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A Collection of Hymns

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HymnJESU, thou great redeeming Lord,
      6-8s. Revelation xxii. 21. 1 JESU, thou great redeeming Lord, The kingdom of thy peace restored Let all thy followers perceive, And happy in thy Spirit live; Retain the grace through thee bestowed, The favour and the power of God. 2 Give all thy saints to find in thee The fulness of the Deity; His nature, life, and mind to prove, In pe
HymnJESU, thou sovereign Lord of all,
      6-8s. 1 JESU, thou sovereign Lord of all, The same through one eternal day, Attend thy feeblest followers' call, And O instruct us how to pray! Pour out the supplicating grace, And stir us up to seek thy face. 2 We cannot think a gracious thought, We cannot feel a good desire, Till thou, who call'dst a world from nought, The power in
HymnJESU, thy blood and righteousness
      L.M 1 JESU, thy blood and righteousness My beauty are, my glorious dress; Midst flaming worlds in these arrayed, With joy shall I lift up my head. 2 Bold shall I stand in thy great day, For who aught to my charge shall lay? Fully absolved through these I am, From sin and fear, from guilt and shame, 3 The holy, meek, unspotted Lamb,
HymnJESU, thy boundless love to me
      6-8s. 1 JESU, thy boundless love to me No thought can reach, no tongue declare; O knit my thankful heart to thee, And reign without a rival there! Thine wholly, thine alone, I am, Be thou alone my constant flame. 2 O grant that nothing in my soul May dwell, but thy pure love alone; O may thy love possess me whole, My joy, my treasure,
HymnJESU, thy wandering sheep behold!
      L.M. Matthew ix. 36. 1 JESU, thy wandering sheep behold! See, Lord, with tenderest pity see The sheep that cannot find the fold, Till sought and gathered in by thee. 2 Lost are they now, and scattered wide, In pain, and weariness, and want; With no kind shepherd near to guide The sick, and spiritless, and faint. 3 Thou, only thou, th
HymnJESU, to thee our hearts we lift,
      6-8s. 1 JESU, to thee our hearts we lift, (May all our hearts with love o'erflow!) With thanks for thy continued gift, That still thy precious name we know, Retain our sense of sin forgiven, And wait for all our inward heaven. 2 What mighty troubles hast thou shown Thy feeble, tempted followers here! We have through fire and water gone
HymnJESU, we look to thee,
      S.M. 1 JESU, we look to thee, Thy promised presence claim! Thou in the midst of us shalt be, Assembled in thy name: Thy name salvation is, Which here we come to prove; Thy name is life, and health, and peace, And everlasting love. 2 Not in the name of pride Or selfishness we meet; From nature's paths we turn aside, And worldly thoug
HymnJESU, whose glory's streaming rays,
      L.M. 1 JESU, whose glory's streaming rays, Though duteous to thy high command, Not seraphs view with open face, But veiled before thy presence stand; 2 How shall weak eyes of flesh, weighed down With sin, and dim with error's night, Dare to behold thy awful throne, Or view thy unapproached light? 3 Restore my sight! let thy free gr
HymnJESUS hath died that I might live,
      C.M. 1 JESUS hath died that I might live, Might live to God alone; In him eternal life receive, And be in spirit one. 2 Saviour, I thank thee for the grace, The gift unspeakable! And wait with arms of faith to embrace, And all thy love to feel. 3 My soul breaks out in strong desire The perfect bliss to prove; My longing heart is al
HymnJESUS is our common Lord,
      8-7s. 1 JESUS is our common Lord, He our loving Saviour is; By his death to life restored, Misery we exchange for bliss; Bliss to carnal minds unknown, O 'tis more than tongue can tell! Only to believers shown, Glorious and unspeakable. 2 Christ, our Brother and our Friend, Shows us his eternal love; Never shall our triumphs end, Ti
HymnJESUS the good Shepherd is;
      6-7s. Psalm xxiii. 1 JESUS the good Shepherd is; Jesus died the sheep to save; He is mine, and I am his; All I want in him I have, Life, and health, and rest, and food, All the plenitude of God. 2 Jesus loves and guards his own; Me in verdant pastures feeds; Makes me quietly lie down, By the streams of comfort leads: Following him whe
HymnJESUS! the name high over
      C.M. 1 JESUS! the name high over In hell, or earth, or sky, Angels and men before it fall, And devils fear and fly. 2 Jesus! the name to sinners dear, The name to sinners given; It scatters all their guilty fear, It turns their hell to heaven. 3 Jesus! the prisoner's fetters breaks, And bruises Satan's head; Power into strengthle
HymnJESUS, accept the praise
      4-6s & 2-8s. 1 JESUS, accept the praise That to thy name belongs; Matter of all our lays, Subject of all our songs: Through thee we now together came, And part exulting in thy name. 2 In flesh we part awhile, But still in spirit joined, To embrace the happy toil Thou hast to each assigned; And while we do thy blessed will, We bear ou
HymnJESUS, all-atoning Lamb,
      7s. 1 JESUS, all-atoning Lamb, Thine, and only thine, I am; Take my body, spirit, soul; Only thou possess the whole. 2 Thou my one thing needful be; Let me ever cleave to thee; Let me choose the better part; Let me give thee all my heart. 3 Fairer than the sons of men, Do not let me turn again, Leave the fountain-head of bliss, St
HymnJESUS, faithful to his word,
      7s & 6s. 1 JESUS, faithful to his word, Shall with a shout descend; All heaven's host their glorious Lord Shall pompously attend: Christ shall come with dreadful noise, Lightnings swift, and thunders loud; With the great archangel's voice, And with the trump of God. 2 First the dead in Christ shall rise; Then we that yet remain Shal
HymnJESUS, from thy heavenly place,
      7s & 6s. Isaiah xxxiii, 5,6. 1 JESUS, from thy heavenly place, Thy dwelling in the sky, Fill our church with righteousness, Our want of faith supply; Faith our strong protection be, And godliness, with all its power, Stablish our posterity, Till time shall be no more. 2 Let the Spirit of grace o'erflow Our re-converted land: Let the
HymnJESUS, from whom all blessings flow,
      L.M. SECOND PART. 1 JESUS, from whom all blessings flow, Great builder of thy church below, If now thy Spirit moves my breast, Hear, and fulfil thine own request! 2 The few that truly call thee Lord, And wait thy sanctifying word, And thee their utmost Saviour own, Unite, and perfect them in one. 3 O let them all thy mind express, S
HymnJESUS, I believe thee near,
      6-7s. 1 JESUS, I believe thee near, Now my fallen soul restore! Now my guilty conscience clear, Give me back my peace and power, Stone to flesh again convert, Write forgiveness on my heart. 2 I believe thy pardoning grace, As at the beginning, free; Open are thy arms to embrace Me, the worst of rebels, me; In me all the hindrance lies
HymnJESUS, I fain would find
      S.M. Revelation iii. 19. 1 JESUS, I fain would find Thy zeal for God in me, Thy yearning pity for mankind, Thy burning charity. 2 In me thy Spirit dwell! In me thy bowels move! So shall the fervour of my zeal Be the pure flame of love.
HymnJESUS, Jehovah, God,
      S.M. Psalm lxviii. 18. 1 JESUS, Jehovah, God, Thou art gone up on high, Amidst the angelic multitude, Thy chariots through the sky; In majesty supreme, Absolute God confessed, Captive thyself hast taken them Who all mankind oppressed. 2 Thou hast in triumph led Our enemies and thine, And, more than conqueror, displayed The omnipotenc

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