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The Beauty of Self-Control

By J.R. Miller

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1 - The Beauty of Self-Control - The Beauty of Self-Control by J. R. Miller Chapter 1 The Beauty of Self-Control All of life should be beautiful. God is a God of beauty.
   Chapter 2 - The Work of the Plough - The figure of ploughing, much used in the Bible, is very suggestive. The initial work in making Christians--is plough work. Human hearts are hard, and
   Chapter 3 - Finding Our Duties - Some people have trouble in discovering God's guidance in everyday life. Perhaps the trouble is that they look for the direction in some unusual way,
   Chapter 4 - Into the Right Hands - "Hold me up--and I shall be safe!" Psalm 119:117 Certain ancient mariners were accustomed to say, as they put out to sea, "Keep me, O God, for my b
   Chapter 5 - Living Unto God - "Settle it in your heart that the sum of all business and blessedness, is to live to God." John Wesley "The glory is not in the task--but in doing
   Chapter 6 - The Indispensable Christ - One of Christ's words to his disciples was, "Without me you can do nothing." If anyone is thinking of giving up Christ, let him wait a moment and pond
   Chapter 7 - The One Who Stands By - Spirit of God, descend upon my heart; Wean it from earth; through all its pulses move; Stoop to my weakness, mighty as You art, And make me love You a
   Chapter 8 - Love's Best at Home - In the home, love should come to its best. There it should reach its richest beauty. The song it sings there, should be its sweetest. All love's marve
   Chapter 9 - What About Bad Temper? - What about bad temper? An English writer said that more than half of us are bad tempered. He gave the figures. He arranged to have about two thousand
   Chapter 10 - The Engagement Ring - No hour in all a woman's life means more to her--than the hour when she knows that she is loved, and that she loves. Her heart has found its home. She
   Chapter 11 - What Christ's Friendship Means - When then Master first looked upon Simon, he saw him as he was, and saw him through and through. When a stranger comes into our presence, we see only
   Chapter 12 - People as Means of Grace - We speak of certain religious exercises as means of grace. Prayer is one of these. When we pray we stand in the very presence of God. We do not see an
   Chapter 13 - What Christ is to me - The title of the chapter is important. It is not, "What Christ Is," but "What Christ is to me." He may be, in our thought, a most glorious person, wit
   Chapter 14 - Our Unanswered Prayers - In one of our hymns there is a line which runs, "Teach me the patience of unanswered prayer." The writer's thought is patience in waiting when our pra
   Chapter 15 - The Outflow of Song - In one of his epistles, Paul gives an interesting suggestion for a beautiful life. He says, "let the word of Christ dwell in you richly; in all wisdom
   Chapter 16 - Seeing the Sunny Side - Thankfulness is one of the cardinal virtues. One of the finest marks in a noble life, is perennial praise. Yet this spirit is rare. It is the exceptio
   Chapter 17 - The Story of the Folded Hands - One of the finest secrets of success, lies in finding one's true place. Many a life with splendid qualities comes to little use, because it fails in t
   Chapter 18 - Comfort for Tired Feet - A good many people come to the close of the day, with tired feet. There are those whose duties require them to walk all the day. There are the men who
   Chapter 19 - The Power of the Risen Lord - The power of the risen Lord began to appear immediately after the resurrection. His death seemed to be the end of everything. While he lived, he had h
   Chapter 20 - Coming to the End - We are always coming to the end of something; nothing earthly is long-lived. Many things last but for a day; many, for only a moment. You look at the

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