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A Collection of Hymns

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HymnO THOU who hast redeemed of old,
      8s & 6s. 1 O THOU who hast redeemed of old, And bidd'st me of thy strength lay hold, And be at peace with thee, Help me thy benefits to own, And hear me tell what thou hast done, O dying Lamb, for me! 2 Out of myself for help I go, Thy only love resolved to know, Thy love my plea I make; Give me thy love, 'tis all I claim; Give, for
HymnO THOU who, when I did complain,
      C.M. Psalm cxvi. 1 O THOU who, when I did complain, Didst all my griefs remove, O Saviour, do not now disdain My humble praise and love. 2 Since thou a pitying ear didst give, And hear me when I prayed, I'll call upon thee while I live, And never doubt thy aid. 3 Pale death, with all his ghastly train, My soul encompassed round, A
HymnO THOU whom fain my soul would love!
      6-8s. 1 O THOU whom fain my soul would love! Whom I would gladly die to know; This veil of unbelief remove, And show me, all thy goodness show; Jesus, thyself in me reveal, Tell me thy name, thy nature tell. 2 Hast thou been with me, Lord, so long, Yet thee, my Lord, have I not known? I claim thee with a faltering tongue, I pray thee,
HymnO THOU, our Husband, Brother, Friend,
      L.M. 1 O THOU, our Husband, Brother, Friend, Behold a cloud of incense rise! The prayers of saints to heaven ascend, Grateful, accepted sacrifice. 2 Regard our prayers for Zion's peace; Shed in our hearts thy love abroad; Thy gifts abundantly increase; Enlarge, and fill us all with God. 3 Before thy sheep, great Shepherd, go, And g
HymnO THOU, whom once they flocked to hear,
      L.M. 1 O THOU, whom once they flocked to hear, Thy words to hear, thy power to feel; Suffer the sinners to draw near, And graciously receive us still. 2 They that be whole, thyself hast said, No need of a physician have; But I am sick, and want thine aid, And want thine utmost power to save. 3 Thy power, and truth, and love divine,
HymnO THOU, whose offering on the tree
      L.M. Hebrews x. 1. 1 O THOU, whose offering on the tree The legal offerings all foreshowed, Borrowed their whole effect from thee, And drew their virtue from thy blood: 2 The blood of goats and bullocks slain Could never for one sin atone: To purge the guilty offerer's stain, Thine was the work, and thine alone. 3 Vain in themselves
      S.M. 1 O UNEXHAUSTED grace! O love unsearchable! I am not gone to my own place, I am not yet in hell! Earth doth not open yet, My soul to swallow up! And hanging o'er the burning pit, I still am forced to hope. 2 I hope at last to find The kingdom from above, The settled peace, the constant mind, The everlasting love; The sanctifyi
HymnO WORSHIP the King, All glorious above;
      10s & 11s. Psalm civ. 1 O WORSHIP the King, All glorious above; O gratefully sing His power and his love: Our shield and defender, The Ancient of days, Pavilioned in splendour, And girded with praise. 2 O tell of his might, O sing of his grace, Whose robe is the light, Whose canopy space; Whose chariots of wrath Deep thunder-clouds form;
HymnO 'TIS enough, my God, my God!
      6-8s. 1 O 'TIS enough, my God, my God! Here let me give my wanderings o'er; No longer trample on thy blood, And grieve thy gentleness no more; No more thy lingering anger move, Or sin against thy light and love. 2 O Lord, if mercy is with thee, Now let it all on me be shown; On me, the chief of sinners, me, Who humbly for thy mercy g
HymnOF old, O God, thine own right hand
      L.M. Psalm lxxx. 1 OF old, O God, thine own right hand A pleasant vine did plant and train; Above the hills, o er all the land, It sought the sun, and drank the rain. 2 Its boughs like goodly cedars spread, Forth to the river went the root; Perennial verdure crowned its head, It bore in every season fruit. 3 That vine is desolate and
HymnOFT I in my heart have said,
      7s & 6s. Romans x. 6 - 9. 1 OFT I in my heart have said, Who shall ascend on high, Mount to Christ, my glorious Head, And bring him from the sky? Borne on contemplation's wing, Surely I shall find him there, Where the angels praise their King, And gain the morning-star 2 Oft I in my heart have said, Who to the deep shall stoop, Sink
HymnOMNIPOTENT Lord, My Saviour and King,
      10s & 11s. 1 OMNIPOTENT Lord, My Saviour and King, Thy succour afford, Thy righteousness bring; Thy promises bind thee Compassion to have, Now, now let me find thee Almighty to save. 2 Rejoicing, in hope, And patient in grief, To thee I look up For certain relief; I fear no denial, No danger I fear, Nor start from the trial, While Jesus
HymnOMNIPOTENT Redeemer,
      7 7, 4 4 7, 7 7, 4 4 7. Acts xxi.20 1 OMNIPOTENT Redeemer, Our ransomed souls adore thee, Whate'er is done Thy work we own, And give thee all the glory; With thankfulness acknowledge Our time of visitation; Thine hand confess, And gladly bless The God of our salvation. 2 Thou hast employed thy servants, And blest their weak endeavou
HymnOMNIPRESENT God! whose aid
      8-7s. An Evening Hymn. 1 OMNIPRESENT God! whose aid No one ever asked in vain, Be this night about my bed, Every evil thought restrain; Lay thy hand upon my soul, God of my unguarded hours! All my enemies control, Hell, and earth, and nature's powers. 2 O thou jealous God! come down, God of spotless purity, Claim, and seize me for th
HymnON all the earth thy Spirit shower;
      L.M. 1 ON all the earth thy Spirit shower; The earth in righteousness renew; Thy kingdom come, and hell's o'erpower, And to thy sceptre all subdue. 2 Like mighty winds, or torrents fierce, Let it opposers all o'errun; And every law of sin reverse, That faith and love may make all one. 3 Yea, let thy Spirit in every place Its rich
HymnON thee, O God of purity,
      C.M. Psalm v. 1 ON thee, O God of purity, I wait for hallowing grace; None without holiness shall see The glories of thy face: 2 In souls unholy and unclean Thou never canst delight; Nor shall they, while unsaved from sin, Appear before thy sight. 3 Thou hatest all that evil do, Or speak iniquity, The heart unkind, the heart untrue
HymnONCE thou didst on earth appear,
      7s & 6s. 1 Timothy iii. 16. 1 ONCE thou didst on earth appear, For all mankind to atone; Now be manifested here, And bid our sin be gone! Come, and by thy presence chase Its nature with its guilt and power; Jesus, show thine open face, And sin shall be no more. 2 Thou who didst so greatly stoop To a poor virgin's womb, Here thy mean
HymnONE thing with all my soul's desire
      C.M. Psalm xxvii. 1 ONE thing with all my soul's desire I sought, and will pursue; What thine own Spirit doth inspire, Lord, for thy servant do. 2 Grant me within thy courts a place, Among thy saints a seat, For ever to behold thy face, And worship at thy feet. 3 "Seek ye my face;" - without delay, When thus I heard thee speak,
HymnOTHER ground can no man lay,
      8-7s. 1 OTHER ground can no man lay, Jesus takes our sins away; Jesus the foundation is, This shall stand, and only this: Fitly framed in him we are, All the building rises fair; Let it to a temple rise, Worthy him who fills the skies. 2 Husband of thy church below, Christ, if thee our Lord we know, Unto thee, betrothed in love, Alwa
HymnOUR earth we now lament to see
      6-8s. 1 OUR earth we now lament to see With floods of wickedness o'erflowed, With violence, wrong, and cruelty, One wide-extended field of blood, Where men like fiends each other tear, In all the hellish rage of war. 2 As listed on Abaddon's side, They mangle their own flesh, and slay: Tophet is moved, and opens wide Its mouth for it

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