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ArticleThe Solution to a Troubled Heart
       INTRODUCTION Without question, some of the most poignant, powerful teaching in all of Jesus' earthly ministry took place on the last evening he spent with His disciples before He was crucified. The occasion was the Passover meal, and it has come to be known as the Last Supper. Table Talks With Jesus is a series examining Jesus' teaching on tho
Sermon SeriesThe Sufficiency of Scripture - Part 1
      As you know, we are studying 1 Timothy, but I have been hesitant in these next couple of Sundays to get back to 1 Timothy until all of our folks are back. We have many who are away over this particular holiday season. And so, I have postponed getting into chapter 2, which is a vital chapter, for at least a couple of weeks. Not only because of sched
The Sufficiency of Scripture - Part 2
      Let's open our Bibles to the nineteenth Psalm, Psalm 19. As you know, last week I began to share with you on the subject: the sufficiency of Scripture. And I would like to conclude that brief interlude in the midst of our study of 1 Timothy by going back to that very subject. Only this time, rather than dealing with it by looking at many passages,
SermonThe Surpassing Value of Knowing Christ
      Let's open our Bibles to Philippians chapter 3. I call your attention to our text this morning which is in verses 8 through 11...Philippians chapter 3 verses 8 through 11. Here Paul writes: More than that, I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord for whom I have suffered the loss of all things an
ArticleThe Ties that Bind
      Have you ever noticed how different the individual members of the same family can be? One child may be melancholy while another is a live wire. One may be especially gifted in music, and another, who has no interest in music, may excel in sports. In some cases they look nothing like each other or even their parents. Yet the members of a family shar
SermonThe True Spirit of Christmas
      If you're like me, you've heard the world's comments and evaluations of this time of the year. And one of the phrases that you hear a lot is the "Christmas spirit, we need to have the Christmas spirit." And, of course, I began to think about that being somewhat analytical, just what is the Christmas spirit? And I suppose there are a lot of poten
SermonThe Ugliness of Christmas
      For many years now here at Grace Church, it's been my challenge and joy to preach Christmas messages. In fact, some years I've preached two or three Christmas messages and so there have many different ways that we have looked at the birth of Christ. This year for whatever purposes in the mind and heart of God, I have felt strongly the need to preac
Sermon SeriesThe Work of the Word - Part 1
      For this morning, let me draw your attention for the time we have in God's Word back to 2 Timothy chapter 3. Looking again at the passage which has been our focus for a number of weeks. Obviously in studying through 2 Timothy we have come across this passage, verses 15 to 17, in the context of the third chapter. The first week that we looked at it
The Work of the Word - Part 2
      In these days we are studying together 2 Timothy chapter 3 and we're looking at verses 15 to 17. We have been going through 2 Timothy for a number of months and we've stopped to rest a while, if you will, at verses 15 to 17 and dig a bit more deeply into their truths. And I thought this morning that it would be fitting again for us to continue our
SermonUnbelief Investigates a Miracle
      John presents Jesus Christ as God in human flesh. John presents Christ as the Messiah of Israel. John presents Christ as the Savior of the world. That's John's purpose in this gospel. And in the gospel of John, Jesus appears before the people of Israel to make His claims to be their Messiah. As we have seen, they have rejected His claims even thoug
Sermon SeriesVirtue and Assurance - Part 1
      Now I want you to turn in your Bible to 2 Peter 1:5 to 11, I'm quite confident it will take me a few more messages to complete our study of this text. I have been, frankly, quite amazed after being here over 20 years at Grace Church and for the first time preaching a series on assurance to find that after every message that I have preached on this
Virtue and Assurance - Part 2
      Tonight we have the opportunity and the great privilege of returning to 2 Peter chapter 1 verses 5 through 11, our study of the assurance of salvation. This being part 8, if you will, in that wonderful series. And as we have been looking at 2 Peter chapter 1 verses 5 through 11 we've been learning through this long study that God wants His beloved
Sermon SeriesWhat Happens to Christians Who Die? - Sermon 1
      "What happens to Christians who die?...what happens to Christians who die?" I'm often asked that even by Christians, in fact usually by Christians. Questions like...after we die, do we go directly to heaven? Or, what happens to our bodies? The details of those kinds of questions are very very important to us and they can be troubling if we don't kn
What Happens to Christians Who Die? - Sermon 2
      Please open your Bible to 1 Thessalonians chapter 4. And I want to draw your attention again to verses 13 through 18. We've titled this message "What happens to Christians who die before Jesus comes?" By the way, the details of where Christians go after they die and what happens to their spirits and what happens to their bodies is often a troubling
SermonWhat it Takes to Study God's Word
      As you know from this morning, if you were here, we began this morning a series on how to get the most out of the Bible, how to study the Bible. And we're going to continue that series tonight, give you little bits and pieces as we go along over the next three Sundays, both in the morning and in the evening. We'll try to make each a sort of an inde
ArticleWhat to Do in the Gray Areas
      One of my joys as a pastor is to guide people through God's Word and explain its implications on their lives. It thrills me to help others by clarifying a point of doctrine, interpreting a difficult verse, or answering any number of other questions. Among the concerns people raise, I can't remember the last time someone asked me if it was wrong to
ArticleWhat to Look for when Choosing a New Church Home
       What do I look for when choosing a new church home? We've all heard that the choice and purchase of a home is one of the most significant decisions a person will ever make. In this temporal world that may be true. However, choosing where you and your children will learn the things of God and serve the Lord Jesus Christ has eternal ramification
ArticleWhat's Inside the Trojan Horse?
      By God's grace, I have been the pastor of the same church now for almost thirty-five years. From that vantage point, I have witnessed the birth and growth of menacing trends within the church, several of which have converged under what I would call evangelical pragmatism-an approach to ministry that is endemic in contemporary Christianity. What
ArticleWhat's Wrong with "User Friendly"?
      Recently, the 11th edition of the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary was published. The reprint included 10,000 new words- words that will bring us all up to date. Words like "phat" (excellent), "dead presidents" (paper currency), and "McJob" (low paying, dead-end job) are among the entries that will finally help us communicate with our teenag
SermonWhat's Wrong with America
      Tonight we are going to be considering a subject that I think is on all of our hearts. I want, as I always would want to do--to take you to the Word of God and not just give you some kind of political, or theological, philosophical speech. I want to address the subject of, "What's Wrong with America." In order to do that I find myself drawn to Roma

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