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FATHER of faithful Abraham, hear

By A Collection of Hymns

      6-8s. Romans xi. 15-27.
      1 FATHER of faithful Abraham, hear
      Our earnest suit for Abraham's seed!
      Justly they claim the softest prayer
      From us, adopted in their stead,
      Who mercy through their fall obtain,
      And Christ by their rejection gain.

      2 But hast thou finally forsook,
      For ever cast thy own away?
      Wilt thou not bid the outcasts look
      On him they pierced, and weep, and pray?
      Yes, gracious Lord, thy word is passed;
      All Israel shall be saved at last.

      3 Come then, thou great Deliverer, come!
      The veil from Jacob's heart remove;
      Receive thy ancient people home!
      That, quickened by thy dying love,
      The world may their reception find
      Life from the dead for all mankind.

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