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FATHER of earth and sky,

By A Collection of Hymns

      2-6s & 4-7s. The Lord's Prayer.
      1 FATHER of earth and sky,
      Thy name we magnify:
      O that earth and heaven might join,
      Thy perfections to proclaim;
      Praise the attributes divine,
      Fear and love thy awful name!

      2 When shall thy Spirit reign
      In every heart of man?
      Father, bring the kingdom near,
      Honour thy triumphant Son;
      God of heaven, on earth appear,
      Fix with us thy glorious throne.

      3 Thy good and holy will
      Let all on earth fulfil;
      Men with minds angelic vie,
      Saints below with saints above,
      Thee to praise and glorify,
      Thee to serve with perfect love.

      4 This day with this day's bread
      Thy hungry children feed;
      Fountain of all blessings, grant
      Now the manna from above;
      Now supply our bodies' want,
      Now sustain our souls with love.

      5 Our trespasses forgive:
      And when absolved we live,
      Thou our life of grace maintain;
      Lest we from our God depart,
      Lose thy pardoning grace again,
      Grant us a forgiving heart.

      6 In every fiery hour
      Display thy guardian power;
      Near in our temptation stay,
      With sufficient strength defend;
      Bring us through the evil day,
      Make us faithful to the end.

      7 Father, by right divine
      Assert the kingdom thine;
      Jesus, Power of God, subdue
      Thy own universe to thee;
      Spirit of grace and glory too,
      Reign through all eternity.

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