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Strength and Beauty

By J.R. Miller

Table of Contents

   Preface - Strength and Beauty by J. R. Miller, 1899 "Splendor and majesty are before Him; strength and beauty are in His sanctuary." Psalm 96:6 PREF
   Chapter 1 - Strength and Beauty - We should never be content with any mark but the highest. To strive for that which is less than the best--is unworthy of a child of God. It is a great
   Chapter 2 - Shallow Lives - In on of our Lord's parables, he depicts different lives as different kinds of ground, or rather ground in different conditions. One kind he describes
   Chapter 3 - Crowding Out the Best - Some lives come to nothing--because they take in too many interests. They are too crowded. One thing chokes out another, and, of course, it is always
   Chapter 4 - Things to Leave Undone - Some things must be left out; just what they shall be--is the question. Many hands beckon continually. We can follow the beck of only one; which shall
   Chapter 5 - Its Fruit in Its Season - Every life is sent into this world--to be a blessing. God's thought for every creature he makes, is beauty and usefulness. The marring and the curse,
   Chapter 6 - True Religion - There were two artists, close friends, one of who excelled in landscape painting, and the other depicting the human body. The former had painted a pic
   Chapter 7 - The Beauty of the Imperfect - Most of us fret over our faults and failures. Our imperfections discourage us. Our defeats ofttimes break our spirit and cause us to give up. But this
   Chapter 8 - How to Meet Temptation - Temptation has a mission. Our Lord was led by the Spirit into the wilderness--to be tempted. If he had missed being tempted--he would have missed some
   Chapter 9 - At the Full Price - We must pay the full price for all we get in the market of life. There are no auctions and bargain tables where things of real value--are sold for a t
   Chapter 10 - The Blessing of Hardness - It is related of a New England farmer, that he put all his heart into a rough farm in Massachusetts and made it one of the best. Once a friend said to
   Chapter 11 - The Ministry of Hindrances - Some people are vexed and disheartened--by obstacles and difficulties. They look upon them as hindrances in the way of their progress. To them, the id
   Chapter 12 - In Time of Defeat - The decision of the judges in any contest, tells where the honor goes. Then another testing begins--a testing of character. The contestants themselves
   Chapter 13 - The Duty of Fault-Finding - There is a duty of fault-finding. Perhaps, indeed, most people are diligent enough in this department of duty--and yet there may be need of a word of
   Chapter 14 - The Duty of Laughter - They tell us that laughter is dying out among men. If so, it is a pity. The Wise Man says that "there is a time to laugh." That is, there is a time wh
   Chapter 15 - Minding the Rests - "Come with Me by yourselves to a quiet place--and get some rest." Mark 6:31 Some people think that rests in life--are wasted time. They suppose tha
   Chapter 16 - The Cure of Weariness - Weariness may be wholesome. It is wholesome when it is the natural consequence of earnest, healthful activity. Such weariness finds its renewal in res
   Chapter 17 - Judged as We Judge - There are many of our Lord's teachings which we do not take half seriously enough. For example, there is what Jesus says about judging others: "Do not
   Chapter 18 - Every Day an Easter - Easter comes in the calendar only once in a year--but for the Christian, every day is an Easter. Each morning we should rise to newness of life. In mi
   Chapter 19 - The Sacredness of Opportunity - Jesus said, "Walk while you have the light, before darkness overtakes you!" Sometimes darkness is very welcome. It is welcome to the weary man who can
   Chapter 20 - The Christian and His Rights - Some people go to a great deal of trouble--in protecting 'their rights'. They are continually on the alert, guarding 'their rights' against unwarrante
   Chapter 21 - The Voice of Strangers - It is said of sheep, that they follow their own shepherd because they know his voice. It is also said that they will not follow a stranger, because th
   Chapter 22 - Finding One's Soul - It is a great hour for us, when we become conscious of the splendor of our immortality. A very beautiful story is told of the way the young Princess V
   Chapter 23 - Not for Self--But Christ - One of the best tests of Christian work--is in the way Christ is honored in it. When people think and say little about themselves, and much about the
   Chapter 24 - Being a Branch - It is a great privilege to be a branch. It is to share the best there is in the vine. A branch is really part of the vine, not something separate and

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