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A Collection of Hymns

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HymnWHEN all thy mercies, O my God,
      C.M. An Act of Thanksgiving. 1 WHEN all thy mercies, O my God, My rising soul surveys, Transported with the view, I'm lost In wonder, love, and praise. 2 Thy Providence my life sustained, And all my wants redressed, While in the silent womb I lay, And hung upon the breast. 3 To all my weak complaints and cries Thy mercy lent an ear
HymnWHEN I survey the wondrous cross
      L.M. Galatians. vi. 14. 1 WHEN I survey the wondrous cross On which the Prince of glory died, My richest gain I count but loss, And pour contempt on all my pride. 2 Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast, Save in the death of Christ, my God: All the vain things that charm me most, I sacrifice them to his blood. 3 See, from his head, hi
HymnWHEN Israel out of Egypt came,
      6-8s. Psalm cxiv. 1 WHEN Israel out of Egypt came, And left the proud oppressor's land, Supported by the great I AM, Safe in the hollow of his hand, The Lord in Israel reigned alone, And Judah was his favourite throne. 2 The sea beheld his power, and fled, Disparted by the wondrous rod; Jordan ran backward to its head, And Sinai felt
HymnWHEN our heads are bowed with woe,
      7s. Isaiah liii. 4. 1 WHEN our heads are bowed with woe, When our bitter tears o'erflow, When we mourn the lost, the dear, Jesu, Son of David, hear. 2 When the heart is sad within With the thought of all its sin, When the spirit shrinks with fear, Jesu, Son of David, hear. 3 Thou our throbbing flesh hast worn, Thou our mortal grief
HymnWHEN our redeeming Lord
      2-6s & 4-7s. Psalm cxxvi. 1 WHEN our redeeming Lord Pronounced the pardoning word, Turned our souls captivity, O what sweet surprise we found Wonder asked, "And can it be!" Scarce believed the welcome sound. 2 And is it not a dream? And are we saved through him? Yes, our bounding heart replied, Yes, broke out our joyful tongue, Free
HymnWHEN quiet in my house I sit,
      6-8s. Deuteronomy vi. 7. 1 WHEN quiet in my house I sit, Thy book be my companion still, My joy thy sayings to repeat, Talk o'er the records of thy will, And search the oracles divine, Till every heartfelt word be mine. 2 O may the gracious words divine Subject of all my converse be! So will the Lord his follower join, And walk and ta
HymnWHEN shall thy love constrain,
      S.M. 1 WHEN shall thy love constrain, And force me to thy breast? When shall my soul return again To her eternal rest? 2 Ah! what avails my strife, My wandering to and fro? Thou hast the words of endless life; Ah! whither should I go? 3 Thy condescending grace To me did freely move; It calls me still to seek thy face, And stoops t
HymnWHEN, gracious Lord, when shall it be,
      L.M. 1 WHEN, gracious Lord, when shall it be, That I shall find my all in thee, The fulness of thy promise prove, The seal of thine eternal love? 2 A poor blind child I wander here, If haply I may feel thee near: O dark! dark! dark! I still must say, Amid the blaze of gospel day. 3 Thee, only thee, I fain would find, And cast the wo
HymnWHEN, my Saviour, shall I be
      7s. 1 WHEN, my Saviour, shall I be Perfectly resigned to thee Poor and vile in my own eyes, Only in thy wisdom wise! 2 Only thee content to know, Ignorant of all below Only guided by thy light, Only mighty in thy might! 3 So I may thy Spirit know, Let him as he listeth blow; Let the manner be unknown, So I may with thee be one.
HymnWHERE shall my wondering soul begin?
      6-8s. 1 WHERE shall my wondering soul begin? How shall I all to heaven aspire? A slave redeemed from death and sin, A brand plucked from eternal fire, How shall I equal triumphs raise, Or sing my great Deliverer's praise? 2 O how shall I the goodness tell, Father, which thou to me hast showed? That I, a child of wrath and hell, I shou
HymnWHERE the ancient dragon lay,
      8-7s. SECOND PART. 1 WHERE the ancient dragon lay, Open for thyself a way! There let holy tempers rise, All the fruits of Paradise. Lead us in the way of peace, In the path of righteousness, Never by the sinner trod, Till he feels the cleansing blood. 2 There the simple cannot stray, Babes, though blind, may find the way, Find, nor ev
HymnWHEREWITH, O God, shall I draw near,
      L.M. 1 WHEREWITH, O God, shall I draw near, And bow myself before thy face? How in thy purer eyes appear? What shall bring to gain thy grace? 2 Will gifts delight the Lord most high? Will multiplied oblations please? Thousands of rams his favour buy, Or slaughtered hecatombs appease? 3 Can these avert the wrath of God? Can these was
HymnWHILE dead in trespasses I lie,
      C.M. SECOND PART 1 WHILE dead in trespasses I lie, Thy quickening spirit give; Call me, thou Son of God, that I May hear thy voice and live. 2 While, full of anguish and disease My weak distempered soul Thy love compassionately sees, O let it make me whole! 3 Cast out thy foes, and let them still To Jesu's name submit; Clothe with
HymnWHITHER shall a creature run,
      8-7s. 1 WHITHER shall a creature run, From Jehovah's Spirit fly? How Jehovah's presence shun, Screened from his all-seeing eye? Holy Ghost, before thy face Where shall I myself conceal? Thou art God in every place, God incomprehensible. 2 If to heaven I take my flight, With beatitude unknown Filling all the realms of light, There t
HymnWHO can worthily commend
      7s & 6s. Revelation i. 5,6. 1 WHO can worthily commend Thy love unsearchable! Love that made thee condescend Our curse and death to feel; Thou, the great eternal God, Who didst thyself our ransom pay, Hast, with thy own precious blood, Washed all our sins away. 2 By the Spirit of our Head Anointed priests and kings, Conquerors of the
HymnWHO hath slighted or contemned
      7s & 6s. 1 WHO hath slighted or contemned The day of feeble things? I shall be by grace redeemed; 'Tis grace salvation brings: Ready now my Saviour stands: Him I now rejoice to see With the plummet in His hands, To build and finish me. 2 I right early shall awake, And see the perfect day; Soon the Lamb of God shall take My inbred si
HymnWHO in the Lord confide,
      S.M. Psalm cxxv. 1 WHO in the Lord confide, And feel his sprinkled blood, In storms and hurricanes abide, Firm as the mount of God: Steadfast, and fixed, and sure, His Zion cannot move; His faithful people stand secure In Jesu's guardian love. 2 As round Jerusalem The hilly bulwarks rise, So God protects and covers them From all the
HymnWHO is this gigantic foe
      7s & 6s. David and Goliath.-1 Samuel xvii. 1 WHO is this gigantic foe That proudly stalks along, Overlooks the crowd below, In brazen armour strong? Loudly of his strength he boasts, On his sword and spear relies; Meets the God of Israel's hosts, And all their force defies. 2 Tallest of the earth-born race, They tremble at his power,
HymnWHOM Jesu's blood doth sanctify
      C.M. Deuteronomy xxxiii. 3. 1 WHOM Jesu's blood doth sanctify Need neither sin nor fear; Hid in our Saviour's hand we lie, And laugh at danger near: His guardian hand doth hold, protect, And save, by ways unknown, The little flock, the saints elect, Who trust in him alone. 2 Our Prophet, Priest, and King, to thee We joyfully submit;
HymnWHY should I till to-morrow stay
      L.M. 2 Corinthians vi. 2. 1 WHY should I till to-morrow stay For what thou wouldst bestow to-day, What thou more willing art to give Than I to ask, or to receive? 2 This moment, Lord, thou ready art To break, and to bind up my heart, To pour the balm of Gilead in, Forgive, and take away my sin. 3 This is the time: I surely may Salva

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