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SON of thy Sire's eternal love,

By A Collection of Hymns

      1 SON of thy Sire's eternal love,
      Take to thyself thy mighty power,
      Let all earth's sons thy mercy prove,
      Let all thy bleeding grace adore;
      The triumphs of thy love display,
      In every heart reign thou alone,
      Till all thy foes confess thy sway,
      And glory ends what grace begun.

      2 Spirit of grace, and health, and power,
      Fountain of light and love below,
      Abroad thy healing influence shower,
      O'er all the nations let it flow;
      Inflame our hearts with perfect love.
      In us the work of faith fulfil;
      So not heaven's host shall swifter move
      Than we on earth, to do thy will.

      3 Father, 'tis thine each day to yield
      Thy children's wants a fresh supply,
      Thou cloth'st the lilies of the field,
      And hearest the young ravens cry:
      On thee we cast our care; we live
      Through thee, who know'st our every need;
      O feed us with thy grace, and give
      Our souls this day the living bread!

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