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A Collection of Hymns

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HymnO GOD, what offering shall I give
      6-8s. 1 O GOD, what offering shall I give To thee, the Lord of earth and skies? My spirit, soul, and flesh receive, A holy, living sacrifice; Small as it is, 'tis all my store; More shouldst thou have, if I had more. 2 Now then, my God, thou hast my soul, No longer mine, but thine I am; Guard thou thine own, possess it whole, Cheer it
HymnO GOD, who dost thy sovereign might
      C.M. 1 Corinthians ix. 24. O GOD, who dost thy sovereign might And high prerogative Most chiefly show in thy delight To pity and forgive: Vouchsafe the aid thy grace supplies, So in thy ways to run, That we may win the heavenly prize, Through Jesus Christ, thy Son.
HymnO GREAT mountain, who art thou,
      7s & 6s. Zechariah iv. 7. 1 O GREAT mountain, who art thou, Immense, immovable? High as heaven aspires thy brow, Thy foot sinks deep as hell! Thee, alas, I long have known, Long have felt thee fixed within; Still beneath thy weight I groan; Thou art Indwelling Sin. 2 Thou art darkness in my mind, Perverseness in my will, Love inordina
HymnO HEAVENLY King, Look down from above!
      1Os & 11s 1 O HEAVENLY King, Look down from above! Assist us to sing Thy mercy and love: So sweetly o'erflowing, So plenteous the store, Thou still art bestowing, And giving us more. 2 O God of our life, We hallow thy name! Our business and strife Is thee to proclaim; Accept our thanksgiving For creating grace; The living, the living Sh
HymnO JESU, source of calm repose,
      6-8s. 2nd. metre. 1 O JESU, source of calm repose, Thy like nor man nor angel knows, Fairest among ten thousand fair! Even those whom death's sad fetters bound, Whom thickest darkness compassed round. Find light and life, if thou appear. 2 Effulgence of the light divine, Ere rolling planets knew to shine, Ere time its ceaseless course
HymnO JESUS my Hope,
      5 5 11, 5 5 11. 1 O JESUS my Hope, For me offered up, Who with clamour pursued thee to Calvary's top, The blood thou hast shed, For me let it plead, And declare thou hast died in thy murderer's stead. 2 Come then from above, Its hardness remove, And vanquish my heart with the sense of thy love; Thy love on the tree Display unto me.
HymnO JESUS, at thy feet we wait,
      C.M. 1 O JESUS, at thy feet we wait, Till thou shalt bid us rise, Restored to our unsinning state, To love's sweet paradise. 2 Saviour from sin, we thee receive, From all indwelling sin; Thy blood, we steadfastly believe, Shall make us throughly clean. 3 Since thou wouldst have us free from sin, And pure as those above, Make haste
HymnO JESUS, full of truth and grace,
      L.M. Trust in Christ. 1 O JESUS, full of truth and grace, O all-atoning Lamb of God, I wait to see thy glorious face, I seek redemption through thy blood. 2 Now in thy strength I strive with thee, My Friend and Advocate with God; Give me the glorious liberty, Grant me the purchase of thy blood. 3 Thou art the anchor of my hope, The
HymnO JESUS, let thy dying cry
      L.M. 1 O JESUS, let thy dying cry Pierce to the bottom of my heart, Its evils cure, its wants supply, And bid my unbelief depart. 2 Slay the dire root and seed of sin; Prepare for thee the holiest place; Then, O essential Love, come in! And fill thy house with endless praise. 3 Let me, according to thy word, A tender, contrite heart
HymnO JOYFUL sound of gospel grace!
      C.M. 1 O JOYFUL sound of gospel grace! Christ shall in me appear; I, even I, shall see his face, I shall be holy here. 2 This heart shall be his constant home; I hear his Spirit's cry, "Surely," he saith, "I quickly come," He saith, who cannot lie. 3 The glorious crown of righteousness To me reached out I view; Conqueror throu
HymnO LET the prisoners' mournful cries
      L.M. 1 O LET the prisoners' mournful cries As incense in thy sight appear! Their humble wailings pierce the skies, If haply they may feel thee near. 2 The captive exiles make their moans, From sin impatient to be free: Call home, call home thy banished ones! Lead captive their captivity! 3 Show them the blood that bought their peace
HymnO LET us our own works forsake,
      L.M. 1 O LET us our own works forsake, Ourselves, and all we have deny; Thy condescending counsel take, And come to thee pure gold to buy! 2 O might we, through thy grace, attain The faith thou never wilt reprove, The faith that purges every stain, The faith that always works by love! 3 O might we see, in this our day, The things be
HymnO LORD, how good, how great art thou,
      C.M. Psalm viii. 1 O LORD, how good, how great art thou, In heaven and earth the same! There angels at thy footstool bow, Here babes thy grace proclaim. 2 When glorious in the nightly sky Thy moon and stars I see, O what is man! I wondering cry, To be so loved by thee! 3 To him thou hourly deign'st to give New mercies from on high;
HymnO LORD, how long shall heathens hold
      L.M. Psalm lxxix 1 O LORD, how long shall heathens hold The heritage that once was thine? How long shall they invade thy fold, How long pollute thy holy shrine? 2 Behold the violence, the scorn, And all the wrongs thy people hear: Opprest, insulted, and forlorn, Shall they no more thy favour share? 3 O let their sins be washed away,
HymnO LORD, thy faithful servant save,
      8s & 6s. Psalm xvi. 1 O LORD, thy faithful servant save, Faith in thy name thou know'st I have; My soul hath called thee mine: My good cannot to thee extend, My good did first from thee descend, And all I have is thine. 2 The Lord himself my portion is; Thou reachest out my cup of bliss, And wilt no more remove; My fair inheritance th
HymnO LORD, turn not thy face away
      C.M. 1 O LORD, turn not thy face away From them that lowly lie, Lamenting sore their sinful life With tears and bitter cry; Thy mercy's gates are open wide To them that mourn their sin; O shut them not against us, Lord! But let us enter in. 2 We need not to confess our fault, For surely thou canst tell; What we have done, and what we
HymnO Lord, with vengeance clad
      4-6s & 2-8s. Psalm xciv. 1 O Lord, with vengeance clad Most awful thou art seen! Yet blessed when most sad Our chastened souls have been; For we have hope to rest in joy, When all thy foes thou shalt destroy. 2 The Lord will not forsake Nor cast the souls away, Who his salvation make Their refuge and their stay; But though they mourn
HymnO LOVE divine, how sweet thou art!
      8s & 6s. 1 O LOVE divine, how sweet thou art! When shall I find my willing heart All taken up by thee? I thirst, I faint, I die to prove The greatness of redeeming love, The love of Christ to me! 2 Stronger his love than death or hell; Its riches are unsearchable; The first-born sons of light Desire in vain its depths to see, They can
HymnO LOVE, I languish at thy stay!
      6-8s. 1 O LOVE, I languish at thy stay! I pine for thee with lingering smart; Weary and faint through long delay, When wilt thou come into my heart? From sin and sorrow set me free, And swallow up my soul in thee? 2 Come, O thou universal Good! Balm of the wounded conscience, come The hungry, dying spirit's food, The weary, wandering
HymnO MAY thy powerful word
      S.M. 1 O MAY thy powerful word Inspire a feeble worm To rush into thy kingdom, Lord, And take it as by storm! 2 O may we all improve The grace already given, To seize the crown of perfect love, And scale the mount of heaven!

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