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ONCE thou didst on earth appear,

By A Collection of Hymns

      7s & 6s. 1 Timothy iii. 16.
      1 ONCE thou didst on earth appear,
      For all mankind to atone;
      Now be manifested here,
      And bid our sin be gone!
      Come, and by thy presence chase
      Its nature with its guilt and power;
      Jesus, show thine open face,
      And sin shall be no more.

      2 Thou who didst so greatly stoop
      To a poor virgin's womb,
      Here thy mean abode take up;
      To me, my Saviour, come!
      Come, and Satan's works destroy,
      And let me all thy Godhead prove,
      Filled with peace, and heavenly joy,
      And pure eternal love.

      3 Then my soul, with strange delight,
      Shall comprehend and feel
      What the length, and breadth, and height
      Of love unspeakable:
      Then I shall the secret know,
      Which angels would search out in vain;
      God was man, and served below,
      That man with God might reign!

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