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SermonThe Coming Kingdom: Lecture 2
       Revelation 4 - 19: 10. Last week we were occupied with the vision given to John in Patmos. Being in the Spirit, he saw Jesus Christ in the midst of seven golden candlesticks, but with all the glorious insignia of the Ancient of days (yet Son of man) examining the churches. The whole scene was brought before John's mind as if it were on earth a
The Coming Kingdom: Lecture 3
       Revelation 19: 11 - 22. On entering upon our third lecture, I would remind you of the three divisions into which the book of the Revelation divides itself, according to the three scenes and actings in which our Lord presents Himself in it; and, consequently thereon, the differences to His servant John, and servants who (attached to Himself per
SermonThe Coming of Christ
      The Heavenly Calling, and the Mystery of the One Body. Acts 1, 7, 9. The name of Acts of the Apostles has been given to this book; but it contains rather the acts of Peter and Paul. The object of the Spirit of God in it is the setting up of the testimony of God here in the world, both to the circumcision and uncircumcision. It does not go b
ArticleThe Coming of the Lord
       Acts 1. There is much to remark in the way the coming of the Lord is presented to the disciples after the resurrection. They, poor things, after the Lord was risen, were still running on Jewish things, and looked for the kingdom to be restored. But God has His plan. He says, "No, the time is come for a testimony of grace to go forth, beginning
SermonThe Coming of the Lord - A Sermon
       1 Thessalonians. We may turn a little to the First Epistle of Paul to the Thessalonians; well suited, the various parts of it, to give forth thoughts -- blessed thoughts -- about the coming of the Lord Jesus, and the rightful proper effect of the hope of that coming upon ourselves in these last hours. "For from you sounded out the word of t
ArticleThe Condition of Blessing
       Psalms 32, 51. A man may stand for himself, and not for God, and then he finds all God's power against him; or he may stand for God, and then God's power is with him. This you see in Psalm 32. But sometimes a man will choose to renounce self, and to get into God's circumstances. Then comes the question of walk, and often the same thing comes o
PamphletThe Conflict: Chapter 1
       Eph. 6: 10-12. There are two things which, when considered, bring out into light, in a simple way, the position in which the Christians at Ephesus were standing when the apostle addressed them. First, we find the intimation of better things to come connected with the scene in the garden of Eden, "The seed of the woman." Second, that part
The Conflict: Chapter 2
       Eph. 6: 15, 16; Luke 2: 34, 35. No sooner does Mary know the sweetness of having this Babe, than it is told her, while she might well count herself blessed, "A sword shall pierce through thy own soul also." No sooner was He born into the world, than nothing but slaughter of babes is heard of. And so, in our hearts, no sooner is Christ there th
SermonThe Corruption of Christianity
       2 Peter 1: 16-21; Jude. There were two masterpieces of evil which the preaching of the gospel had to meet -- the self-righteousness of the Jew, and the idolatry of the Gentiles. If you trace the history of the propagation of the gospel onward, you find another character of evil prominent. Still you do not find this third form of evil in the la
ArticleThe Cross of Jesus Christ
      What are its uses and applications, by the Spirit, in the Scriptures? The cross seems to me to be used in scripture as especially connected with shame and disgrace. The cross was in itself a cruel and a disgraceful heathen mode of death -- kept, even by them, for the very vilest. It seemed to say -- This is a wretch, who has no feelings to be co
ArticleThe Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ
       Galatians 6: 14. But as to me, away with the thought of boasting, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. He that can say "Our Lord Jesus Christ," ought to boast in His cross. In 1 Cor. 1: 24, Christ is called "the power of God, and the wisdom of God;" and in 2 Cor. 13: 4, it is said that "He was crucified through weakness." But "the fo
ArticleThe Death of Jesus Christ: Part 1
      What are its uses and applications, by the Spirit, in the Scriptures? The death of the Lord was, 1, the expression of Israel's rejection of Him; and His way of getting by resurrection upon the new ground proper to the church. (Matt. 16: 21.) 2, As connected with the resurrection, it was His secret to the disciples till He took the ground p
The Death of Jesus Christ: Part 2
       1. Death, powerless to the Lord because it was revealed in scripture as His appointed passage into conferred blessing. (Acts 2: 23.) 2. His death and rejection the measure of Israel's sin. (Acts 3: 14, 15.) 3. Victory through the Lord, in resurrection over death, the preaching of the apostles, and that which offended the religionists of
The Death of Jesus Christ: Part 3
       1. The death of Jesus, God's executed judgment against the law of leaven in us -- because executed on Him, we are free from its guilt, and thereby called to purge out all practical leaven from ourselves. (1 Cor. 5: 7.) 2. The Lord's death, as exhibited in the supper, the guard against the abuse of that which God has made the centre of the ch
The Death of Jesus Christ: Part 4
      - 1. Death, the terminus of suffering as in the Lord, so to each saint. (2 Tim. 2: 8.) - 2. Death, the object proposed in the humiliation, was the result of God's grace, and is presented for the church's admiration, as that by which Christ united the two extremes, namely, the divine glory which He saw in God, to be the church's, and the abject t
SermonThe Eternal Life in Paul
       Philippians 3. There were two things very present to the mind of the Spirit when by Paul He wrote the epistle to the Philippians. The first was eternal life manifested in a believer -- a beautiful sight to dwell upon; heartfelt, soul-enjoyed eternal life filled the apostle Paul in all its power and energy. And the second was the contrast with
ArticleThe Fear of Death
      "Want of subjection to God" -- is, in every creature in whom it is found, Sin. I intentionally say, want of subjection, or, the absence of subjection (i.e., non-subjection, which is negative); and I do not say in-subjection: because, to many minds, insubjection would seem something positive. But the absence of subjection is sin, without its being n
SermonThe Glory of Redemption
       Revelation 1: 5, 6; 4, 5. I have read these scriptures as presenting to us the glory of redemption, and judgment as beginning directly the servant of God has got into it. (Rev. 1: 5, 6.) In addition, a thought closely connected with it; and that is, the thought of the grace learnt down here in the wilderness. The two clauses found at the end
ArticleThe Glory of the Bride, the Lamb's Wife
      Perhaps no one subject is more replete with blessedness than the glory of the Bride, the Lamb's Wife. Whether we look at the grace that first brought us into it, or whether we look at the unfoldings of this love in the glory of the marriage; however we look at it, it is just marvellous! We are left in astonishing wonder. It is just, dear friends, a
ArticleThe Good News of God's Purpose in the Apocalypse
      Better gospel than can be gleaned from the Apocalypse I know not. It is the book of the actings of God in power; in power for and by His Christ, in spite of man's and Satan's wickedness. The world, the flesh, and the Devil, with all His wiles, get ejected to make way for God (even the Father), for the Christ (who is the Son of the Father), and f

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