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In His Steps

By J.R. Miller

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1 - Uniting with the Church - In His Steps by J. R. Miller 1897 "Leaving you an example, that you should follow in His steps." 1 Peter 2:21 Uniting with the Church To
   Chapter 2 - Beginning Well - A good beginning is half. Many people spend the latter part of their years--in correcting the errors of the earlier part, and by the time they are rea
   Chapter 3 - The Ideal Christian Life - What is it to be a Christian? What is that change which, wrought in a natural man, make him a Christian man? What are a Christian's new relations to G
   Chapter 4 - Consecration to God - It is not enough to cut loose from the old life--the young Christian must enter the new life. Leaving the service of one master--he must enlist in tha
   Chapter 5 - Meeting Temptation and Conflict - The experience of temptation is universal. Every life must grow up amid unfriendly and opposing influences. Some of them are subtle and insidious, lik
   Chapter 6 - Working for Christ--Service - Every truly consecrated life, with all its faculties, has been given over to Christ. Faith implies full surrender, "You are not your own." "You are Ch
   Chapter 7 - Helps--Personal Prayer - "Hear my prayer, Lord, and listen to my cry for help; do not be silent at my tears!" Psalm 39:12 We all need helps in our Christian life. Of course,
   Chapter 8 - Helps--The Bible - Another indispensable help in Christian life is the bible. In prayer--we talk to God; in the Bible--God speaks to us. The first disciples heard the wo
   Chapter 9 - Helps--The Church and its Ministries - Besides the help received in private devotion (prayer and Scripture reading,) every young Christian needs the aid which the public services of the chu
   Chapter 10 - Some Duties of Church Members - It is a high attainment to be a godly church member. One must first be a godly Christian. Without this, church membership counts for nothing in the li
   Chapter 11 - Providence - Many people imagine that they could live very much better--if their circumstances were different! In their failure to live a noble and worthy life--th
   Chapter 12 - Preparation for Trial - Trial lies somewhere in everyone's path. To the young it may seem far off--and even thinking of it may be unwelcome. "Why should we stain the blue of

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