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SermonPerfected For Ever
       Psalm 40: 5. This is gleanings from G.V.W.'s ministry in Dublin in 1872. Ed. In this psalm we have the Spirit of Christ speaking in behalf of the mercy that will reach Israel hereafter. Immediately after that, He goes into the great work they will be brought to know -- the work of One who took the place of fulfilling God's will when God h
SermonQualifications for Worship
       Hebrews 9: 24 - 10: 23. These two chapters bring out in a very simple way true worship. The Lord said to the woman of Samaria, "The hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father," etc. "God is a Spirit, and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth." At first sight it may appe
ArticleRemarks and Notes on John's Writings
       The Gospel There is a connection between the Gospel, and the Epistles, and the Apocalypse -- books which God has given to us by means of His servant John -- which is of no little interest in these latter days. It is one and the same truth which is ever prominent in each of these three books; and the peculiarity distinctive to each of them d
ArticleRemarks as to The Assembly of God Its Rule and Mode of Self-Regulation. In this paper I take it for granted that my reader has learnt from Scripture the elementary truths about the (so-called Church or) assembly of God upon earth; that he knows that it was formed, first, at Pentecost, on the descent of the Holy Spirit as the promise of the Father; who thus made good the p
ArticleRemarks on the English Psalter
       from 'Memorials' Vol. 2, Part Second, CRITICAL. 1876-7. Preface. Piety in the reading of Scripture is precious, and I thank God that there are many (whose mother tongue is English) who study the English Psalter. Still to piety must be added divine intelligence, or we shall come short of blessing; for that which men call the Old Testame
SermonRich in Mercy
       Ephesians 2: 4. Notes of a Lecture. "God, who is rich in mercy" -- rich in mercy. We have in the latter part of Ephesians 1 and beginning of Ephesians 2 God's expression of His grace and mercy. The former contains the expression of His grace, and goes on to show, as the result of it, the expression which is in measure in contrast with it.
ArticleShall I Ever Die?
       (This paper was enclosed in a letter to a brother by the beloved late G. V. W., and was afterwards printed in The Present Testimony. -- Ed.) "Of course you will, sooner or later," most men will answer. "I DO NOT KNOW," is the answer which most Bible students ought to give. Of believers, it is only those who have a special revelation that th
SermonSons of God
       John 13: 36-38, John 14: 1-11. It is a thing of great importance, beloved friends, to remember, and to have fresh upon the mind continually, that our God has said that our ways are not His ways, nor our thoughts His thoughts. It prepares the soul to receive what He may present to it. It enables the soul quietly to lay aside all its own reasoni
ArticleStand Therefore
       Eph. 6: 10. The contrast between the opening and the close of this epistle is striking. It is to my mind like one of those brilliant suns, which, on a dark, lowering day, suddenly pours forth its brightness, and the eye follows the broad beam of glory it casts, until it lights at last on some field, of which it brings out all the colouring in
SermonTests of Eternal Life
       1 John 2: 28 - 3. Here we get different tests applied to those who say they have eternal life and are dwelling in Christ. There is a great want of intelligence about this subject in the minds of many of the children of God. The end of 1 John 1 looks at man in one state, and 1 John 3 in another. Chapter 1 opens with a gush of eternal life from
SermonThe Antidote to Existing Evils
       Jude 24. You will find that this epistle shows out the true character of everything that is of man. There is not one portion of God's word more calculated to make us sing than this epistle, and high notes too. The joy of a Christian at the beginning was, that he found something of God in Christ that met all the ruin in himself; and the way
LetterThe Assembly of God and the Table of the Lord
      Marks whereby the Assembly of God and the Table of the Lord were and are to be known. To Mr. J. G. Deck, Motueka, Nelson, N.Z. My Dear Brother, Our Lord searched the heart of Peter (in John 21: 15-17) with three questions, which brought up to Peter's mind the roots of his failure, rather than the overt act of denial. And He graciously clos
SermonThe Beauty of Going Down to the Very Bottom
       Philippians 3: 1-16. I have read a part of Phil. 3, desiring to look at it as bringing before us what were the principles of the life of Paul and of the Christians of his day. We see here, if we turn to the early part of the epistle, what the circumstances were in which he lived upon these principles, the extent to which he carried them out, a
ArticleThe Blood of Jesus Christ
      What are its uses and applications by the Spirit in Scripture? If we read the contexts of the following references, we shall see, as to the blood of Jesus Christ, that -- 1. It connects the disciple with a covenant (Matt. 26: 28, etc.); 2. The knowledge of it is eternal life (John 6: 32-69); 3. It is the proof of the death of Jesu
SermonThe Bright and Morning Star
       Revelation 22: 10. We find a special warning given in the beginning of this portion (v. 10), an address going forth to a mixed multitude -- the unjust, the filthy, and the holy found together. There is also a word put forward to those who in this place professed to be the Lord's people; and there is, when He comes, a reward for those who are r
SermonThe Burnt Offering
       Leviticus 1. There are three different kinds of offerings: -- 1st, that of the Great Day of Atonement (Lev. 16), which was God's provision for making worshippers; 2nd, Sin and Trespass Offerings -- God's provision for the worshipper when he failed; 3rd, Burnt, Meat, and Peace Offerings -- God's provision for the worshipper in service. Every
SermonThe Call and Faith of Abraham
       Hebrews 11: 8-19. Quite a new principle was brought to light when God began to deal with Abraham; i.e. the principle of calling out. God distinctly called Abraham. Many other things are connected with Abraham, as father of the faithful, and a pattern, model man to show forth God's dealings; but he was the first that God called forth out of his
ArticleThe Character of Our Testimony
      What is the character of testimony we have to bear in the present day? There are certain principles which are alike as connected with testimony in all ages. There has been a testimony of God, and for God, from the beginning. Out of the ruins of the fall there were things that God would take up, and bring out a testimony for Himself. Then arises
SermonThe Church: Its Present State and Prospects
      There is, in the very nature of things there can be, but one First Cause of everything. There is such an One -- the living and true God. He is, self-existent, never had beginning, eternal; never ending, everlasting; the alone infinite in power, and therefore irresponsible, and knowing no check or impediment to His will or action, save that of His o
SermonThe Coming Kingdom: Lecture 1
      The Coming Kingdom being an outline of the Revelation. Revelation 1 - 3. I have been asked to lecture here on "The Coming Kingdom." I do so gladly, depending upon God, in His grace, for ability, and for guidance and power. A first remark, however, may be, that I dread lest we should forget the unity of truth whilst examining any portion of

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