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BRETHREN in Christ, and well-beloved,

By A Collection of Hymns

      L.M. Christian Fellowship.
      1 BRETHREN in Christ, and well-beloved,
      To Jesus and his servants dear,
      Enter and show yourselves approved;
      Enter, and find that God is here.

      2 Welcome from earth: lo, the right hand
      Of fellowship to you we give!
      With open hearts and hands we stand,
      And you in Jesu's name receive.

      3 Say, are your hearts resolved as ours?
      Then let them burn with sacred love;
      Then let them taste the heavenly powers,
      Partakers of the joys above.

      4 Jesu, attend thyself reveal!
      Are we not met in thy great name?
      Thee in the midst we wait to feel,
      We wait to catch the spreading flame.

      5 Thou God that answerest by fire,
      The Spirit of burning now impart;
      And let the flames of pure desire
      Rise from the altar of our heart.

      6 Truly our fellowship below
      With thee and with the Father is;
      In thee eternal life we know,
      And heaven's unutterable bliss.

      7 In part we only know thee here,
      But wait thy coming from above;
      And we shall then behold thee near,
      And we shall all be lost in love.

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