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Psalm 93

By Henry Law

      The reign of Christ here shines forth in illustrious splendor. It is glorious in power and holiness. May the description lead our hearts to more intense desire to serve devotedly our heavenly King!

      1. "The Lord reigns; He is clothed with majesty; the Lord is clothed with strength, with which He has girded Himself; the world also is established, that it cannot be moved."

      Jesus is proclaimed as King. What confidence, what peace should this assurance give! He reigns supreme. All power is given to Him in heaven and in earth. His kingdom rules over all. Irresistible is His sway. Nothing can thwart His sovereign will. He directs all things in providence and grace, in time and in eternity. He appears in His royal robes of majesty and glory. Let us meekly bend the knee, and give the homage due to His supremacy. He wears the belt of omnipotence. Let us delight in the thought. It proclaims the security of those who seek the shelter of His wings. The earth is the present scene of their abode, and no power can shake its stability. It rests on firmness and cannot be moved.

      2. "My throne is established of old; You are from everlasting."

      Earthly kingdoms quickly rise and fall. Yesterday they were not; tomorrow they are gone. A breath makes them, and a breath destroys. But eternity is the possession of this King. Before time was, He lived "I AM." When time shall be no more, He still shall be the great "I AM."

      3, 4. "The floods have lifted up, O Lord, the floods have lifted up their voice; the floods lift up their waves. The Lord on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yes, than the mighty waves of the sea."

      Though Jesus is thus mighty, He reigns not unopposed. Wild and frantic passions are in commotion against Him. Mark the sea when raging tempests lash its billows into fury. Terribly they swell. Gigantic waves lift up their foaming heads. They dash against the rocks, as if their strength could overcome all barriers. But they toss and swell in vain. Thus the maddened rage of rebel man is weak against this kingdom. Christ sits above the water floods. He calmly views the impotent infatuation. Happy are those who are forever one with Him. They too shall sit on thrones.

      5. "Your testimonies are very sure; holiness becomes Your house, O Lord, forever."

      Repeated testimonies announce with trumpet-tongue this truth. The Word abounds with declarations that the government is upon Christ's shoulder. This Word cannot be broken. His empire must abide forever. Sweet is the concluding word. His right hand is full of righteousness. The scepter of His kingdom is a right scepter. All His rule is holy. Holiness is inscribed on all His work, ordinances, and decrees. His people, also, are all holy. Holiness is the bright title on their brow. May we be holy even as our Lord is holy! May our constant prayer be, Sanctify us wholly, body, soul, and spirit! Sanctify us through Your truth! Thus alone can we take comfort in the hope of gazing forever on the unclouded glory of our God. Heaven is holiness in more than meridian splendor. The entrance of evil in the slightest form would change the total appearance. Light could not be one with darkness. The torrid zone could not show icy plains. The door is barred against iniquity. The Lamb's bride is all-glorious without in the pure obedience of the Lord, and all-glorious within through the indwelling of the Spirit.

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