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CAST on the fidelity

By A Collection of Hymns

      7s & 6s.
      1 CAST on the fidelity
      Of my redeeming Lord,
      I shall his salvation see,
      According to his word:
      Credence to his word I give;
      My Saviour in distresses past
      Will not now his servant leave,
      But bring me through at last.

      2 Better than my boding fears
      To me thou oft hast proved,
      Oft observed my silent tears,
      And challenged thy beloved;
      Mercy to my rescue flew,
      And death ungrasped his fainting prey
      Pain before thy face withdrew
      And sorrow fled away.

      3 Now as yesterday the same,
      In all my troubles nigh,
      Jesus, on thy word and name
      I steadfastly rely;
      Sure as now the grief I feel,
      The promised joy I soon shall have;
      Saved again, to sinners tell
      Thy power and will to save.

      4 To thy blessed will resigned,
      And stayed on that alone,
      I thy perfect strength shall find,
      Thy faithful mercies own;
      Compassed round with songs of praise.
      My all to my Redeemer give,
      Spread thy miracles of grace,
      And to thy glory live.

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