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The Best Things in Life

By J.R. Miller

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1 - For the Best Things - The Best Things in Life by J. R. Miller He who is satisfied with himself and with his attainments, is not living worthily. A wholesome life eve
   Chapter 2 - Think On These Things - There are certain habits of life, which are far reaching in their influence. The habit of cheerfulness, for instance, is said to be of great worth to
   Chapter 3 - Apelles, the Approved - Paul speaks of one of his friends as "Apelles, the approved." We do not know who Apelles was. He is not named elsewhere in the New Testament, nor does
   Chapter 4 - Rule of Peace - Peace is one of the most suggestive words in the Bible. It appears in very ancient promises, as the richest and ripest fruit of trust in God. It is fo
   Chapter 5 - Sympathy With Weakness - No truth means more to us in the way of encouragement and strength, than the assurance of Christ's sympathy. To sympathize is to feel with. The Script
   Chapter 6 - Persis the Beloved - Among Paul's salutations to old friends at Rome, is one to Persis. "Greet Persis the beloved, who labored much in the Lord." There is not other mentio
   Chapter 7 - This Beginning of the Signs - The only miracles of Jesus' thirty silent years--were miracles of love, of obedience, of duty, of beautiful living. When we remember who he was, the S
   Chapter 8 - Christ in Our Every Days - One of the later Old Testament prophets predicts a coming golden age when the bells of the horses shall be as sacred as the garments of the high pries
   Chapter 9 - Doing Impossible Things - We too easily set limits to our own ability. We do not know our own potential. We face a difficulty and think we cannot master it--so do not try. Any
   Chapter 10 - Crosses - "If all the skies were sunshine, Our faces would be fain To feel once more upon them The cooling plash of rain. "If all the world were music, Our hea
   Chapter 11 - Power of Christ's Friendship - Perhaps we are paying too dearly for some of the boasted gains of our modern life. In our swift, intense life, we are losing some things that people u
   Chapter 12 - Why Not Be Troubled? - Next to the little twenty third Psalm, the fourteenth chapter of John's Gospel is, no doubt, the best known and best loved portion of the Bible. It is
   Chapter 13 - The Problem of Temptation - The petition in our Lord's Prayer regarding temptation, perplexes some good people. It reads in the Revised Version, "Bring us not into temptation." D
   Chapter 14 - Christ's Body and Its Members - Paul speaks of the church as the body of Christ. He had his own body, in his incarnation. Now his body is the whole great company of his people--all w
   Chapter 15 - Reserve - An onlooker could not have told in the early hours of the evening, which were the wise virgins, and which the foolish. It was not until midnight that
   Chapter 16 - A Program for a Day - We ought to make our days symphonies. Someone says, "There is no day born but comes like a stroke of music into the world, and sings itself all the wa
   Chapter 17 - Let Us Love One Another - People are beginning to understand that there is only one lesson in life to learn--to love. This was John's lesson. Tradition says that when they carr
   Chapter 18 - Praying Without Ceasing - How can we pray without ceasing? Are we to spend all our time on our knees? This certainly is not the meaning. We have our work to do. We are set in o
   Chapter 19 - Roots and Roses - "I think man's great capacity for pain Proves his immortal birthright. I am sure No merely human mind could bear the strain Of some tremendous sorrows
   Chapter 20 - Show Me the Path - The little prayer is singular, "You will show me the path." Does the great and glorious God actually give personal thought to individual human lives?

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