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Sermon SeriesCharismatic Chaos: Sermon 3 - "Does God still give prophecies?"
      In our study of this most fascinating and important subject of the Charismatic movement in our contemporary time, we come tonight to message number three in our series; and we are going to be building on the prior message dealing with "Does God still give Revelation?" as we talk about "Are there still Prophecies from God?", another very important c
Charismatic Chaos: Sermon 4 - "Proper Biblical Interpretation"
      Tonight, we have the great privilege, I think, of looking at a subject that is important to all of us. I am not going to be dealing with a specific text, although we will cover a number of texts before we are through tonight. But I want to carry on our special study of "Charismatic Chaos," looking and evaluating the Charismatic movement from the Wo
Charismatic Chaos: Sermon 5 - "Does God do miracles today?"
      In our ongoing study of the Charismatic movement today, I want to jump right into a subject that I know I can't completely cover. But I want you to learn to think Biblically about this because I am very concerned about it. Today, we hear an awful lot of talk about miracles. Somebody says, "I had a financial need and a miracle happened. The mail
Charismatic Chaos: Sermon 6 - "The Third Wave, with all of its excesses"
      It is a somewhat difficult task that falls to me this evening, to discuss with you, in the series on "Charismatic Chaos," some of the matters with regard to a movement known as the "The Third Wave." I cannot, by any means, consider all of the issues, nor can I speak of all those who represent that movement. But I do want to give you some perspectiv
Charismatic Chaos: Sermon 7 - "How do spiritual gifts operate?"
      As a preface to our study tonight, I want to just mention to you that we are going through this study on the Charismatic movement, its contemporary form. And I am unable in this particular study to cover every relevant passage of Scripture, and so I would just encourage you that you will find a series of tapes on all of the relevant passages that I
Charismatic Chaos: Sermon 8 - "What was happening in the Early Church?"
      Tonight we are going to go back to our study of this matter of Charismatic Chaos. The message tonight will be a bit more technical and deal more closely with the texts of Scripture than some of ours in the past, in which we have been assessing the movement from a somewhat theological point of view. Tonight we want to look a little more tightly at t
Charismatic Chaos: Sermon 9 - "Does God still heal?"
      Well, as you know, we are involved in a study of the Charismatic movement, the contemporary movement, and tonight we come to a section entitled, "Does God Still Heal?" Now, in the messages that I have been giving we have intersected with the thoughts about healing, and we have said some things about that in some of our prior studies and we are not
Charismatic Chaos: Sermon 10 - "Speaking in Tongues"
      Tonight, in one sense I have a difficult, impossible task; and that is to cover a subject that needs to be covered thoughtfully and carefully. In another sense, while very challenging and almost impossible to fully accomplish, I welcome the opportunity to share with you some insights that will help you to be discerning as you look at a very importa
Charismatic Chaos: Sermon 11 - "What is true spirituality?"
      Now we come to the next in our series that we have been studying on the Charismatic movement. Tonight we want to talk about the subject, "What is True Spirituality?" In Romans 12:2 we find a good starting point for our thinking tonight, and that is this statement by the Apostle Paul, "Do not be conformed to this world; but be transformed by the ren
Charismatic Chaos: Sermon 12 - "Does God promise Health and Wealth? (Part 1)"
      The subject tonight in our study of the Charismatic Chaos is the Health, Wealth, and Prosperity gospel. We can title this message with a question, "Does God Promise Health and Wealth?" When I was in the Soviet Union a couple of weeks ago they said to me, "We want you to preach on the 'Health and Wealth' gospel." I was talking to hundreds of pas
Charismatic Chaos: Sermon 13 - "Does God promise Health and Wealth? (Part 2)"
      Tonight we want to go back to our study of the contemporary Charismatic movement. This movement has many fascinations, many unique things. While you are kind of getting your mind geared: Phil Johnson was just telling me (Phil is executive director of Grace to You) and he said the other day a lady called the 800 line and she had good news for us. Sh
SermonChrist: The Good Shepherd
      The gospel of John chapter 10, we're reading this morning verses 11 through 21. John 10:11 through 21: I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd giveth His life for the sheep. But he that is a hireling and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not seeth the wolf coming and leaveth the sheep and flee it. And the wolf catches them and scatte
Sermon SeriesCreation: Believe it or Not - Part 1
      Well tonight, as you know if you were here this morning, I'm going to begin a new series that I've been sort of working on for a long time, a series on origins. And I don't know how long this series is going to run exactly, I do know that I'm going to spend a little time on an introduction and then we're going to launch right into Genesis 1:1 and t
Creation: Believe it or Not - Part 2
      Well, I'm glad tonight for a little bit of extra time because I have much on my heart that I want to say along the line of our series on origins. Last Sunday night I began to talk to you about the issue of origins and tonight I want to continue in Part 2 on the issue of creation and the gospel. As I said last time, the issue of origins is absolu
ArticleDeadly Trends of Popular Christianity
      Entering a new decade started me thinking about all that has happened in the church over the past twenty years. The 1970s were an exciting time. We saw an unprecedented rise in conservative evangelicalism, the explosion of Christian broadcasting and publishing, a number of excellent new Bible translations and study aids, the proliferation of small-
SermonDealing with Problem People
      For a number or months we have been studying Paul's first letter the Thessalonian church. This morning we find our text in chapter 5 of 1 Thessalonians verses 14 and 15 and I would invite you to turn to that text in your Bible. Henry Ward Beecher once said, "The church is not a gallery for the exhibition of eminent Christians, but a school for t
SermonDoctrine of Scripture
      This series, I think, is going to be very helpful. There are certain categories of theology, certain categories into which the truth of the Bible can be divided. All of the truth of Scripture can fit into about ten categories. And you'll be learning those categories and following through this series I trust really be able to study your Bible with a
ArticleDoing What No Man Can Do
      I think it's no exaggeration to say that the Christian counseling scene today is in total shambles. I'm not talking about true Christian counseling-that which trusts the Bible and the power of the Holy Spirit to conform a person to Christ-that kind of counseling has been successfully changing sinners since the apostolic age. I'm talking about pseud
ArticleEleven Characteristics of an Excellent Minister
      The epistle of I Timothy was written to instruct Timothy on how to minister to the church at Ephesus. The key phrase appears in verse 6: "Thou shalt be a good minister of Jesus Christ. "Minister" is the translation of the Greek word diakonos, from which we get the English word deacon. It means "servant" and is used of those who hold the office of d
SermonFive Reasons to Preach the Word
      There is a text of Scripture that attracts me today irresistibly. Whenever I talk to Dr. Dick Mayhue, the dean of our seminary, or anybody else about what I ought to preach on on this day, they directed me toward this particular text. It is a text that is familiar to us and, beloved, to me and one upon which I have preached numerous times through t

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