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BRANCH of Jesse's stem, arise,

By A Collection of Hymns

      7s & 6s. Isaiah xi. 1 - 3.
      1 BRANCH of Jesse's stem, arise,
      And in our nature grow,
      Turn our earth to paradise
      By flourishing below:
      Bless us with the Spirit of grace,
      Immeasurably shed on thee;
      Give to all the faithful race
      The promised Deity.

      2 Let the Spirit of our Head
      On all the members rest;
      From thyself to us proceed,
      And dwell in every breast;
      Teach to judge and act aright,
      Inspire with wisdom from above,
      Holy faith, and heavenly might,
      And reverential love.

      3 Lord, of thee we fain would learn
      Thy heavenly Father's will;
      Give us quickness to discern,
      And boldness to fulfil;
      All his mind to us explain,
      And all his name on us impress;
      Then our souls in thee attain
      The perfect righteousness.

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