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Home-Making - Table of Contents
      Homes are the divinely ordained fountains of life. It is not by accident, that people live in families, rather than solitarily. The human race began in a family, and Eden was a home. The divine blessing has ever rested upon nations and communities, just in the measure in which they have adhered to these original institutions and have kept marriage
In His Steps - Table of Contents
       In His Steps by J. R. Miller 1897 "Leaving you an example, that you should follow in His steps." 1 Peter 2:21 Uniting with the Church To unite with the church is to take one's place among the followers of the Master. It is a public act. It is a confession of Christ before men. It is not a profession of superior saintliness; on the oth
PamphletIn Perfect Peace
       "You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You." Isaiah 26:3 "Perfect Peace!" That is what we all want. That, too, is what Christ offers us in his gospel. Among his farewell words we find this bequest: "Peace I leave with you--my peace I give unto you." After his return from the grave, he said to his disciples, three times re
PamphletLearning to Love
      "Life is an education in love." Learning to love is a long lesson. It takes all of the longest life to learn it. The most inveterate obstacle in mastering the lesson is SELF, which persists with an energy which nothing but divine grace can overcome. When no longer we seek our own in any of our relations with others, we have learned to love. Until t
Life's Byways and Waysides - Table of Contents
       Life's Byways and Waysides by J. R. Miller 1907 PREFACE These chapters are at the best only fragments of teaching. They have no close connection, except as they all touch life at some point, and have as their aim--the giving of uplift, cheer, encouragement, and hope. The first thing in true Christian living, is to get acquainted with the
Living Without Worry - Table of Contents
      One meets few unworried people. Most faces bear lines of care. Men go anxious to their day's duties, rush through the hours with feverish speed, and bring a hot brain and tumultuous pulse home at night for restless, unrefreshing sleep. This is not only most unsatisfactory, but is also a most costly mode of living. One night the train lost two hour
Making the Most of Life - Table of Contents
       Making the Most of Life BY J. R. MILLER, D.D. AUTHOR OF "SILENT TIMES," "THINGS TO LIVE FOR," "BUILDING OF CHARACTER," "THE GOLDEN GATE OF PRAYER," ETC. "I am the Lord thy God Which teacheth to profit." ISAIAH. Copyright, 1891, by T. Y. CROWELL & Co. A WORD OF INTRODUCTION . Alexander was accustomed to say; "Philip of Macedon ga
Our New Edens - Table of Contents
      The first home there ever was in this world, was in the Garden of Eden. God the Father made it ready for His first children--made it ready for them before they were created. I can imagine with what loving thought He prepared this home for them. He made it very beautiful. He gathered into it all the loveliest things of all the earth--trees, plants,
Paul's Message for Today - Table of Contents
      Romans 1:8-17 The Epistle to the Romans was written from Corinth by an amanuensis named Tertius, at Paul's dictation. It was sent by Phoebe, a deaconess, who was journeying to Rome. The Christians at Rome were Jews and Gentiles, the latter predominating. It is not known who first preached the gospel at Rome--but it is probable that after the day o
Personal Friendships of Jesus - Table of Contents
       Personal Friendships of Jesus BY J. R. MILLER, D. D. AUTHOR OF "SILENT TIMES," "MAKING THE MOST OF LIFE," "THINGS TO LIVE FOR," "BLESSING OF CHEERFULNESS," ETC. One friend in that path shall be, To secure my steps from wrong; One to count night day for me, Patient through the watches long, Serving most with none to see.
Practical Lessons from the Story of Joseph - Table of Contents
       Practical Lessons from the Story of Joseph by J. R. Miller, 1901 INTRODUCTION There are many ways of reading the Bible. One of the most helpful, is to read it to learn from it how to live so as to please God, attain the highest beauty of character, and leave the largest blessing in the world. There have been many lives of Joseph written
Practical Religion - Table of Contents
       Practical Religion A Help for the Common Days By J. R. Miller, 1888 Opening Words This is not a volume of essays, but a collection of chapters written out of the author's own experience, in the hope that they may do a little, at least, to make the path plainer for others. The book is all practical, without a line that is not intended to
PamphletReasons for Not Worrying
      1894 George MacDonald tells of a castle in which lived an old man and his son. Though they owned the castle, they were yet very poor. They could scarcely get enough bread to keep them from starving. Yet all the time there was great wealth, which, if they had known about it, would have supplied all their wants. Through long generations there had
Silent Times - Table of Contents
       Silent Times A Book to Help in Reading the Bible into Life J. R. Miller, 1886 Introduction The point at which many Christians fail in the using of divine truths--is the point at which doctrine should be transmuted into life. They know and honor the Bible as the Word of God, and sincerely wish to conform their lives to its inspired teachi
Strength and Beauty - Table of Contents
       Strength and Beauty by J. R. Miller, 1899 "Splendor and majesty are before Him; strength and beauty are in His sanctuary." Psalm 96:6 PREFACE The favor with which the author's former volumes have been received, encourages him to send out another. In all these books, the aim is to interpret the spiritual teachings of the Bible in the l
The Beauty of Every Day - Table of Contents
       The Beauty of Every Day by J. R. Miller, 1910 PREFACE These simple chapters may have their message for new friends and old--for those who for many years have been reading the author's books, and those who may pick up this volume by chance. The lessons are not new, yet they may touch lives that need them; and if they do not take away burd
PamphletThe Beauty of Kindness
       "Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience." Colossians 3:12 "The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness," Galatians 5:22 Nothing else we can do is more worth while than kindness. There is nothing that the world needs more, an
The Beauty of Self-Control - Table of Contents
       The Beauty of Self-Control by J. R. Miller Chapter 1 The Beauty of Self-Control All of life should be beautiful. God is a God of beauty. He never made anything that was not beautiful. Paul, in designating certain qualities of character which every Christian should strive to attain, names "whatever things are lovely." Nothing that is un
The Best Things in Life - Table of Contents
       The Best Things in Life by J. R. Miller He who is satisfied with himself and with his attainments, is not living worthily. A wholesome life ever sees better things yet to be reached. Being good is not enough; striving to be better is not the loftiest aim. Nothing less than the best should ever satisfy an immortal being! For the Best Thin
The Book of Comfort - Table of Contents
       "Comfort, comfort My people. Speak tenderly to Jerusalem, and announce to her that her time of servitude is over, her iniquity has been pardoned, and she has received from the Lords hand double for all her sins." Isaiah 40:2 There is need always for tender words. Always there is sorrow. Everywhere hearts are breaking. There is no one who is not

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