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Silent Times

By J.R. Miller

Table of Contents

   Introduction - Silent Times A Book to Help in Reading the Bible into Life J. R. Miller, 1886 Introduction The point at which many Christians fail in the u
   Chapter 1 - Silent Times - "Come with Me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest." Mark 6:31 In Wellesley College, a special feature of the daily life of the househo
   Chapter 2 - Personal Friendship With Christ - "Yes, He is altogether lovely! This is my Beloved, and this is my Friend!" Song of Songs 5:16 On several sides, we are in danger of superficial and
   Chapter 3 - Having Christ In Us - The Scriptures make a great deal of Christians having Christ in them. Christ himself speaks of abiding in his people, and of his life as flowing throu
   Chapter 4 - Copying But a Fragment - Nothing is more striking to a close observer of human life, than the almost infinite variety of character which exists among those who profess to be C
   Chapter 5 - Your Will, Not Mine - Many people only half read their Bibles. They skim the surface, and fail to get the full, deep meaning of the golden words. They get but half-truths,
   Chapter 6 - God's Reserve of Goodness - God never gives all he has to give. The time never comes when he has nothing more to bestow. We never reach the best in divine blessings; there is alw
   Chapter 7 - The Blessing of Not Getting - There is one class of mercies and blessings, of which we are not sufficiently ready to take note. These are the things that God keeps from us. We reco
   Chapter 8 - Afterward - There is a wondrous power of explanation in that word, "afterward." Things do not seem to us today--as they will seem tomorrow. This is the key which
   Chapter 9 - The Blessedness of Longing - At first thought, a condition of longing would seem to be undesirable, and far from blessedness. Longing suggests unhappiness, discontent, the absence
   Chapter 10 - The Cost and Worth of Sympathy - The true nature of sympathy is not always understood; it is more than tears, which often lie near the surface, and flow easily at the touch of any ext
   Chapter 11 - Finding One's Mission - One of the most inspiring of truths, is that God has a distinct plan for each one of us in sending us into this world. Not only does He create us all
   Chapter 12 - Living up to Our Best Intentions - If our best intentions continually dominated our whole life, we would all live well. We all mean to live well; at least, there are times with all of u
   Chapter 13 - Life's Double Ministry - A twofold influence attends and follows every life: the one is planned and intentional, the other is unpurposed and unconscious. A man lives fi
   Chapter 14 - The Ministry of Well-Wishing - There are few hearts in which there do not lie kindly wishes for others. The man must be depraved indeed, who has only malign thoughts and desires for
   Chapter 15 - Helping Without Money - There are many good people, with benevolent hearts and kindly impulses, who think they cannot do much good in the world, because they have no money to
   Chapter 16 - Timeliness in Duty - The element of time is a vital matter in many duties. Done at the right moment, there is a blessing in them; delayed, they were as well not done at al
   Chapter 17 - The Office of Consoler - There are some people who seem to be specially gifted for the office of comforter and consoler. The sorrowing and troubled are attracted to them--as s
   Chapter 18 - Living by the Day - "Time was, is past--you can not it recall. Time is, you have--employ the portion small. Time future, is not--and may never be. Time present--is the
   Chapter 19 - Habits in Religious Life - Some conscientious people are anxious because their religious life has become such a matter of habit, that they are not conscious of any voluntary eff
   Chapter 20 - The Power of the Tongue - "Death and life," says the wise man's proverb, "are in the power of the tongue!" Words seem little things, so fleeting and evanescent, that apparently
   Chapter 21 - The Home Conversation - Few things are more important in a home, than its conversation--yet there are few things to which less deliberate thought is given. We take great pain
   Chapter 22 - A Bible Portrait of Christian Motherhood - "When Elkanah and all his household went up to make the annual sacrifice and his vow offering to the Lord, Hannah did not go and explained to her hus
   Chapter 23 - Sorrow in Christian Homes - Sooner or later, sorrow comes to every home. No conditions of wealth or culture or social standing, or even of religion, can exclude it. When two youn
   Chapter 24 - Dealing with our Sins - It takes courage to look our own sins in the face, and to deal with them as we would counsel another to do, if the sins were his. It was one of the ol

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