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A Collection of Hymns

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HymnETERNAL depth of love divine,
      L.M. 1 ETERNAL depth of love divine, In Jesus, God with us, displayed; How bright thy beaming glories shine! How wide thy healing streams are spread! 2 With whom dost thou delight to dwell? Sinners, a vile and thankless race: O God, what tongue aright can tell How vast thy love, how great thy grace! 3 The dictates of thy sovereign wi
HymnETERNAL Lord of earth and skies,
      6-8s. Isaiah xlv. 22 &c. 1 ETERNAL Lord of earth and skies, We wait thy Spirit's latest call: Bid all our fallen race arise, Thou who hast purchased life for all; Whose only name, to sinners given, Snatches from hell, and lifts to heaven. 2 The word thy sacred lips has past, The sure irrevocable word, That every soul shall bow at last,
HymnETERNAL Power, whose high abode
      S.M. SECOND PART 1 ETERNAL Power, whose high abode Becomes the grandeur of a God, Infinite lengths beyond the bounds Where stars revolve their little rounds! 2 Thee while the first archangel sings, He hides his face behind his wings, And ranks of shining thrones around Fall worshipping, and spread the ground. 3 Lord, what shall earth
HymnETERNAL Spirit, come
      2-6s & 4-8s. 1 ETERNAL Spirit, come Into thy meanest home; From thy high and holy place, Where thou dost in glory reign, Stoop, in condescending grace, Stoop to the poor heart of man. 2 For thee our hearts we lift, And wait the heavenly gift: Giver, Lord of life divine, To our dying souls appear, Grant the grace for which we pine, Gi
HymnETERNAL Wisdom! Thee we praise,
      C.M. 1 ETERNAL Wisdom! Thee we praise, Thee the creation sings, With thy loved name, rocks, hills, and seas, And heaven's high palace rings. 2 Thy hand, how wide it spreads the sky! How glorious to behold! Tinged with a blue of heavenly dye, And starred with sparkling gold. 3 There thou hast bid the globes of light Their endless ci
HymnETERNAL, spotless Lamb of God,
      L.M. THIRD PART 1 ETERNAL, spotless Lamb of God, Before the world's foundation slain, Sprinkle us ever with thy blood, O cleanse, and keep us ever clean! To every soul (all praise to thee!) Our bowels of compassion move; And all mankind by this may see God is in us; for God is love. 2 Giver and Lord of life, whose power And guardian c
HymnEXCEPT the Lord conduct the plan,
      8s & 6s. 1 EXCEPT the Lord conduct the plan, The best concerted schemes are vain, And never can succeed; We spend our wretched strength for nought: But if our works in thee be wrought, They shall be blest indeed. 2 Lord, if thou didst thyself inspire Our souls with this intense desire Thy goodness to proclaim, Thy glory if we now inten
HymnEXPAND thy wings, celestial Dove,
      6-8s. 1 EXPAND thy wings, celestial Dove, And, brooding o'er my nature's night, Call forth the ray of heavenly love; Let there in my dark soul be light; And fill the illustrated abyss With glorious beams of endless bliss. 2 Let there be light, again command, And light there in our hearts shall be, We then through faith shall understan
HymnEXTENDED on a cursed tree,
      L.M. 1 EXTENDED on a cursed tree, Besmeared with dust, and sweat, and blood, See there, the king of glory see! Sinks and expires the Son of God. 2 Who, who, my Saviour, this hath done? Who could thy sacred body wound? No guilt thy spotless heart hath known, No guile hath in thy lips been found. 3 I, I alone, have done the deed! 'Ti
HymnFAIN would I leave the world below,
      6-8s. 1 FAIN would I leave the world below, Of pain and sin the dark abode, Where shadowy joy or solid woe Allures or tears me from my God; Doubtful and insecure of bliss, Since faith alone confirms me his. 2 Till then, to sorrow born, I sigh, And gasp and languish after home; Upward I send my streaming eye, Expecting till the Bridegro
HymnFAR as creation's bounds extend,
      6-8s. Psalm cxlv. 1 FAR as creation's bounds extend, Thy mercies, heavenly Lord, descend; One chorus of perpetual praise To thee thy various works shall raise; Thy saints to thee in hymns impart The transports of a grateful heart. 2 They chant the splendours of thy name, Delighted with the wondrous theme; And bid the world's wide real
HymnFAR off we need not rove
      2-6s & 4-7s. Acts xvii 27, 28. 1 FAR off we need not rove To find the God of love; In his providential care Ever intimately near, All his various works decIare God, the bounteous God is here! 2 We live, and move, and are, Through his preserving care; He doth still in life maintain Every soul that moves and lives; Gives us back our bre
HymnFATHER of all! whose powerful voice
      L.M. The Lord's Prayer. 1 FATHER of all! whose powerful voice Called forth this universal frame; Whose mercies over all rejoice, Through endless ages still the same; Thou by thy word upholdest all; Thy bounteous love to all is showed, Thou hear'st thy every creature's call, And fillest every mouth with good. 2 In heaven thou reign's
HymnFATHER of all, by whom we are,
      L.M. For Parents. 1 FATHER of all, by whom we are, For whom was made whatever is; Who hast entrusted to our care A candidate for glorious bliss: 2 Poor worms of earth, for help we cry, For grace to guide what grace has given; We ask for wisdom from on high, To train our infant up for heaven. 3 We tremble at the danger near, And crow
HymnFATHER of all, in whom alone
      C.M. The same subject. 1 FATHER of all, in whom alone We live, and move, and breathe, One bright celestial ray dart down, And cheer thy sons beneath. 2 While in thy word we search for thee, (We search with trembling awe!) Open our eyes, and let us see The wonders of thy law. 3 Now let our darkness comprehend The light that shines so
HymnFATHER of boundless grace,
      S.M. Isaiah lxvi. 18. 1 FATHER of boundless grace, Thou hast in part fulfilled Thy promise made to Adam's race, In God incarnate sealed. A few from every land At first to Salem came, And saw the wonders of thy hand, And saw the tongues of flame. 2 Yet still we wait the end, The coming of our Lord; The full accomplishment attend Of t
HymnFATHER of earth and sky,
      2-6s & 4-7s. The Lord's Prayer. 1 FATHER of earth and sky, Thy name we magnify: O that earth and heaven might join, Thy perfections to proclaim; Praise the attributes divine, Fear and love thy awful name! 2 When shall thy Spirit reign In every heart of man? Father, bring the kingdom near, Honour thy triumphant Son; God of heaven, on
HymnFATHER of everlasting, grace,
      6-8s. 2nd. metre. 1 FATHER of everlasting, grace, Thy goodness and thy truth we praise, Thy goodness and thy truth we prove; Thou hast, in honour of thy Son, The gift unspeakable sent down, The Spirit of life, and power, and love. 2 Send us the Spirit of thy Son, To make the depths of Godhead known, To make us share the life divine; Se
HymnFATHER of faithful Abraham, hear
      6-8s. Romans xi. 15-27. 1 FATHER of faithful Abraham, hear Our earnest suit for Abraham's seed! Justly they claim the softest prayer From us, adopted in their stead, Who mercy through their fall obtain, And Christ by their rejection gain. 2 But hast thou finally forsook, For ever cast thy own away? Wilt thou not bid the outcasts look
HymnFATHER of Jesus Christ the Just.
      6-8s. 1 FATHER of Jesus Christ the Just. My Friend and Advocate with thee, Pity a soul that fain would trust In him who lived and died for me; But only thou canst make him known, And in my heart reveal thy Son. 2 If, drawn by thine alluring grace, My want of living faith I feel, Show me in Christ thy smiling face; What flesh and blood

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