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LORD of the harvest, hear

By A Collection of Hymns

      S.M. Matthew ix. 38.
      1 LORD of the harvest, hear
      Thy needy servants cry;
      Answer our faith's effectual prayer,
      And all our wants supply.

      2 On thee we humbly wait,
      Our wants are in thy view;
      The harvest truly, Lord, is great;
      The labourers are few.

      3 Convert, and send forth more
      Into thy church abroad;
      And let them speak thy word of power,
      As workers with their God.

      4 Give the pure gospel word,
      The word of general grace;
      Thee let them preach, the common Lord,
      The Saviour of our race.

      5 O let them spread thy name,
      Their mission fully prove,
      The universal grace proclaim,
      Thy all-redeeming love!

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