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Personal Friendships of Jesus

By J.R. Miller

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1 - The Humanheartedness of Jesus - O God, O kinsman loved, but not enough, O man with eyes majestic after death, Whose feet have toiled along our pathways rough, Whose lips
   Chapter 2 - Jesus and His Mother - Sleep, sleep, mine Holy One! My flesh, my Lord!--what name? I do not know A name that seemeth not too high or low, Too far from me or heav
   Chapter 3 - Jesus and His Forerunner - Where is the lore the Baptist taught, The soul unswerving and the fearless tongue? The much-enduring wisdom, sought By lonely prayer the h
   Chapter 4 - Jesus' Conditions of Friendship - But if himself he come to thee, and stand And reach to thee himself the Holy Cup, Pallid and royal, saying, "Drink with me," Wilt thou refus
   Chapter 5 - Jesus Choosing His Friends - He seeks not thine, but thee, such as thou art, For lo, his banner over thee is love. CHRISTINA G. ROSSETTI. If yo
   Chapter 6 - Jesus and the Beloved Disciple - My Lord, my Love! in pleasant pain How often have I said, "Blessed that John who on thy breast Laid down his head." It was that contact
   Chapter 7 - Jesus and Peter - "As the mighty poets take Grief and pain to build their song, Even so for every soul, Whatsoe'er its lot may be,-- Building, as the heav
   Chapter 8 - Jesus and Thomas - I have a life in Christ to live, I have a death in Christ to die; And must I wait till science give All doubts a full reply? Nay, rathe
   Chapter 9 - Jesus' Unrequited Friendships - "Friend, my feet bleed. Open thy door to me and comfort me." I will not open; trouble me no more. Go on thy way footsore; I will not rise an
   Chapter 10 - Jesus and the Bethany Sisters - Her eyes are homes of silent prayer, Nor other thought her mind admits But, he was dead, and there he sits, And he that brought him back i
   Chapter 11 - Jesus Comforting His Friends - Not all regret, the face will shine Upon me while I muse alone; And that dear voice, I once have known, Still speak to me of me and mine:
   Chapter 12 - Jesus and His Secret Friends - How many souls--his loved ones-- Dwell lonely and apart, Hiding from all but One above The fragrance of their heart.
   Chapter 13 - Jesus' Farewell to His Friends - "What meaneth it that we should weep More for our joys than for our fears,-- That we should sometimes smile at grief, And look at pleasure
   Chapter 14 - Jesus as a Friend - "Long, long centuries Agone, One walked the earth, his life A seeming failure; Dying, he gave the world a gift That will outlast

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