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Sermon SeriesFundamental Christian Attitudes: Sermon 1 - Faith
      Now we've been talking about the anatomy of the church and I told you I was just going to give it to you in chunks however it came. And as we've already seen in this series, and we've done four messages and gone through the first phase of it, we've now come to the second, but as we've seen the church is designed by God in the Scripture to work toge
Fundamental Christian Attitudes: Sermon 2 - Obedience
      We are studying the anatomy of the church. And we're going to continue that study this morning. We've taken a little break from our look through 2 Corinthians and are having a wonderful time in this particular study. In spite of the identity crisis in the church the Bible is very clear about what a church should be. The Scripture lays out a definit
Fundamental Christian Attitudes: Sermon 3 - Humility
      Before we have our time at the Lord's table tonight, I want to continue in our series on the anatomy of the church. We have been saying recently that there are so many new folks in our church as our church continues to grow and for that we are so grateful to the Lord, so many new folks that perhaps don't quite understand why we do what we do, and w
Fundamental Christian Attitudes: Sermon 4 - Love
      This morning we return to our study of the anatomy of the church. We have interrupted, quite at length, I might add, our study of 2 Corinthians and we will get back to that eleventh chapter and finish those final three sometime soon. But the Lord has really pressed it upon my heart to go back to discussing the anatomy of the church. This, because,
Fundamental Christian Attitudes: Sermon 5 - Unity
      Let's open our Bibles tonight as we continue our study of the anatomy of the church to Ephesians chapter 4. We have been talking about the anatomy of the church, its skeleton, those things that give it its shape and its form, its rigidity, those non-negotiables, those foundational realities. We have moved to a second category in our discussion of t
Fundamental Christian Attitudes: Sermon 6 - Forgiveness
      Today we have the great joy of coming to the Lord's table, sharing in the remembrance of the cross, His death for us. We also have emphasized the wonderful reality of prayer and our access to God. And I want us, this morning, as we come to the Word of God in preparation for coming to His table to continue our discussion of the anatomy of the church
Fundamental Christian Attitudes: Sermon 7 - Joy
      Well, this morning I want to go back to our study of the anatomy of the church and I want to talk about another attitude. A lot of people were prevailing on me to keep preaching on forgiveness. Some people said to me last week's message on forgiveness was so potent that it...that they thought I knew their life story and I knew what was going on in
Fundamental Christian Attitudes: Sermon 8 - Thankfulness
      Let's open our Bibles tonight to the next in our study regarding the anatomy of the church. One of the essential attitudes, one of the essential motivations, essential spiritual realities in the life of the church through which its life flows is gratitude. As we've been talking about the church, and we've been having such a wonderful time over the
Fundamental Christian Attitudes: Sermon 9 - Compassion
      We have been doing a study of the church called the anatomy of the church and we've been talking about spiritual attitudes which fit into the anatomy analogy as sort of the internal systems. We've taken the body of Christ metaphor, extended it a little bit and got a little more deeply into the imagery that that purposes for us. We talked about the
Fundamental Christian Attitudes: Sermon 10 - Contentment
      It's our privilege this morning to continue in this series and I looked in the Lord's day bulletin and saw that this is part 16 and 17, I never intended it to be this long and I guess I don't intend to stop now, so we'll keep going on this study of the anatomy of the church. It's so wonderful to have the clear teaching of the Word of God with regar
ArticleGimme that Showtime Religion
      Can the church fight apathy and materialism by feeding people's appetite for entertainment? Evidently many in the church believe the answer is yes, as church after church jumps on the show-business bandwagon. It is a troubling trend that is luring many otherwise orthodox churches away from biblical priorities. Church buildings are being constru
SermonGod's Commentary on The Passion of Christ
      Well, the world certainly has been awakened to The Passion of the Christ, hasn't it? This film that has dominated the public discourse for the last number of months has exposed millions of people to the account of the suffering, death and even the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It's really a remarkable phenomenon to see so many newscasters and media
Sermon SeriesGod's Loving Discipline - Sermon 1
      Recently, it seems as though there have been many difficult tragedies that have occurred in our church family. It wasn't but a few weeks ago, we were with a young couple in our church, the Kneadnogles (sp.), who are dear friends to our family, and they lost their precious little Steven, just a little newborn baby, they put down at 7:30 and by 10:30
God's Loving Discipline - Sermon 2
      Hebrews, chapter 12, verses 5-11. We have been attempting to answer a very important question and that question is: Why do bad things happen to God's people? Why do bad things happen to God's people? The atmosphere in today's evangelicalism--the atmosphere in today's church--which is, I think, in the media, is basically dominated by the modern Char
SermonGod, The Savior of Men
      Luke's gospel, chapter 2. We're beginning a study of Luke. I thought we would move more rapidly than we are. I knew Luke was a great historian, and that is being verified as we go...fastidious, careful with detail. And I knew that Luke was something of a theologian but the more I'm studying this gospel the more I'm impressed with the depth and brea
SermonGod: Creator and Redeemer
      We are continuing our series tonight on the subject of origins: creation or evolution. I know that there are some who are new with us tonight and some who have missed some of the prior messages, so let me just give a brief review and I'll try to make it brief and concise because I have so much that I want to say and I'm glad I have a full hour to s
SermonHe Saved Us
      Open your Bible to Titus chapter 3. We are in the midst of studying in chapter 3 of Titus verses 1 through 8. And though we have already covered them once, I want to draw your attention to that same text again for the message this morning, particularly I would like to read to you verses 4 through 7, Titus chapter 3 verses 4 through 7. "But when the
ArticleHow Do You Live "Under the Influence"?
      All people like to be happy - to be exhilarated with joy, to feel good, and to be on top of everything. There's nothing wrong with that. God wants joyous, excited, happy, and uplifted people. The problem lies in how happiness is generated. Some people think they'll find it in a liquor bottle or in a narcotic. But neither of those is the Christian's
ArticleHow to Get in the Game
      When I played college football, my coaches constantly drilled our team with the admonition: "Play your position!" They had to repeat it often because when we saw the play develop toward another place on the field, we were tempted to dash over and try to tackle the guy with the ball. About that time the play would reverse direction to the spot we ha
Sermon SeriesHow to Study Your Bible: Closing the Gaps
      I want you to open your Bible as we discuss this matter of how to get the most out of God's Word and turn to 2 Timothy chapter 2 verse 15. I apologize in some ways because normally on a Sunday morning and evening we take a passage of scripture and we work through that passage in an expository fashion, but this is a very special series, not so much

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