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A Collection of Hymns

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HymnCOME, thou long-expected Jesus,
      8s & 7s. Haggai ii. 7. 1 COME, thou long-expected Jesus, Born to set thy people free, From our fears and sins release us, Let us find our rest in thee. Israel's strength and consolation, Hope of all the earth thou art; Dear Desire of every nation, Joy of every longing heart. 2 Born thy people to deliver, Born a child and yet a king,
HymnCOME, thou omniscient Son of man,
      C.M. 1 COME, thou omniscient Son of man, Display thy sifting power; Come with thy Spirit's winnowing fan, And throughly purge thy floor. 2 The chaff of sin, the accursed thing, Far from our souls be driven! The wheat into thy garner bring, And lay us up for heaven. 3 Look through us with thy eyes of flame, The clouds and darkness c
HymnCOME, wisdom, power, and grace divine,
      8s & 6s. 1 COME, wisdom, power, and grace divine, Come, Jesus, in thy name to join A happy chosen band; Who fain would prove thine utmost will, And all thy righteous laws fulfil, In love's benign command. 2 If pure essential love thou art, Thy nature into every heart, Thy loving self, inspire; Bid all our simple souls be one, United
HymnCOME, ye sinners, poor and wretched,
      8 7, 8 7, 4 7. 1 COME, ye sinners, poor and wretched, Weak and wounded, sick and sore: Jesus ready stands to save you, Full of pity joined with power; He is able, He is willing; doubt no more. 2 Come, ye needy, come, and welcome, God's free bounty glorify; True belief, and true repentance, Every grace that brings us nigh, Without mon
HymnCOME, ye that love the Lord,
      S.M. 1 COME, ye that love the Lord, And let your joys be known; Join in a song with sweet accord, While ye surround his throne: Let those refuse to sing Who never knew our God; But servants of the heavenly King May speak their joys abroad. 2 The God that rules on high, That all the earth surveys That rides upon the stormy sky, And ca
HymnCOME, ye weary sinners, come,
      8-7s. Matthew xi. 28. 1 COME, ye weary sinners, come, All who groan beneath your load, Jesus calls his wanderers home, Hasten to your pardoning God! Come, ye guilty spirits oppressed, Answer to the Saviour's call, "Come, and I will give you rest, Come, and I will save you all." 2 Jesus, full of truth and love, We thy kindest word ob
HymnCOMFORT, ye ministers of grace,
      6-8s. 1 COMFORT, ye ministers of grace, Comfort my people, saith your God! Ye soon shall see his smiling face, His golden sceptre, not his rod, And own, when now the cloud's removed, He only chastened whom he loved. 2 Who sow in tears, in joy shall reap; The Lord shall comfort all that mourn; Who now go on their way and weep, With joy
HymnCOMMIT thou all thy griefs
      S.M. 1 COMMIT thou all thy griefs And ways into his hands, To his sure truth and tender care, Who heaven and earth commands. 2 Who points the clouds their course, Whom winds and seas obey, He shall direct thy wandering feet, He shall prepare thy way. 3 Thou on the Lord rely, So safe shalt thou go on; Fix on his work thy steadfast e
HymnCREATOR Spirit, by whose aid
      6-8s. 1 CREATOR Spirit, by whose aid The world's foundations first were laid, Come visit every waiting mind, Come pour thy joys on human kind; From sin and sorrow set us free, And make thy temples worthy thee. 2 O source of uncreated heat, The Father's promised Paraclete! Thrice holy Fount, thrice holy Fire, Our hearts with heavenly
HymnDAY after day I sought the Lord,
      C.M. Psalm xl. 1 DAY after day I sought the Lord, And waited patiently; Until he bent down from his throne, And hearkened to my cry. 2 He drew me from the fearful pit, And from the miry clay; He placed my feet upon a rock, And led me in his way. 3 He taught my soul a new-made song, A song of holy praise, All they who see these thin
HymnDEEPEN the wound thy hands have made
      C.M. 1 DEEPEN the wound thy hands have made In this weak, helpless soul, Till mercy, with its balmy aid, Descends to make me whole. 2 The sharpness of thy two-edged sword Enable me to endure; Till bold to say, My hallowing Lord Hath wrought a perfect cure. 3 I see the exceeding broad command, Which all contains in one: Enlarge my h
HymnDEPTH of mercy! can there be
      8-7s. 1 DEPTH of mercy! can there be Mercy still reserved for me? Can my God his wrath forbear? Me, the chief of sinners, spare? I have long withstood his grace, Long provoked him to his face, Would not hearken to his calls, Grieved him by a thousand falls. 2 I have spilt his precious blood, Trampled on the Son of God, Filled with pan
HymnDROOPING soul, shake off thy fears,
      8-7s. 1 DROOPING soul, shake off thy fears, Fearful soul be strong, be bold; Tarry till the Lord appears. Never, never quit thy hold! Murmur not at his delay, Dare not set thy God a time, Calmly for his coming stay, Leave it, leave it all to him. 2 Fainting soul, be bold, be strong Wait the leisure of thy Lord; Though it seem to tarry
HymnEARTH, rejoice, our Lord is King!
      7s. 1 EARTH, rejoice, our Lord is King! Sons of men, his praises sing; Sing ye in triumphant strains, Jesus the Messiah reigns! 2 Power is all to Jesus given, Lord of hell, and earth, and heaven, Every knee to him shall bow; Satan, hear, and tremble now! 3 Angels and archangels join, All triumphantly combine, All in Jesu's praise
HymnEARTH, with all thy thousand voices,
      8s & 7s. Psalm lxvi. 1 EARTH, with all thy thousand voices, Praise in songs the eternal King; Praise his name, whose praise rejoices Ears that hear, and tongues that sing Lord, from each far-peopled dwelling Earth shall raise the glad acclaim; All shall kneel, thy greatness telling, Sing thy praise and bless thy name. 2 Come and hear th
HymnENSLAVED to sense, to pleasure prone,
      C.M. 1 ENSLAVED to sense, to pleasure prone, Fond of created good, Father, our helplessness we own, And trembling taste our food. 2 Trembling we taste; for, ah! no more To thee the creatures lead; Changed, they exert a baneful power, And poison while they feed. 3 Cursed for the sake of wretched man, They now engross him whole; With
HymnENTERED the holy place above,
      6-8s. Hebrews ix. 24. 1 ENTERED the holy place above, Covered with meritorious scars, The tokens of his dying love Our great High-priest in glory bears. He pleads his passion on the tree, He shows himself to God for me. 2 Before the throne my Saviour stands, My Friend and Advocate appears; My name is graven on his hands, And him the Fa
HymnEQUIP me for the war,
      S.M. 1 EQUIP me for the war, And teach my hands to fight, My simple, upright heart prepare, And guide my words aright; Control my every thought, My whole of sin remove; Let all my works in thee be wrought, Let all be wrought in love. 2 O arm me with the mind, Meek Lamb! which was in thee, And let my knowing zeal be joined With perfec
HymnERE God had built the mountains,
      7 6, 7 6, 7 6, 7 6. Prov. viii. 22 - 31. 1 ERE God had built the mountains, Or raised the fruitful hills; Before he filled the fountains That feed the running rills; In me, from everlasting, The wonderful I AM Found pleasures never wasting; And Wisdom is my name. 2 When, like a tent to dwell in, He spread the skies abroad, And swathed
HymnETERNAL Beam of light divine,
      L.M. 1 ETERNAL Beam of light divine, Fountain of unexhausted love, In whom the Father's glories shine Through earth beneath, and heaven above; 2 Jesu, the weary wanderer's rest, Give me thy easy yoke to bear, With steadfast patience arm my breast, With spotless love, and lowly fear. 3 Thankful I take the cup from thee, Prepared an

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