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A Collection of Hymns

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HymnLET God, who comforts the distrest,
      6-8s. 1 LET God, who comforts the distrest, Let Israel's consolation hear! Hear, Holy Ghost, our joint request, And show thyself the Comforter, And swell the unutterable groan, And breathe our wishes to the throne. 2 We weep for those that weep below, And burdened, for the afflicted sigh; The various forms of human woe Excite our soft
HymnLET Him to whom we now belong
      C.M. 1 LET Him to whom we now belong His sovereign right assert, And take up every thankful song, And every loving heart. 2 He justly claims us for his own, Who bought us with a price; The Christian lives to Christ alone, To Christ alone he dies. 3 Jesus, thine own at last receive! Fulfil our hearts' desire, And let us to thy glor
HymnLET not the wise his wisdom boast,
      L.M. Jeremiah ix. 23,24. 1 LET not the wise his wisdom boast, The mighty glory in his might, The rich in flattering riches trust, Which take their everlasting flight. The rush of numerous years bears down The most gigantic strength of man; And where is all his wisdom gone, When dust he turns to dust again? 2 One only gift can justify T
HymnLET the beasts their breath resign,
      8-7s. The same subject. 1 LET the beasts their breath resign, Strangers to the life divine; Who their God can never know, Let their spirit downward go. You for higher ends were born, You may all to God return, Dwell with him above the sky; Why will you for ever die? 2 You, on whom he favours showers, You, possest of nobler powers, You
HymnLET the redeemed give thanks and praise
      C.M. 1 LET the redeemed give thanks and praise To a forgiving God! My feeble voice I cannot raise Till washed in Jesu's blood: 2 Till, at thy coming from above, My mountain-sins depart, And fear gives place to filial love, And peace o'erflows my heart. 3 Prisoner of hope, I still attend The appearing of my Lord, These endless dou
HymnLET the world their virtue boast,
      7s & 6s. 1 LET the world their virtue boast, Their works of righteousness; I, a wretch undone and lost, Am freely saved by grace; Other title I disclaim; This, only this, is all my plea, I the chief of sinners am, But Jesus died for me. 2 Happy they whose joys abound Like Jordan's swelling stream, Who their heaven in Christ have foun
HymnLET us join, ('tis God commands)
      8-7s. 1 LET us join, ('tis God commands) Let us join our hearts and hands Help to gain our calling's hope, Build we each the other up: God his blessings shall dispense, God shall crown his ordinance; Meet in his appointed ways; Nourish us with social grace. 2 Let us then as brethren love, Faithfully his gifts improve, Carry on the e
HymnLIFT up your hearts to things above,
      C.M. 1 LIFT up your hearts to things above, Ye followers of the Lamb, And join with us to praise his love, And glorify his name. 2 To Jesu's name give thanks and sing, Whose mercies never end: Rejoice! rejoice! the Lord is king; The King is now our friend! 3 We, for his sake, count all things loss; On earthly good look down; And j
HymnLIFT your eyes of faith, and see
      8-7s. 1 LIFT your eyes of faith, and see Saints and angels joined in one; What a countless company Stand before yon dazzling throne! Each before his Saviour stands, All in milk-white robes arrayed, Palms they carry in their hands, Crowns of glory on their head. 2 Saints begin the endless song, Cry aloud in heavenly lays, Glory doth to
HymnLIGHT of life, seraphic fire,
      8-7s. 1 LIGHT of life, seraphic fire, Love divine, thyself impart; Every fainting soul inspire, Shine in every drooping heart! Every mournful sinner cheer, Scatter all our guilty gloom, Son of God, appear, appear! To thy human temples come. 2 Come in this accepted hour; Bring thy heavenly kingdom in! Fill us with the glorious power,
HymnLIGHT of those whose dreary dwelling
      8s-7s. Isaiah ix. 2. 1 LIGHT of those whose dreary dwelling Borders on the shades of death, Come, and by thy love's revealing Dissipate the clouds beneath: The new heaven and earth's Creator, In our deepest darkness rise, Scattering all the night of nature, Pouring eyesight on our eyes. 2 Still we wait for thine appearing; Life and j
HymnLO! God is here! let us adore,
      6-8s. Genesis xxviii. 16, 17. 1 LO! God is here! let us adore, And own how dreadful is this place! Let all within us feel his power, And silent bow before his face; Who know his power, his grace who prove, Serve him with awe, with reverence love. 2 Lo! God is here! him day and night The united choirs of angels sing; To him, enthroned ab
HymnLO! He comes with clouds descending,
      8 7, 8 7, 4 7. 1 LO! He comes with clouds descending, Once for favoured sinners slain; Thousand thousand saints attending, Swell the triumph of his train: Hallelujah! God appears on earth to reign. 2 Every eye shall now behold him Robed in dreadful majesty; Those who set at nought and sold him, Pierced and nailed him to the tree, Deep
HymnLO! I come with joy to do
      7s & 6s. 1 LO! I come with joy to do The Master's blessed will; Him in outward works pursue, And serve his pleasure still; Faithful to my Lord's commands, I still would choose the better part, Serve with careful Martha's hands, And loving Mary's heart. 2 Careful without care I am, Nor feel my happy toil, Kept in peace by Jesu's n
HymnLONG have I lived in grief and pain,
      8s & 6s. Mark v. 24 - 34. 1 LONG have I lived in grief and pain, And suffered many things in vain, And all physicians tried; Nor men nor means my soul can heal, The plague is still incurable, The fountain is undried. 2 No help can I from these receive; Nor men nor means can e'er relieve, Or give my spirit ease; Still worse and worse m
HymnLONG have I sat beneath the sound
      C.M. 1 LONG have I sat beneath the sound Of thy salvation, Lord; But still how weak my faith is found, And knowledge of thy word! 2 How cold and feeble is my love! How negligent my fear! How low my hope of joys above! How few affections there! 3 Great God! thy sovereign aid impart To give thy word success; Write thy salvation on my
HymnLONG have I seemed to serve thee, Lord,
      C.M. 1 LONG have I seemed to serve thee, Lord, With unavailing pain; Fasted, and prayed, and read thy word, And heard it preached in vain. 2 Oft did I with the assembly join, And near thine altar drew; A form of godliness was mine, The power I never knew. 3 I rested in the outward law, Nor knew its deep design; The length and bread
HymnLORD of hosts, our God and Lord,
      7s & 6s. Acts iv. 24 - 33. 1 LORD of hosts, our God and Lord, To thee we lift our voice, Praise thy name with one accord, And in thy strength rejoice; Heaven is thine, and earth, and sea, The work of thine almighty hand; Every creature made by thee Must bow to thy command. 2 Lord, the cause belongs to thee When truth's opposers rise,
HymnLORD of the harvest, hear
      S.M. Matthew ix. 38. 1 LORD of the harvest, hear Thy needy servants cry; Answer our faith's effectual prayer, And all our wants supply. 2 On thee we humbly wait, Our wants are in thy view; The harvest truly, Lord, is great; The labourers are few. 3 Convert, and send forth more Into thy church abroad; And let them speak thy word of
HymnLORD of the worlds above!
      4-6s & 2-8s. 1 LORD of the worlds above! How pleasant and how fair The dwellings of thy love, Thy earthly temples, are! To thine abode My heart aspires, With warm desires To see my God. 2 O happy souls that pray Where God delights to hear! O happy men that pay Their constant service there! They praise thee still, And happy they Who l

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