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A Collection of Hymns

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HymnAUTHOR of faith, on me confer
      C.M. Matthew xvii. 20. 1 AUTHOR of faith, on me confer The all-obtaining grace, Which wrestles and receives in prayer Thy largest promises; The faith unfeigned and unreproved Which can the test abide, From false humility removed, And self-deluding pride. 2 A perfect confidence inspire From all presumption free, A holy boldness to desi
HymnAUTHOR of faith, to thee I cry,
      8s & 6s. 1 AUTHOR of faith, to thee I cry, To thee, who wouldst not have me die, But know the truth and live; Open mine eyes to see thy face, Work in my heart the saving grace, The life eternal give. 2 Shut up in unbelief I groan, And blindly serve a God unknown, Till thou the veil remove; The gift unspeakable impart, And write thy na
HymnAUTHOR of faith, we seek thy face
      L.M. 1 AUTHOR of faith, we seek thy face For all who feel thy work begun; Confirm and strengthen them in grace, And bring thy feeblest children on. 2 Thou seest their wants, thou know'st their names, Be mindful of thy youngest care; Be tender of thy new-born lambs, And gently in thy bosom bear. 3 The lion roaring for his prey, And
HymnAWAKE, our souls! away, our fears!
      L.M. Isaiah xl. 31. 1 AWAKE, our souls! away, our fears! Let every trembling thought be gone! Awake, and run the heavenly race, And put a cheerful courage on. 2 True, 'tis a strait and thorny road, And mortal spirits tire and faint; But they forget the mighty God, That feeds the strength of every saint. 3 O mighty God, thy matchless
HymnAWAY with our fears!
      5 5 9, 5 5 9. 1 AWAY with our fears! The glad morning appears When an heir of salvation was born! From Jehovah I came, For his glory I am, And to him I with singing return. 2 Thee, Jesus, alone, The fountain I own Of my life and felicity here; And cheerfully sing My Redeemer and King, Till his sign in the heavens appear. 3 With t
HymnAWAY with our fears,
      5 5 5 11, 5 5 5 11. 1 AWAY with our fears, Our troubles and tears! The Spirit is come, The witness of Jesus returned to his home; The pledge of our Lord To his heaven restored Is sent from the sky, And tells us our Head is exalted on high. 2 Our Advocate there By his blood and his prayer The gift hath obtained, For us he hath prayed,
HymnAWAY with our sorrow and fear!
      8s. 1 AWAY with our sorrow and fear! We soon shall recover our home, The City of saints shall appear, The day of eternity come: From earth we shall quickly remove, And mount to our native abode, The house of our Father above, The palace of angels and God. 2 Our mourning is all at an end, When, raised by the life-giving word, We see th
HymnAWAY, my needless fears,
      S.M. 1 AWAY, my needless fears, And doubts no longer mine; A ray of heavenly light appears, A messenger divine. 2 Thrice comfortable hope, That calms my troubled breast; My Father's hand prepares the cup, And what he wills is best. 3 If what I wish is good, And suits the will divine; By earth and hell in vain withstood, I know it
HymnAWAY, my unbelieving fear!
      L.M. Habakkuk iii. 17, 18. 1 AWAY, my unbelieving fear! Fear shall in me no more have place; My Saviour doth not yet appear, He hides the brightness of his face; But shall I therefore let him go, And basely to the tempter yield? No, in the strength of Jesus, no! I never will give up my shield. 2 Although the vine its fruit deny, Althou
HymnBE it according to thy word;
      C.M. Matthew x. 39. 1 BE it according to thy word; This moment let it be! O that I now, my gracious Lord, Might lose my life for thee! 2 Now, Jesus, let thy powerful death Into my being come; Slay the old Adam with thy breath; The man of sin consume. 3 My old affections mortify, Nail to the cross my will; Daily and hourly bid me di
HymnBE it my only wisdom here
      8s & 6s. Job xxviii.28 1 BE it my only wisdom here To serve the Lord with filial fear, With loving gratitude; Superior sense may I display, By shunning every evil way, And walking in the good. 2 O may I still from sin depart!. A wise and understanding heart, Jesus, to me be given; And let me through thy Spirit know To glorify my God b
HymnBEFORE Jehovah's awful throne,
      L.M. 1 BEFORE Jehovah's awful throne, Ye nations, bow with sacred joy; Know that the Lord is God alone; He can create, and he destroy. 2 His sovereign power, without our aid, Made us of clay, and formed us men; And when like wandering sheep we strayed, He brought us to his fold again. 3 We'll crowd thy gates with thankful songs; H
HymnBEGIN, my soul, some heavenly theme;
      C.M. 1 BEGIN, my soul, some heavenly theme; Awake, my voice, and sing The mighty works, or mightier name, Of our eternal King. 2 Tell of his wondrous faithfulness, And sound his power abroad; Sing the sweet promise of his grace, And the performing God. 3 Proclaim salvation from the Lord, For wretched, dying men: His hand hath writ
HymnBEHOLD the Saviour of mankind
      C.M. 1 BEHOLD the Saviour of mankind Nailed to the shameful tree! How vast the love that him inclined To bleed and die for thee! 2 Hark, how he groans! while nature shakes, And earth's strong pillars bend; The temple's veil in sunder breaks, The solid marbles rend. 3 'Tis done! the precious ransom's paid, "Receive my soul," he
HymnBEHOLD the servant of the Lord!
      6-8s. 1 BEHOLD the servant of the Lord! I wait thy guiding eye to feel, To hear and keep thy every word, To prove and do thy perfect will, Joyful from my own works to cease, Glad to fulfil all righteousness. 2 Me if thy grace vouchsafe to use, Meanest of all thy creatures, me, The deed, the time, the manner choose, Let all my fruit be
HymnBEHOLD the sure foundation-stone
      C.M. Psalm cxviii 22, 23. 1 BEHOLD the sure foundation-stone Which God in Zion lays, To build our heavenly hopes upon, And his eternal praise. 2 Chosen of God, to sinners dear, We now adore thy name; We trust our whole salvation here, Nor can we suffer shame. 3 The foolish builders, scribe and priest, Reject it with disdain; Yet on
HymnBEHOLD! the mountain of the Lord
      C.M. Isaiah ii. 1 - 5. 1 BEHOLD! the mountain of the Lord In latter days shall rise On mountain-tops above the hills, And draw the wondering, eyes. 2 To this the joyful nations round, All tribes and tongues, shall flow; Up to the hill of God, they'll say, And to his house, we'll go. 3 The beam that shines from Zion's hill Shall l
HymnBEHOLD, how good a thing
      4-6s & 2-8s. Psalm cxxxiii. 1 BEHOLD, how good a thing It is to dwell in peace; How pleasing to our King This fruit of righteousness; When brethren all in one agree, Who knows the joys of unity! 2 When all are sweetly joined, (True followers of the Lamb) The same in heart and mind, And think and speak the same; And all in love togethe
HymnBEING of beings, God of love!
      C.M. 1 BEING of beings, God of love! To thee our hearts we raise; Thy all-sustaining power we prove, And gladly sing thy praise. 2 Thine, only thine, we pant to be; Our sacrifice receive; Made, and preserved, and saved by thee, To thee ourselves we give. 3 Heavenward our every wish aspires; For all thy mercies' store, The sole ret
HymnBID me of men beware,
      S.M. 1 BID me of men beware, And to my ways take heed, Discern their every secret snare, And circumspectly tread; O may I calmly wait Thy succours from above; And stand against their open hate, And well-dissembled love! 2 My spirit, Lord, alarm When men and devils join; 'Gainst all of the powers of Satan arm In panoply divine; O ma

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