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Making the Most of Life

By J.R. Miller

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1 - Making the Most of Life - "Measure thy life by loss instead of gain; Not by the wine drunk, but the wine poured forth; For love's strength standeth in love's sacrifice,
   Chapter 2 - Laid on God's Altar - "My life is not my own, but Christ's, who gave it, And he bestows it upon all the race; I lose it for his sake, and thus I save it; I hold i
   Chapter 3 - Christ's Interest in our Common Life - "So still, dear Lord, in every place Thou standest by the toiling folk With love and pity in thy face, And givest of thy help and grace
   Chapter 4 - The Possibilities of Prayer - "Ask and receive--'tis sweetly said; Yet what to plead for know I not, For wish is worsted, hope o'ersped, And aye to thanks returns my th
   Chapter 5 - Getting Christ's Touch - "This is life--to pour out love unstinted; Good and evil, sunlike, blesseth he; Through your finite is his infinite hinted-- Children of y
   Chapter 6 - The Blessing of a Burden - "Then welcome each rebuff, That turns earth's smoothness rough, Each sting that bids nor sit nor stand nor go. Be our joys three parts pain!
   Chapter 7 - Heart-Peace Before Ministry - "Like the star That shines afar, Without haste And without rest, Let each man wheel, with steady sway, Round the t
   Chapter 8 - Moral Curvatures - "I think we are too ready with complaint In this fair world of God's. Had we no hope Indeed beyond the zenith and the slope Of yon gray blank
   Chapter 9 - Transfigured Lives - "The lives which seem so poor, so low, The hearts which are so cramped and dull, The baffled hopes, the impulse slow, Thou takest, touchest
   Chapter 10 - The Interpretation of Sorrow - "So much we miss If love is weak; so much we gain If love is strong; God thinks no pain Too sharp or lasting to ordain To teach us this.
   Chapter 11 - Other People - "We need--each and all--to be needed, To feel we have something to give Towards soothing the moan of earth's hunger; And we know that then
   Chapter 12 - The Blessing of Faithfulness - "It must be done by both; God never without me, I never without God." --JOHANNES SCHEFFLER. "Faithful servant" will be the commendation o
   Chapter 13 - Without Axe or Hammer - "Souls are built as temples are,-- Based on truth's eternal law, Sure and steadfast, without flaw, Through the sunshine, through the snows,
   Chapter 14 - Doing Things for Christ - "We can best minister to him by helping them Who dare not touch his hallowed garment's hem; Their lives are even as ours--one piece, one plan.
   Chapter 15 - Helping and Over-Helping - "As we meet and touch each day The many travellers on our way, Let every such brief contact be A glorious, helpful ministry; The contact of
   Chapter 16 - The Only One - "Before the monstrous wrong he sets him down-- One man against a stone walled city of sin. When the red dust has cleared, the lonely soldier
   Chapter 17 - Swiftness in Duty - "Life is a leaf of paper white, Whereon each one of us may write His word or two--and then comes night." --LOWELL. Many good people a
   Chapter 18 - The Shadows We Cast - "The smallest bark on life's tumultuous ocean Will leave a track behind for evermore; The slightest wave of influence set in motion Extend
   Chapter 19 - The Meaning of Opportunities - "'To-day' unsullied comes to thee--newborn, To-morrow is not thine; The sun may cease to shine For thee, ere earth shall greet its morn.
   Chapter 20 - The Sin of Ingratitude - "The sun may shine upon the clod till it is warm, Warm for its own poor darkling self to live. He smites the diamond, and oh, how glows the ge
   Chapter 21 - Some Secrets of Happy Home Life - "The primal duties shine aloft like stars; The charities that sooth and heal and bless Are scattered at the feet of men like flowers.
   Chapter 22 - God's Winter Plants - "The wind that blows can never kill The tree God plants; It bloweth east; it bloweth west; The tender leaves have little rest, But any win
   Chapter 23 - Unfinished Life-Building - "Let me not die before I've done for thee My earthly work, whatever it may be. Call me not hence, with mission unfulfilled; Let me not leave m
   Chapter 24 - Iron Shoes for Rough Roads - "Our feeble frame he knoweth, Remembereth we are dust; And evermore his face is kind, His ways are ever just. In evil and in blindness,
   Chapter 25 - The Shutting of Doors - "Never delay To do the duty which the hour brings, Whatever it be in great or smaller things; For who doth know What he shall do the

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