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The Book of Comfort

By J.R. Miller

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1 - Speak Tenderly - "Comfort, comfort My people. Speak tenderly to Jerusalem, and announce to her that her time of servitude is over, her iniquity has been pardoned, and
   Chapter 2 - The Ministry of Comfort - "Comfort, comfort My people--says your God." Isaiah 40:1 A distinguished clergyman said, in reviewing his ministry at its close, that if he were to
   Chapter 3 - How Christ Comforts His Friends - The little Twenty-third Psalm is the most familiar, and most often read portion of the Bible. It has comforted more sorrow than any other composition
   Chapter 4 - Be of Good Cheer! - "And now I exhort you--to be of good cheer!" Acts 27:22 In the story of his voyage and shipwreck, we find Paul not only cheerful himself--but a giv
   Chapter 5 - Does God Care? - About the beginning of this century, an unbeliever was reported to have said that the mission of the twentieth century would be to discover God, and w
   Chapter 6 - You Will Not Mind the Roughness - Sometimes there is inscrutable mystery in the difficult experiences through which godly people are led. A few years ago a happy young couple came fro
   Chapter 7 - Why Does No One Ever See God? - There are many sincere Christians who are longing for clearer revealings of God. An earnest young Christian wrote to her pastor: "I find myself ever a
   Chapter 8 - The One Who Stands By - Jesus spoke to his disciples of the Holy Spirit as the Comforter. We think of a comforter, as one who gives consolation in trouble. There is much sorr
   Chapter 9 - After Bereavement--What? - There is something in bereavement, which makes it mean a great deal in a woman's life. It is a sore disappointment. Dreams of love's happiness are sha
   Chapter 10 - Comfort Through Personal Helpfulness - Every true Christian desires to be helpful. He longs to make his life a blessing to as many people as possible. He wishes to make the world better, hi
   Chapter 11 - Christ and I are Friends - If we ask what was the beloved disciple's religion, we may put the answer into phrase--Christ and John were friends. It was a great, all-absorbing, ov
   Chapter 12 - More than Conquerors - "In all these things we are more than conquerors--through him who loved us!" Romans 8:37 It is better that we should not sing of sadness. There are
   Chapter 13 - Reaching for the Mountain Splendors - Christ clearly stated the purpose of his mission to the world when he said: "I came that they may have life--and may have it abundantly." We do not be
   Chapter 14 - Life's Open Doors - Life is full of doors. A door is a very simple thing. It may be only a plain, unadorned piece of board. Its significance is not in the material of whi
   Chapter 15 - Some Lessons on Spiritual Growth - Jesus loved nature. He saw in it--the tokens and expressions of his Father's love and care. What could be more exquisite, for example, than the though
   Chapter 16 - The Thanksgiving Lesson - Gladness may not be thanksgiving. It certainly is not all of thanksgiving. One may have a heart bubbling with joy, without a note of thanksgiving. The
   Chapter 17 - In That Which Is Least - One of the secrets of a full and rich life, is in being always watchful of the little things. We could accomplish marvels in the quarter-hours we are
   Chapter 18 - Portions for Those Who Lack - After eating the fat and drinking the sweet of the feast in their own homes, the returned captives were bidden by Nehemiah to send portions to those f
   Chapter 19 - Slow and Steady Advance is the Best - Many young men are impatient of slow success. In their enthusiasm, they expect to advance rapidly and without hindrance in their chosen career. The yo
   Chapter 20 - What to Do with Our Unequal Chance - Some people feel that they do not have a fair chance in life. They look at others who seem to have more advantages and fewer hindrances, and they conc
   Chapter 21 - If Two of You Shall Agree - Why two? Would it not be the same for one? Is not the gate of prayer open to everyone? May not a lonely soul anywhere call upon God and be sure of ans
   Chapter 22 - When We Are Laid Aside - We do well when we let God shape our lives. God "writes straight on crooked lines." He has a plan for every life, and his plan goes on without interru
   Chapter 23 - Face to Face with One's Own Life - A writer in one of the magazines said recently, that if he were a preacher he would raise his voice in behalf of the individual life. He thinks the in

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