm 81 - Observance of public ordinances is enjoined. The path of obedience is the path of blessedness. May we listen to our God; He will appear rich to multip
   Psalm 82 - God's supremacy over all magistrates is declared. Unjust judges are reproved, and prayer is made that God would maintain justice. 1. "God stands in
   Psalm 83 - God is called to mark the confederacy of the ungodly, and to avenge His cause as in times of old. God thus appearing shall be acknowledged as Jehovah.
   Psalm 84 - Longing desires are expressed for the joy of public ordinances. The happiness is extolled of those who frequent God's court. The God, who hears and an
   Psalm 85 - Bright views of redeeming love shine forth in the opening of this Psalm. Prayer is made that grace may still abound. God's attributes are shown to be
   Psalm 86 - A stream of continuous prayer flows throughout this Psalm. Praise is sweetly intermixed. Pleas for audience with God are urgently enforced. May we thu
   Psalm 87 - The Church is commended as beloved of God. Neighboring nations flock to it. It is a spring of refreshing joys. 1 . "His foundation is in the holy m
   Psalm 88 - Sounds of bitter grief wail through this Psalm. We hear the mourning of a wounded spirit. All earthly refuge is shunned; help only is in God. 1-2.
   Psalm 89 - This Psalm is bright in praises for the countless mercies of our God, especially for faithfulness to His covenants. Prayer is added. May we with joyfu
   Psalm 90 - This Psalm is entitled "A Prayer of Moses, the man of God." As such it justly claims devout attention as the earliest of inspired songs. In adopting i
   Psalm 91 - Internal textual evidence establishes that the apprehension of near sickness and the approach of pestilence awakened this Psalm. Firm confidence is ex
   Psalm 92 - Here strong exhortations enforce the duty of praise. Motives for such adoration are specified. May they tune our hearts to luxuriate in like pastures
   Psalm 93 - The reign of Christ here shines forth in illustrious splendor. It is glorious in power and holiness. May the description lead our hearts to more inten
   Psalm 94 - God is supplicated to maintain His cause and not to allow His enemies to triumph. Afflictions are named as frequent benefits, and the afflicted are as
   Psalm 95 - Warm exhortations call to joyful thanksgivings. It is shown that God is truly entitled to such homage. Warnings to the unbelieving and disobedient are
   Psalm 96 - Again we are loudly called to magnify the Lord in joyful song. Thoughts are directed to the extension of Christ's kingdom. He is proclaimed as coming
   Psalm 97 - Faith is encouraged to joyfully contemplate Christ's kingdom. It may be hidden from the world; but it is dreadful to all adversaries. Exhortations fol
   Psalm 98 - Exhortations to sing praises are here prolonged. Views of Christ's kingdom suggest ample topics. May they kindle holy warmth in our hearts! 1. "O s
   Psalm 99 - Attention is again called to the greatness and glory of Christ's kingdom. Exhortations to worship Him suitably follow. May the Spirit write them on ou
   Psalm 100 - This hymn has been, and still is, the delight of Christian hearts. Its pervading note is a call to adoring praise. Praise is due to our God, because o
   Psalm 101 - Rules are prescribed for godly government. Advice is given to those who exercise authority. May all take heed; for to each some influence belongs. 1
   Psalm 102 - The soul trembling under God's displeasure is in extreme anguish. Its misery pours out a multitude of complaints. Various images lend their aid. Hope
   Psalm 103 - As in the firmament one star differs from another star in glory, so this hymn shines with surpassing luster. Through a long course of years it has bee
   Psalm 104 - A splendid picture is here exhibited of the greatness of God in creation and providence. Vows follow that the praises which are due shall be devoutly
   Psalm 105 - An earnest call invites to universal praise. The story of God's dealings with His ancient people is used to quicken this hymn. 1-4. "O give thanks
   Psalm 106 - Praise opens and concludes this instructive Psalm. The context is dark in frightful displays of the rebellion and ingratitude of God's people. Bright
   Psalm 107 - Exhortation to thanksgiving is the first note of this Psalm. Various motives follow. Man is exhibited in diverse straits and difficulties, and God app
   Psalm 108 - The Psalmist professes immovable resolve to make praise his incessant joy. He prays for support against all opponents, and avows his confidence in ful
   Psalm 109 - A terrible train of miseries awaits the enemies of our heavenly King. As each sorrow passes in review may we draw nearer to our blessed Lord, in whom
   Psalm 110 - A magnificent display of the exaltation and sovereignty of Christ as High Priest of the Church is exhibited. It is delightful to study this glorious o
   Psalm 111 - Praise is the one theme of this enrapturing Psalm. Various motives call to this homage. May they all excite response in our adoring hearts! 1. "Pra
   Psalm 112 - An exhortation to praise is the herald of this Psalm. The blessedness of God's children is then set forth. May its bright colors reveal more of the ha
   Psalm 113 - Praise continues to be the happy theme. Contemplation of God's majesty and greatness and goodness tend largely to kindle this flame. Let us meditate u
   Psalm 114 - The greatness and the glory of God are shown in His dealings with Israel. Let us joyfully remember that this God is our God forever and ever. 1-2.
   Psalm 115 - Man's utter nothingness is here acknowledged. In God alone all power resides. The idols of the heathen are the vanity of vanities. Let all confidence
   Psalm 116 - The heart of the Psalmist overflows with gratitude for extraordinary mercies. They all demand devoted praise. May the effect on us be increase of heav
   Psalm 117 - This Psalm is brief, but who can estimate its unbounded preciousness? It was given by inspiration of God. May the Spirit use it to invigorate our grac
   Psalm 118 - A song of praise is here added to our stores. Motives to this exercise claim attention. In many portions Christ is distinctly seen. May He thus become
   Psalm 119 - 1. "Blessed are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the law of the Lord." Here is a glowing picture of the pious heart. Here is the inner life of
   Psalm 120 - This Psalm depicts the unhappy condition when slanders assail, and the soul is tossed on billows of disquietude. Prayer is the unfailing refuge. 1.
   Psalm 121 - True safety is from God alone. His protecting care is portrayed in attractive colors. May they win us to place all confidence in Him! 1-2. "I will
   Psalm 122 - The beauty and the glory of the Church of Christ are here typically represented. Let prayer be fervent for the Church. 1-2. "I was glad when they s
   Psalm 123 - Contempt and derision should quicken our flight to the mercy-seat. 1. "Unto You lift I up my eyes, O You who dwell in the heavens." The Psalmist h
   Psalm 124 - All deliverance is freely given by the hand of God. To Him let grateful blessings ever be ascribed. 1-5. "If it had not been the Lord who was on ou
   Psalm 125 - This ode sings a blessed description of God's children. Earnest prayer is the fitting conclusion. 1. "Those who trust in the Lord shall be as Mount
   Psalm 126 - Restoration from captivity is the Lord's gracious work. In due time the sorrow of the righteous shall be swallowed up in joy. 1. "When the Lord tur
   Psalm 127 - Safety and success can only come from God. Pious families are multiplied by His blessing. 1. "Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain w
   Psalm 128 - Manifold blessings belong to those who fear the Lord. May we gaze on the display until it is our own realized enjoyment! 1. "Blessed is everyone wh
   Psalm 129 - Incessant were the troubles of Israel. But they destroyed them not. A prophetic voice here sounds, foretelling evil's final woe. 1-2. "Many time th
   Psalm 130 - The essence of the Gospel pervades this hymn. Sin is seen in its odious character. Its due penalties are acknowledged. But forgiveness is proclaimed a
   Psalm 131 - The Psalmist avows his deep humility. Exhortation to hope in God is added. 1-2. "Lord, my heart is not haughty, nor my eyes lofty; neither do I exe
   Psalm 132 - The Ark foreshadowed the Church. As such it was the object of pious care. This ode proceeds to enumerate God's promises. 1. "Lord, remember David,
   Psalm 133 - The blessings of peace and concord are commended. May they be sought and enjoyed by us! 1-3. "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren
   Psalm 134 - The ministers of the sanctuary are exhorted to bless the Lord. In response blessings are invoked on the speaker. 1-2. "Behold, bless the Lord, all
   Psalm 135 - Exhortations to praise the Lord are reiterated. Motives to this exercise are boundless, and are piously set forth. 1-3. "Praise the Lord. Praise th
   Psalm 136 - The mercy of the Lord is largely illustrated, and due praises are invoked. 1-3. "O give thanks to the Lord; for He is good; for His mercy endures f
   Psalm 137 - A plaintive ode bewails the misery of the captive Jews. Their devotion to their country is avowed. Woe on their enemies is called down in language of
   Psalm 138 - Praise is vowed to the Lord. This debt should be devoutly paid. The Lord is worthy to be trusted. 1-2. "I will praise You with my whole heart; befo
   Psalm 139 - All things are naked and open to the omniscience of God. His presence is all-pervading. Suitable prayer concludes the hymn. 1-5. "O Lord, You have
   Psalm 140 - In times of extreme distress deliverance is sought from God. He is extolled as the protector of His people. Faith looks to Him as the destroyer of all
   Psalm 141 - This hymn commences with a general prayer for acceptance. It then branches into diverse petitions. Thus it stands a tree of solid stem bearing variety
   Psalm 142 - The Psalmist is beset with trouble on every side. All refuge failed him but his God. To God he has instant recourse. 1-2. "I cried to the Lord with
   Psalm 143 - This hymn commences with a general petition, and then expands into a large field of supplication. 1. "Hear my prayer, O Lord; give ear to my suppli
   Psalm 144 - Blessings are ascribed to God for great success and victories. Continuance of such mercies is implored. The happiness of God's people is depicted in g
   Psalm 145 - Praise pervades this hymn. God's various claims are duly expounded. May they so influence our hearts that much fruit may ripen! 1-2. "I will extol
   Psalm 146 - Praise is the Psalmist's sweet employ. God's claims to praise are stated. May they attune our hearts to sing the heavenly theme! 1-2. "Praise the L
   Psalm 147 - Exhortations call to praise our God. Let our grateful hearts rejoicingly obey. 1. "Praise the Lord; for it is good to sing praises to our God; for
   Psalm 148 - Praise to God is invoked because of His glory in all things, animate and inanimate. Especially His saints call for adoration. 1-2. "Praise the Lord
   Psalm 149 - Continual is the call to praise our God. May the call never fail to warm our hearts! 1. "Praise the Lord. Sing to the Lord a new song, and His prai
   Psalm 150 - The Psalms thus close. But praise shall never end. Let praise be the constant ecstasy of all our powers and all our time. Eternity will prolong, but n

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