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Silent Times: Introduction

By J.R. Miller

      Silent Times

      A Book to Help

      Reading the Bible into Life

      J. R. Miller,


      The point at which many Christians fail in the using of divine truths--is the point at which doctrine should be transmuted into life. They know and honor the Bible as the Word of God, and sincerely wish to conform their lives to its inspired teachings--but have difficulty in applying them to the actual experiences of daily life. This book is offered as a humble help in this direction. Its aim is to bring the divine lessons down, and give some hints of the way they may be used on common days and in the actual experiences of those days. The title, "Silent Times," is suggestive of the need of seasons of quiet in every life that would grow into full, rich beauty. It is suggestive also of one particular use that may be made of the book--the reading of its chapters, or portions of them, in the "silent times" of busy, feverish days, as helps in the direction of true Christian growth. The book is sent out in Christ's name, and with the hope that it may make the way a little plainer for some earnest pilgrims, and religion a little more real, and that it may become a lamp for some dark ways, and a staff for some rough and steep paths.

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