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A Collection of Hymns

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HymnBLESSED are the pure in heart,
      7s. Matthew v, 8. 1 BLESSED are the pure in heart, They have learned the angel-art, While on earth in heaven to be, God, by sense unseen, to see. 2 Cleansed from sin's offensive stain, Fellowship with him they gain; Nearness, likeness to their Lord, Their exceeding great reward. 3 Worshipping in spirit now, In his inner court they
HymnBLESSING, honour, thanks, and praise,
      8-7s. 1 BLESSING, honour, thanks, and praise, Pay we, gracious God, to thee; Thou, in thine abundant grace, Givest us the victory; True and faithful to thy word, Thou hast glorified thy Son, Jesus Christ, our dying Lord, He for us the fight hath won. 2 Lo! the prisoner is released, Lightened of his fleshly load; Where the weary are at
HymnBLEST be our everlasting Lord,
      C.M. 1 Chronicles xxix. 10 - 13. 1 BLEST be our everlasting Lord, Our Father, God, and King! Thy sovereign goodness we record, Thy glorious power we sing. 2 By thee the victory is given; The majesty divine, And strength, and might, and earth, and heaven, And all therein, are thine. 3 The kingdom, Lord, is thine alone, Who dost thy r
HymnBLEST be the dear uniting love,
      C.M. 1 BLEST be the dear uniting love, That will not let us part! Our bodies may far off remove, We still are one in heart. 2 Joined in one spirit to our Head, Where he appoints we go; And stili in Jesu's footsteps tread, And show his praise below. 3 O may we ever walk in him, And nothing know beside; Nothing desire, nothing estee
HymnBLEST is the man, supremely blest,
      L.M. Psalm xxxii. 1 BLEST is the man, supremely blest, Whose wickedness is all forgiven, Who finds in Jesu's wounds his rest, And sees the smiling face of heaven. 2 Blest is the man, to whom his Lord No more imputes iniquity, Whose spirit is by grace restored, From all the guile of Satan free. 3 But while through pride I held my ton
HymnBLEST Spirit! from the eternal Sire
      6-8s. 1 BLEST Spirit! from the eternal Sire And Son proceeding; promised, sent! 'Tis thine the first good thought to inspire, By thee the reprobate repent, The penitent by thee believe, The saints thy sanctity receive. 2 Thy Deity the saints adore, Thy offices of mercy bless, Thy help in utmost need implore, Thy all-sufficiency confes
HymnBLOW ye the trumpet, blow,
      4-6s & 2-8s. Leviticus xxv. 1 BLOW ye the trumpet, blow, The gladly solemn sound, Let all the nations know, To earth's remotest bound; The year of Jubilee is come! Return, ye ransomed sinners, home. 2 Jesus, our great High-priest, Hath full atonement made: Ye weary spirits, rest, Ye mournful souls, be glad; The year of Jubilee is com
HymnBRANCH of Jesse's stem, arise,
      7s & 6s. Isaiah xi. 1 - 3. 1 BRANCH of Jesse's stem, arise, And in our nature grow, Turn our earth to paradise By flourishing below: Bless us with the Spirit of grace, Immeasurably shed on thee; Give to all the faithful race The promised Deity. 2 Let the Spirit of our Head On all the members rest; From thyself to us proceed, And dwe
HymnBRETHREN in Christ, and well-beloved,
      L.M. Christian Fellowship. 1 BRETHREN in Christ, and well-beloved, To Jesus and his servants dear, Enter and show yourselves approved; Enter, and find that God is here. 2 Welcome from earth: lo, the right hand Of fellowship to you we give! With open hearts and hands we stand, And you in Jesu's name receive. 3 Say, are your hearts re
HymnBUT can it be, that I should prove
      8s & 6s. 1 BUT can it be, that I should prove For ever faithful to thy love, From sin for ever cease? I thank thee for the blessed hope; It lifts my drooping spirits up, It gives me back my peace. 2 In thee, O Lord, I put my trust, Mighty, and merciful, and just; Thy sacred word is passed; And I, who dare thy word receive, Without com
HymnBUT who sufficient is to lead
      6-8s. The same subject. 1 BUT who sufficient is to lead And execute the vast design? How can our arduous toil succeed, When earth and hell their forces join The meanest instruments to o'erthrow Which thou hast ever used below? 2 Mountains, alas! on mountains rise, To make our utmost efforts vain; The work our feeble strength defies, A
HymnBUT, above all, lay hold
      S.M. SECOND PART. 1 BUT, above all, lay hold On faith's victorious shield; Armed with that adamant and gold, Be sure to win the field: If faith surround your heart, Satan shall be subdued, Repelled his every fiery dart, And quenched with Jesu's blood. 2 Jesus hath died for you! What can his love withstand? Believe, hold fast your sh
HymnBY faith we find the place above,
      C.M. Part II 1 BY faith we find the place above, The Rock that rent in twain; Beneath the shade of divine love, And in the clefts remain. 2 Jesus, to thy dear wounds we flee, We sink into thy side; Assured that all who trust in thee Shall evermore abide. 3 Then let the thundering trumpet sound, The latest lightning glare, The mount
HymnBY secret influence from above,
      8s & 6s. Job vii. 17, 18. 1 BY secret influence from above, Me thou dost every moment prove, And labour to convert; Ready to save I feel thee nigh, And still I hear thy Spirit cry, "My son, give me thy heart." 2 Why do I not the call obey, Cast my besetting sin away, With every useless load? Why cannot I this moment give The heart t
HymnBY the holy hills surrounded,
      8 9 8, 8 9 8, 6 6, 4 4, 4 8. 1 BY the holy hills surrounded, On her firm base securely founded, Stands fast the city of the Lord; None shall rend her walls asunder; On her men look with fear and wonder, And mark who here keeps watch and ward. He slumbers not, nor sleeps, Who his loved Israel keeps. Hallelujah! Happy the race Who through
HymnC.M. Revelation v. 12, 13.
      C.M. "Thou shalt call his name Jesus." Matt. i, 21. 1 HOW sweet the name of Jesus sounds In a believer's ear! It soothes his sorrows, heals his wounds, And drives away his fear. 2 It makes the wounded spirit whole, And calms the troubled breast; 'Tis manna to the hungry soul, And to the weary rest. 3 Dear name! the Rock on which
HymnCALL Jehovah thy salvation,
      8s & 7s. Psalm xci. 1 CALL Jehovah thy salvation, Rest beneath the Almighty's shade; In his secret habitation Dwell, nor ever be dismayed; There no tumult can alarm thee, Thou shalt dread no hidden snare; Guile nor violence can harm thee, In eternal safety there. 2 From the sword at noon-day wasting, From the noisome pestilence, In t
HymnCAPTAIN of Israel's host, and guide
      6-8s. Exodus xiii. 21. 1 CAPTAIN of Israel's host, and guide Of all who seek the land above, Beneath thy shadow we abide, The cloud of thy protecting love; Our strength, thy grace; our rule, thy word; Our end, the glory of the Lord. 2 By thine unerring Spirit led, We shall not in the desert stray; We shall not full direction need, Nor
HymnCAPTAIN of our salvation, take
      6-8s. The same subject. 1 CAPTAIN of our salvation, take The souls we here present to thee, And fit for thy great service make These heirs of immortality; And let them in thine image rise, And then transplant to Paradise. 2 Unspotted from the world and pure, Preserve them for thy glorious cause, Accustomed daily to endure The welcome b
HymnCAST on the fidelity
      7s & 6s. 1 CAST on the fidelity Of my redeeming Lord, I shall his salvation see, According to his word: Credence to his word I give; My Saviour in distresses past Will not now his servant leave, But bring me through at last. 2 Better than my boding fears To me thou oft hast proved, Oft observed my silent tears, And challenged thy bel

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