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A Collection of Hymns

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HymnSING we to our conquering Lord
      7s & 6s. Psalm xcviii. 1 SING we to our conquering Lord A new triumphant song; Joyfully his deeds record, And with a thankful tongue! Wonders his right hand hath wrought. Still his outstretched arm we see; He alone the fight hath fought, And got the victory. 2 God, the almighty God, hath made His great salvation known; Openly to all d
HymnSINNERS, believe the gospel word,
      6-8s. 1 SINNERS, believe the gospel word, Jesus is come your souls to save Jesus is come, your common Lord; Pardon ye all through him may have, May now be saved, whoever will; This man receiveth sinners still. 2 See where the lame, the halt, the blind, The deaf, the dumb, the sick, the poor, Flock to the friend of human kind, And freel
HymnSINNERS, lift vp your hearts,
      4-6s & 2-8s. 1 SINNERS, lift vp your hearts, The promise to receive! Jesus himself imparts, He comes in man to live; The Holy Ghost to man is given; Rejoice in God sent down from heaven. 2 Jesus is glorified, And gives the Comforter, His Spirit, to reside In all his members here; The Holy Ghost to man is given; Rejoice in God sent do
HymnSINNERS, obey the gospel-word!
      L.M. 1 SINNERS, obey the gospel-word! Haste to the supper of my Lord! Be wise to know your gracious day; All things are ready, come away! 2 Ready the Father is to own And kiss his late-returning son; Ready your loving Saviour stands, And spreads for you his bleeding hands. 3 Ready the Spirit of his love Just now the stony to remove,
HymnSINNERS, rejoice: your peace is made;
      6-8s. 1 SINNERS, rejoice: your peace is made; Your Saviour on the cross hath bled: Your God, in Jesus reconciled, On all his works again hath smiled; Hath grace through him and blessing given, To all in earth and all in heaven. 2 Angels rejoice in Jesu's grace, And vie with mans more favoured race; The blood that did for us atone, Con
HymnSINNERS, turn, why will ye die?
      8-7s. "Why will ye die, O house of Israel?" Ezek. xviii. 31. 1 SINNERS, turn, why will ye die? God, your Maker, asks you why? God, who did your being give, Made you with himself to live - He the fatal cause demands, Asks the work of his own hands, Why, ye thankless creatures, why Will ye cross his love, and die? 2 Sinners, turn, why w
HymnSINNERS, your hearts lift up,
      2-6s & 4-7s. 1 SINNERS, your hearts lift up, Partakers of your hope! This, the day of Pentecost; Ask, and ye shall all receive, Surely now the Holy Ghost God to all that ask shall give. 2 Ye all may freely take The grace for Jesu's sake; He for every man hath died, He for all hath risen again; Jesus now is glorified, Gifts he hath r
HymnSOLDIERS of Christ, arise,
      S.M. 1 SOLDIERS of Christ, arise, And put your armour on, Strong in the strength which God supplies Through his eternal Son; Strong in the Lord of hosts, And in his mighty power, Who in the strength of Jesus trusts Is more than conqueror. 2 Stand then in his great might, With all his strength endued; But take, to arm you for the fight
HymnSOMETIMES a light surprises
      7 6, 7 6, 7 6, 7 6. 1 SOMETIMES a light surprises The Christian while he sings: It is the Lord who rises With healing in his wings. When comforts are declining, He grants the soul again A season of clear shining, To cheer it after rain. 2 In holy contemplation, We sweetly then pursue The theme of God's salvation, And find it ever ne
HymnSON of God, if thy free grace
      7s & 6s. 1 SON of God, if thy free grace Again hath raised me up, Called me still to seek thy face, And given me back my hope; Still thy timely help afford, And all thy loving kindness show: Keep me, keep me, gracious Lord, And never let me go! 2 By me, O my Saviour, stand, In sore temptation's hour; Save me with thine outstretched h
HymnSON of thy Sire's eternal love,
      L.M. SECOND PART 1 SON of thy Sire's eternal love, Take to thyself thy mighty power, Let all earth's sons thy mercy prove, Let all thy bleeding grace adore; The triumphs of thy love display, In every heart reign thou alone, Till all thy foes confess thy sway, And glory ends what grace begun. 2 Spirit of grace, and health, and power,
HymnSOVEREIGN of all the worlds on high,
      C.M. Romans viii. 15, 16. 1 SOVEREIGN of all the worlds on high, Allow my humble claim; Nor, while unworthy I draw nigh, Disdain a Father's name. 2 "My Father God!" that gracious sound Dispels my guilty fear; Not all the harmony of heaven Could so delight my ear. 3 Come, Holy Spirit, seal the grace On my expanding heart; And sho
HymnSOVEREIGN of all! whose will ordains
      C.M. For the King. 1 SOVEREIGN of all! whose will ordains The powers on earth that be, By whom our rightful Monarch reigns, Subject to none but thee: 2 Stir up thy power, appear, appear, And for thy servant fight; Support thy great vicegerent here, And vindicate his right. 3 Lo! in the arms of faith and prayer We bear him to thy thr
HymnSOW in the morn thy seed,
      S.M. Ecclesiastes xi. 6. 1 SOW in the morn thy seed, At eve hold not thine hand; To doubt and fear give thou no heed, Broadcast it o'er the land. 2 Beside all waters sow, The highway furrows stock, Drop it where thorns and thistles grow, Scatter it on the rock. 3 The good, the fruitful ground, Expect not here nor there, O'er hill
HymnSPIRIT divine I attend our prayers,
      C.M. 1 SPIRIT divine I attend our prayers, And make this house thy home; Descend with all thy gracious powers, O come, great Spirit, come! 2 Come as the light! to us reveal Our emptiness and woe; And lead us in those paths of life Where all the righteous go. 3 Come as the fire! and purge our hearts Like sacrificial flame; Let our w
HymnSPIRIT of faith, come down,
      S.M. 1 SPIRIT of faith, come down, Reveal the things of God; And make to us the Godhead known, And witness with the blood: 'Tis thine the blood to apply, And give us eyes to see, Who did for every sinner die, Hath surely died for me. 2 No man can truly say That Jesus is the Lord, Unless thou take the veil away, And breathe the livin
HymnSPIRIT of truth! on this thy day
      C.M. 1 SPIRIT of truth! on this thy day To thee for help we cry, To guide us through the dreary way Of dark mortality. 2 We ask not, Lord, thy cloven flame, Or tongues of various tone; But long thy praises to proclaim With fervour in our own. 3 We mourn not that prophetic skill Is found on earth no more; Enough for us to trace thy
HymnSPIRIT of truth, essential God,
      6-8s. 1 SPIRIT of truth, essential God, Who didst thy ancient saints inspire, Shed in their hearts thy love abroad, And touch their hallowed lips with fire; Our God from all eternity, World without end we worship thee! 2 Still we believe, almighty Lord, Whose presence fills both earth and heaven, The meaning of the written word Is by t
HymnSTAND the omnipotent decree!
      7s & 8s. 1 STAND the omnipotent decree! Jehovah's will be done! Nature's end we wait to see, And hear her final groan; Let this earth dissolve, and blend In death the wicked and the just, Let those ponderous orbs descend, And grind us into dust. 2 Rests secure the righteous man! At his Redeemer's beck, Sure to emerge, and rise agai
HymnSTAY, thou insulted Spirit, stay,
      L.M. 1 STAY, thou insulted Spirit, stay, Though I have done thee such despite, Nor cast the sinner quite away, Nor take thine everlasting flight. 2 Though I have steeled my stubborn heart, And still shook off my guilty fears, And vexed, and urged thee to depart, For many long rebellious years; 3 Though I have most unfaithful been Of

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