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FAR as creation's bounds extend,

By A Collection of Hymns

      6-8s. Psalm cxlv.
      1 FAR as creation's bounds extend,
      Thy mercies, heavenly Lord, descend;
      One chorus of perpetual praise
      To thee thy various works shall raise;
      Thy saints to thee in hymns impart
      The transports of a grateful heart.

      2 They chant the splendours of thy name,
      Delighted with the wondrous theme;
      And bid the world's wide realms admire
      The glories of the almighty Sire,
      Whose throne all nature's wreck survives,
      Whose power through endless ages lives.

      3 From thee, great God, while every eye
      Expectant waits the wished supply,
      Their bread, proportioned to the day,
      Thy opening hands to each convey;
      In every sorrow of the heart
      Eternal mercy bears a part.

      4 Who ask thine aid with heart sincere
      Shall find thy succours ever near;
      To thee their prayer in each distress
      Thy suffering servants, Lord, address;
      And prove thee, verging on the grave,
      Nor slow to hear, nor weak to save.

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