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CAPTAIN of our salvation, take

By A Collection of Hymns

      6-8s. The same subject.
      1 CAPTAIN of our salvation, take
      The souls we here present to thee,
      And fit for thy great service make
      These heirs of immortality;
      And let them in thine image rise,
      And then transplant to Paradise.

      2 Unspotted from the world and pure,
      Preserve them for thy glorious cause,
      Accustomed daily to endure
      The welcome burden of thy cross;
      Inured to toil and patient pain,
      Till all thy perfect mind they gain.

      3 Our sons henceforth be wholly thine,
      And serve and love thee all their days,
      Infuse the principle divine
      In all who here expect thy grace;
      Let each improve the grace bestowed;
      Rise every child a man of God!

      4 Train up thy hardy soldiers, Lord,
      In all their Captain's steps to tread
      Or send them to proclaim the word,
      The gospel through the world to spread.
      Freely as they receive to give,
      And preach the death by which we live.

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