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Living Without Worry

By J.R. Miller

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1 - Living Without Worry - One meets few unworried people. Most faces bear lines of care. Men go anxious to their day's duties, rush through the hours with feverish speed, and b
   Chapter 2 - Starting Right - "The beginning is half of the whole," says an old proverb. A good start is a move in the direction of success. No time need then be wasted in revising
   Chapter 3 - Thinking and Turning - It was one of the old Psalm writers who said, "I thought on my ways." It is not likely that he found it a very easy thing to do. It is usually very mu
   Chapter 4 - Sins of Omission - There are sins of not doing. We are not accustomed to look at our sins of omission as we do at our sins of commission. We call it a sin when one does
   Chapter 5 - The Lesson of Joy - Joy is God's ideal for his children. The Christian is exhorted to rejoice always. This does not mean that his life is exempt from trouble. The gospel
   Chapter 6 - Can We Learn to Be Contented? - Someone has said that if men were to be saved by contentment, instead of by faith in Christ, most people would be lost. Yet contentment is possible. T
   Chapter 7 - Building Our Life on God's Plan - God has a plan for every life. This plan is in God's mind before the person is born. The divine Creator never brings a human soul into being and start
   Chapter 8 - Enlarge the Place of Your Tent - "Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes." Isaiah 54:2 It is
   Chapter 9 - Help for the Common Days - Every true Christian should desire to be Christlike in character. It is not enough to be honest, and upright, and true, and just. In Christ, these str
   Chapter 10 - The Beautifying of Imperfect Living - Men have written 'lives of Jesus', setting forth the beauty, the grace, the wisdom, the gentleness, and the power of him who was the chief among ten t
   Chapter 11 - Are the Beautiful Things True? - In a private letter from a professing Christian, is this eager longing: "For the last month or more I have been drifting away from God, and have not b
   Chapter 12 - The New Kind of Love - Why should Jesus have called his commandment of love a new commandment? There was an old commandment that ran, "You shall love your neighbor as yourse
   Chapter 13 - As I Have Loved You - The art of living together is not easily learned. Indeed, it is the one lesson of life--and it takes all life to learn it. We cannot evade the lesson,
   Chapter 14 - Divine Use of Human Cooperation - The human part in grace is always important. A study of our Lord's miracles illustrates this. The divine power was imparted, usually, through human co
   Chapter 15 - Converted Tongues - The power to communicate good which God has lodged in the human tongue, is simply incalculable. It can impart knowledge; utter words which will shine
   Chapter 16 - Speak It Out - No doubt there is a duty of silence. There are times when silence is golden. But there is also a duty of speech. There are times when silence is sin.
   Chapter 17 - The Summer Vacation - When the vacation season comes, some seekers of rest will settle down in one place for a quiet summer; others flit here and there, from shore to mount
   Chapter 18 - Launch Out Into the Deep - The deep sea hides great treasures. It is full of wonderful things. It contains a world of beauty. Yet he who only walks along the shore and looks at
   Chapter 19 - The Basis of Helpfulness - There are many people who want to be helpful to others--but who find insuperable obstacles in the way. There are some to whom they find it easy to min
   Chapter 20 - Helping by Not Hindering - There are people who only hinder others. Instead of lightening their burdens, they add to them. Instead of being a comfort, they are a constant trial
   Chapter 21 - Bearing One Another's Burden - We hear many an exhortation about the duty of bearing other people's burdens. This is a lesson we should learn. Living only for one's self, is always
   Chapter 22 - The Ministry of Suffering - Sooner or later, affliction and sorrow come to every Christian. Where is the life, unless it be among the very young, which has experienced no trial?
   Chapter 23 - Your Will Be Done - The whole liturgy of absolute consecration is written out in full in this one brief petition. It is a prayer that we may be made perfect and complete
   Chapter 24 - The Cost of Carelessness - How often do we hear as an excuse for some harm done or committed, "I did not mean to do it. I had no thought of causing any such trouble." Certainly
   Chapter 25 - Jesus Consecrating All Life - In his passage through life, in all its phases of growth and development, Jesus sanctified all pure relationships and experiences. He sanctified child
   Chapter 26 - How to Get Help From Church Services - How to get from public church services the help they have to give to us--is one of the most important practical questions to which attention can be tu
   Chapter 27 - The Value of Devotional Reading - All reading ought to be a means of grace. We should never read any book which will not leave in mind and heart some helpful, strengthening, or uplifti
   Chapter 28 - The Value of Communion With God - Some of the saddest cries that wail out in the Psalms, are sighings for the joy of the divine presence, temporarily lost. And when we come to think of
   Chapter 29 - The Birthday of the New World - The world is growing old. We date time from the birth of Jesus Christ, as if there had been no years before he was born. The truth is, there were many
   Chapter 30 - Christmas After Christmas Day - What becomes of Christmas, when the day is gone? It is the gladdest day of the year. It is celebrated in all Christian lands. The churches observe it,
   Chapter 31 - The Problem of Christian Old Age - "Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day!" 2 Corinthians 4:16. Paul ha

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