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Sermon SeriesThe Announcement of Jesus' Birth: Sermon 3
      Open your Bible, if you will, to Luke chapter 2. Second chapter of Luke records the birth of Jesus Christ, records the historical event of the Word becoming flesh, of the One by whom all things were made becoming man. And we have already gone through this narrative down to verse 14 which is really the great thrust of the narrative. We have seen the
ArticleThe Biblical Position on the King James Version Controversy
      Recognizing that the Bible is the very Word of the Living God to man, and understanding the priority of knowing and obeying its truths, the elders at Grace Community Church are deeply committed to study and teach with diligence and authority. Thus, the central ministry of Grace Church is the continuous imparting of the Scripture to the people of
SermonThe Biblical View on Abortion
       Sermon 1 As we come this morning to the matter of abortion, before I take you into the scriptures and we look more closely at to what the Bible has to say, it is probably fitting for us to get some kind of a grasp on the issue itself. So, I want to address that, if I may, for a moment. What I am going to say to you may sound like an article in
Sermon SeriesThe Certainty of the Second Coming - Sermon 1
      Open your Bible, if you will, to 2 Peter chapter 3. We're about to embark in this chapter on a really great adventure. It's not the kind of chapter that you can go through rapidly, unless you want to miss some rich treasure. And so I know you'll go along at the rate that the Spirit of God kind of prompts my heart, welcoming and savoring all the gre
The Certainty of the Second Coming - Sermon 2
      Turn in your Bible with me, if you will, to 2 Peter chapter 3. We're coming back to part 2 in our series on the certainty of the Second Coming, as we work our way through 2 Peter. To establish again in our minds this wonderful text, I would like to read for you verses 1 through 9...2 Peter chapter 3 verse 1: This is now, beloved, the second
The Certainty of the Second Coming - Sermon 3
      Let's open our Bibles tonight as we study the Word of God together to 2 Peter chapter 3. We return to our series on the certainty of the Second Coming. And this, by the way, is part 3 in that series...2 Peter chapter 3. As Christians it is obvious to all of us that we anticipate by way of the revelation of Scripture the return of Jesus Christ.
Sermon SeriesThe Character of a Healthy Church: Sermon 1
      We are in the midst of a study of Paul's letter to Titus. Titus, a younger man than Paul, has been given the assignment of ministry on the island of Crete. Churches have been established there but they have some great needs. They have need for spiritual leadership. They have need for spiritual maturity in the congregation. And so Titus has been giv
The Character of a Healthy Church: Sermon 2
      This morning we return in our study of God's Word to Paul's letter to Titus and to chapter 2. The chapter deals, as I noted for you last time, with the character of a healthy church...the character of a healthy church. And we're going to be looking at this over the next few weeks and seeing how the Spirit of God will unfold its content for us. T
The Character of a Healthy Church: Sermon 3
      Well, let's open our Bibles to Titus chapter 2. In our study of the second chapter of Titus we are considering it under the title "The character of a healthy church." In this chapter the Apostle Paul gives instruction to the church as to how it is to conduct itself. He directs his instruction to older men, older women, younger women, younger men, s
The Character of a Healthy Church: Sermon 4
      For this morning we go again in our study of the book of Titus to chapter 2 and we're looking at verses 4 and 5 specifically this morning. This is Paul's instruction to Titus for the young women of the church. Now remember, this whole chapter gives to us teaching on the character of a healthy church, that is a church that is going to have an effect
The Character of a Healthy Church: Sermon 5
      Open your Bible, if you will, to Titus chapter 2. We are continuing in our series in this chapter on the character of a healthy church...the character of a healthy church. We, the church of Jesus Christ as I'm sure you know if you've been a part of our fellowship for any time, are here on earth for the purpose of being human agents to bring salvati
The Character of a Healthy Church: Sermon 6
      It is my joy this morning to have the great privilege of endeavoring to expound upon the Word of God. I remember a number of years ago when I was having lunch with Otis Chandler who owns the Los Angeles Times and a number of other television affiliates and major city newspapers around America. And he said to me, "You know, you have a large audience
SermonThe Character of God's Word
      We, as I said earlier, are going to embark this morning on a study of how to study the Bible, how to get the most out of your Bible. And to begin with, I want to ask you to turn to an Old Testament passage which will be a launch point for us, Jeremiah chapter 8...Jeremiah chapter 8 and verse 9. In the ministry of Jeremiah, one of the unhappiest ass
ArticleThe Charismatic Movement and the Sovereignty of Satan
      I received an interesting letter the other day. It came from some people who come to Grace [Community] Church from a Charismatic church, a very large, prominent Charismatic church. That's quite a jump--to leave there and come to Grace Church. The only thing they knew in their church about me was that I didn't have the power of the Holy Spirit. That
SermonThe Child Who was God
      It's always a special joy for me, also, to come to the Christmas season and have the opportunity to focus on the simple and yet profound message of the birth of Christ. You know, it is an irony of rather significant proportions in America that we celebrate the birth of someone we refuse to acknowledge, sort of a curiosity. We have George Washington
Sermon SeriesThe Christian's Responsibility In a Pagan Society - Sermon 1
      We are having a great time studying the book of Titus and I want you to open your Bible, if you will, to Titus chapter 3. I believe we come into one of the most challenging and relevant sections of this brief epistle as we approach this last chapter. I want to begin this morning to address the first eight verses. And I want to look at those verses
The Christian's Responsibility In a Pagan Society - Sermon 2
      Well this morning we come again to the book of Titus, Paul's letter to this young man in the faith, ministering on the island of Crete to carry on the work there in a fashion that would bring honor to God. The book of Titus. We're looking at chapter 3 and examining the first eight verses under the theme, "The Christian's Responsibility in a Pagan S
ArticleThe Danger of Santa Claus
      What a false, fake substitute the world puts forth at this time [Christmas 1990] for that true message. Do you remember these words? "You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout. I'm telling you why; Santa Claus is coming to town. He's making a list and he's checking it twice; gonna find out whose naughty and nice. Santa Claus
Sermon SeriesThe Day of the Lord - Sermon 1
      This morning we return to our study of 1 Thessalonians. And I would encourage you to open your Bible, if you would, to chapter 5...1 Thessalonians chapter 5, we now begin the last chapter in this wonderful epistle which has so blessed and encouraged our hearts for many months. And as we come to chapter 5 we're going, this morning, to begin to exami
The Day of the Lord - Sermon 2
      We've been for many months now studying Paul's first letter to the Thessalonian church. We find ourselves in chapter 5 and I would invite you to turn to chapter 5 and we look again at the first three verses of this chapter...First Thessalonians chapter 5 verses 1 through 3. Those of you who were hear last Sunday night will remember that we spent

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