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Henry Law

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SermonComfort for Mourners
      Sorrow has crossed the threshold of your home, and sits a downcast inhabitant in your heart. You mourn as one from whom all joy is fled. The saddened countenance--the open fount of tears--the swelling sighs--the shrinking from needless discourse--the pensive musing--clearly prove your burden of distress. This grief must spring from some most crushi
SermonCordials in Temporal Troubles
       1873 Each woman's son is born an heir--not to a palace or a crown, not to broad lands or mines of gold, not to ancestral lineage of fame, not to high rank among the rich and great, not to a soft seat on luxury's lap, but to the inheritance of a common portion--TROUBLE. Few are called to be honored and caressed, to be idols of admiring crowds,
SermonFear of Death
      While the Lord delays His coming, death works incessantly. There is no moment when its scythe is idle. We may soon feel its leveling blow. The debt of dying is due from us and all earth-born. "It is appointed unto men once to die."--Heb. 9:27. Is there no comfort in this thought? Do no bright streaks illumine this horizon? The Christian replies
Gospel in Exodus - Table of Contents
       "He looked, and, behold, the Bush burned with fire, and the Bush was not consumed." Exodus 3:3 Wondrous is the sight which here meets our view. It is a Bush in flames, but not consumed. Destroying fire fails to destroy. Perishable wood refuses to be fuel. Reader! this surely is no new object to you. But know that it abounds in lessons which you
Gospel in Genesis - Table of Contents
      The object of these pages is simple, clear, holy. It is to arouse attention to the blessed truth, that Christ pervades all Scripture, as salt all waters of the sea, as light the brightest day, as fragrance the garden of choice flowers. To see this is my prime delight. To testify it is my happiest duty. Devoted loyalty to Him who is the first and
SermonI Am that I Am
       "I am that I am" Exodus 3:14 The believer is called to wayfaring and warfaring struggles. He has to bear a daily cross and to fight a daily fight. But in every hour of need a sure support is near. Behold Moses. The ground that he must tread is very slippery. The hill of his difficulties is very steep. A foe opposes every step. But a staff and
Commentary on Psalms - Table of Contents
      Here two portraits are presented to our view. The godly man appears. His walk is holy, happy, fruitful, prosperous, heavenward--The ungodly is entirely diverse. His course is worthless, and his end is woe. Spirit of God, grant now Your light! 1. "Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the way of sinners, no
SermonSpiritual Fears
      If there is a picture, in which all enchanting beauty shines, it is that which represents the state of the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.--Gal. 3:26. Every joy should glow in their cup. They are called to a song swelling with melody, which cannot be more sweet. They are invited to a garden, in which each fragrant flower ever blooms. They

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