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QuotesChoice Quotes, Part 12
      God will not be in the second place, He takes the first place, proclaiming life to the poor sinner through that Son raised from the dead. I am in a scene where God is everything, and I must get out of the way. Ah! how blessed when the soul can say. "Let God have His proper place as God, let Him act, and I will put myself out of the way." Does He sa
Choice Quotes, Part 13
      The life we make so much of has death in it; death is necessarily connected with the body, but I get rid of it -- Christ left a savour in the grave quite different from the savour of God's wrath. He has made death to a believer to be nothing save being absent from the body to be present with Himself. The church never really dies; the people of G
Choice Quotes, Part 14
      Could I take my place at a race-course, and say, "the Nazarene at God's right hand is coming, and in every thing those who are His are to be like Him and to be waiting for Him in separation from all the things of the world, because they are to go with Him to heaven when He comes?" He is jealous to have a people down here to live to Him. Do many
Choice Quotes, Part 15
      With us it may be sometimes such a little thing that Satan gets hold of, but in Christ he found nothing and he was utterly worsted; and what can he do against us now if Christ is up there watching over every child of God? He may find fault with my walk, and allow me to be passed through a process, like Job's, to purge away the dross; but there is n
ArticleChrist and the Church
       Husbands and Wives. Ephesians 5. The exhortation through Ephesians is of a peculiar character. I think generally believers in the present day are not sufficiently aware that it is an exhortation based and built on the fact that we have got the life that expresses itself in the particular way which this epistle traces out. God made man, an
SermonChrist Giving Sight to the Blind
       John 9, 10. In John 8 we get the development of part of the truth of Christ referred to in John 1, as the One who is the Light of the world, because in Him was life. In John 9 we get another thing connected with the same truth. Now He is the One who not only has eternal life and is light, but who also has the power of communicating sight. Ther
ArticleChrist Magnified, Whether by Life or Death
       Philippians 1: 18-20. It is the practical experience of the apostle's heart in connection with Christ that is so marked in verse 20. The heart of a believer attentive to the Spirit's teaching, must feel that one cannot read this verse, without seeing that Paul had a practical connection with the Nazarene in heaven, that he believed in a Christ
SermonChrist on the Cross
       Psalm 22. Everything in the beginning of this psalm is letting down, and at the end there is everything lifting up. It is full of suffering and joy, but the former chiefly. The Person standing before us here is distinctly the Lord Jesus. There is a difference between this psalm and what we have in Isaiah 53, and in the gospels. In Isaiah we ha
ArticleChrist: the Way, the Truth, and the Life
       John 14. I think, if you study the Gospel by John, you will find it is taken for granted in John 11 that the Jews would not have Him. He, the Son of God, brings in the doctrine of resurrection; in John 12 there is a flitting across the earth of His various glories -- Son of man and Son of David. Then John 13 and 14 form a little compartment by
SermonComing of the Lord
       1 Thessalonians 1. The Lord is coming. Yes, that is true. It is the Lord; but I am a son of God, and I wait for God's beloved Son to come from heaven. The very inward life of the believer is formed in connection with the coming of the Lord. The night was dark when these epistles were written; but, as in a starlight night, there was a bright sh
SermonConsolation for Disciples
       Matt. 13. The first parable does not present the kingdom, but the means and mode of forming the kingdom of heaven. In the second parable, Jesus is speaking before the multitude. It is in this we get the hidden thing connected with that kingdom -- the Tares. It will be seen that Jesus adds, in interpreting, something beyond the outline of the p
SermonContrast between Earthly and Heavenly Blessing
       Ephesians 1; Psalms 103 to 107. Having considered on previous Wednesdays the blessings in Psalms 32 and 40, it is now my wish to look at the bearing of the blessedness brought in the Psalms on the heart, and to see the contrast in the character of blessing for the saint in the earthlies, and the saint in the heavenlies. Two things need to b
SermonDeath is Ours
       Morrish "All things are yours; whether Paul, or Apollos, or Cephas, or the world, or life, or death, or things present, or things to come; all are yours; and ye are Christ's; and Christ is God's." (1 Cor. 3: 22, 23.) A friend lately used to me this expression, "Death is a terrible monster. I hate it." My soul replied, "What and where shou
ArticleDevotedness and Separation
       Romans 12: 1, 2. At different times we see that the testimony of the Spirit of God has been to some particular truths to meet the special need of the day. In our day it is a testimony to practical devotedness, and entire separation from the evil that is in the world. It has been through God's laying these two truths home on the conscience that
      There can be no question of doing till there is life in Christ. But, when converted, not only is the believer "ordained to good works," but to particular works. The Jew was to love God with all his heart, and his neighbour as himself; but in the epistles there is that which is far higher. I am not only to love God with all my heart, and my neighbou
ArticleDying to Death
      To a believer, death (his own death) is now, in point of fact, "dying to death" - "the ceasing to have to do with dying." I am quite aware that this statement may be startling, at first sight, to some -- perhaps to many. But is it not truth? Though I am a believer, yet have I now, and so shall I have, all through my pilgrim-life, the law of sin
ArticleEloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani
       Mark 15: 34 For myself -- I speak as a man -- I never found peace before God, or conscious rest with Him, until I was taught the force and meaning of that cry of Jesus of Nazareth -- "Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani." Never until I understood that He, who knew no sin, had (then and there, on the cross) been made sin for us, that we might be made
SermonEternal Life
       1 John 1: 1-4. There is a remarkable connection between the different writings of John. His gospel gives us the life of the Son of God, after describing His divine glories; and almost immediately after His resurrection He disappears into heaven. The epistle then takes up the stream of eternal life that flows down from Him in heaven -- the Rock
ArticleExamination of the Hebrew Bible to the Structure and Idiom of the Language. THE TENSES: THEIR FORCE, AND HOW TO BE RENDERED. The tenses in Hebrew need fresh examination. Nothing but a careful study of them as they occur in the Bible can give a satisfactory solution to the difficulties and uncertainties which exist in many minds as to them. In Hebrew verbs there a
LetterExtract from Letters
       Christian Friend, vol. 13, 1886, p. 14. "I used to think that I had lively faith, communion, and hope; but as I get older I find myself more like a babe, faithfully watched over by a mother's eye, and seem to get more satisfied to see what His thoughts of today are about me, and what His plans for the morrow. Less account made of my feelings,

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