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ON thee, O God of purity,

By A Collection of Hymns

      C.M. Psalm v.
      1 ON thee, O God of purity,
      I wait for hallowing grace;
      None without holiness shall see
      The glories of thy face:

      2 In souls unholy and unclean
      Thou never canst delight;
      Nor shall they, while unsaved from sin,
      Appear before thy sight.

      3 Thou hatest all that evil do,
      Or speak iniquity,
      The heart unkind, the heart untrue,
      Are both abhorred by thee.

      4 But as for me, with humble fear
      I will approach thy gate,
      Though most unworthy to draw near,
      Or in thy courts to wait;

      5 I trust in thy unbounded grace,
      To all so freely given,
      And worship toward thy holy place,
      And lift my soul to heaven.

      6 Lead me in all thy righteous ways,
      Nor suffer me to slide,
      Point out the path before my face;
      My God, be thou my guide!

      7 All those that put their trust in thee,
      Thy mercy shall proclaim,
      And sing with cheerful melody
      Their great Redeemer's name.

      8 Protected by thy guardian grace,
      They shall extol thy power,
      Rejoice, give thanks, and shout thy praise,
      And triumph evermore.

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