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SermonAddresses on the Seven Churches: 9: Laodicea
       REVELATION 3: 14, etc. THERE is one thing very helpful to remember in connection with all truth; viz., that as it comes from God, man, as a creature, is unable in himself to hold it. It is a question that often escapes from our minds, that we are powerless not only as sinners but as creatures. Not only is it impossible for God to allow a singl
SermonAn Address on Marriage
       Heb. 13: 4. One of the marks of the last days is "forbidding to marry" (1 Tim. 4: 3), a mark of that state of things which leads to final judgment. "Marriage is honourable in all." I don't know anything that marks the low state of things in Christendom more than the levity with which marriage is thought of. Often it is looked upon as not honou
ArticleAn Answer of G. V. Wigram "Mr. H. Craik's Letter, dated 15th November, 1848." Notice. I would engage my reader to consider attentively pages 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, of "Remarks, by J. N. Darby, etc., Oct. 1848," which tract, as I informed Mr. Craik at first, was what awakened my mind to the error of his statements. The more I ponder Mr. C.'s hypothesis, the m
ArticleAn Appeal to Saints in Bethesda and Salem
       An Appeal to Saints that remain still in Bethesda and Salem, as to certain bad doctrine. The feelings of the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven, are as acute as -- and a great deal more worthy of consideration than -- those of any friend on earth. His person has been disparaged; the faith of His people has been corrupted: woe is me, if I know this
ArticleAsherite Psalms Part 1
       ASHERITE PSALMS.* No. 1. *These and the following lectures have been printed from authentic, and in many cases verbatim notes, taken at the time, and since carefully rewritten, compared with other notes, and revised. -- ED. Psalm 1. The name of the Book of Psalms is Tehillim in Hebrew, which means praise. The great secret of wisdom i
Asherite Psalms Part 2
       PSALM 32. THERE is one thing peculiarly sweet in connection with the gospel of God's grace. It is that which suits the prodigal when he is brought home to the Father's house, as well as when he is in the far country wanting bread. Hence I have no sympathy with the remark which is sometimes made, "Christians do not want the gospel." Of course i
Asherite Psalms Part 3
       PSALM 40, 41. IN reading the Psalms one finds them arranged in couplets. Very few of them stand as solitary witnesses of the remarks made in them, but in twos and threes. Whoever arranged the Psalms, we know they were so ordered in divine wisdom, not according to time, but in reference to their subjects. A psalm of Moses following one of David
ArticleAssembly Truth
       Preface. This second volume, while differing widely from its predecessor, will scarcely be less acceptable. The first part contains some most valuable expositions of the doctrine and the discipline of the Church of God. The importance of these papers at the present moment, when so many souls are passing through deep exercise upon these subject
SermonBright and Morning Star
       Rev. 22: 16. I wish to say a few words on what it is that gives the heart of a believer boldness at all times to say, "Come, Lord Jesus." My own thought as regards this passage is, that nothing but personal affection to the Lord can ever give the heart boldness before Him. The soul must realize that it has been laid hold of by His love, that s
QuotesChoice Quotes, Part 1
      Christ's yesterday was the accomplishment of redemption, -- His tomorrow is the having His Church with Himself in glory. But He is a living Christ for today. Christ cannot light a single spark in the heart of an individual, without that little tiny spark being for God. He gives the light, and has ordained that every ray of it is to reflect somet
Choice Quotes, Part 2
      Faith should be energetic, active: I am not to be merely musing about the glory; but the certainty of Christ's having apprehended me for it, is to set me looking right forward, pressing onward to the goal. What is feeling for Christ, if it does not separate the heart from the world? It is a different thing, saying, "I know the cross," and saying, "
Choice Quotes, Part 3
      Who understood the wilderness as He did? Who was ever such a thorough pilgrim, drinking of the brook in the way? "The Man of sorrows" knows well how to lift up your head. How the power of His sympathy in our hearts lifts up His people's heads! He won't forget His backsliding people on earth either. The heart of God is, with Christ, occupied with
Choice Quotes, Part 4
      Oh, how the Spirit is straitened by us as He goes through the wilderness with us and finds so little answer in our hearts, and cannot get the waters to flow! Do not speak of self, failure, or circumstances, though we have deeply to humble ourselves: Satan would always try to put these between us and Christ; but we may set everything round the cross
Choice Quotes, Part 5
      We can turn to Christ and say, "There is One whom we can trace from the manger to the cross, and never find, save on two occasions, the expression of His own will, and each time that expression was perfect. The first was when anticipating the cup which the Father had given Him to drink, and it would not have been perfect otherwise. Was it nothing t
Choice Quotes, Part 6
      What will it be to be in heaven, clothed in white, not a spot, the whole of me fit for Christ's own presence; all so pure, so transparent, as to be fit only for heaven! There is rest and refreshment in the thought. Think of a soul being there, and Christ saying to the Father, "This is one whose name I can confess as an overcomer." Ah, one feels,
Choice Quotes, Part 7
      What would one do if instead of looking at Christ, one looked at all the billows and vanities down here, around or within? Here all conflict, up there all peace. Oh, the sweetness of that! and "Behold he cometh." To know that I am Christ's, and bound up in one bundle of life with Him, is one thing; to say am a poor weak servant of His, is anothe
Choice Quotes, Part 8
      "Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life." The contrast here between the death of the body, and the life, is very beautiful: the death ending the union of the believer's body and soul, this being the dissolution. "Be faithful till I take your quickened soul home." John could say of Christ, "He was a Man down here whom w
Choice Quotes, Part 9
      In the Lord's people it is to be the positive, not merely the negative; not gathering up things, but throwing them off; getting the heart fitted to feed on Christ, and the feet free to walk with Christ. It is up there above whence power comes that pushes us right off the world's platform, keeping us occupied with and knowing a great deal more ab
Choice Quotes, Part 10
      If a spring has not been opened in a soul, a spring of living water from God's own Son, no waters can flow and there is no life in you. If you were to put all the good works of every believer all together, do you suppose that would give a title to go on the cloud of glory with Christ into the Father's house? No; it is not their worthiness, but H
Choice Quotes, Part 11
      How often one has had a powerful consciousness in the soul that prayer has been heard, when no word, or half a word, has been uttered: one has suddenly felt that the Lord has come in to answer. None can overcome the world and self, save by something divine and unworldly being shown them. Christ always puts some personal glory to draw hearts out

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