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John MacArthur

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SermonWho Chose Whom?
      What a privilege and honor it is this morning to address you again from the Word of God on such a marvelous theme as the doctrine of election. Churches today are struggling through a severe identity crisis. Many churches, many church leaders and pastors are trying to figure out what style to follow, what mode to follow. Trendy new options compete w
ArticleWho's to Blame?
      An obscure Hindu holy man named Rao flirted with worldwide fame in 1966. An eccentric, pompous mystic, Rao became convinced he could walk on water. He was so confident in his own spiritual power that he announced he would perform the feat before a live audience-tickets sold for a hundred dollars apiece. Bombay's elite turned out en masse to behold
SermonWhy I am Committed to Teaching the Bible
      I have never aspired to be known as a theologian, a polemicist, or an academician. My passion is teaching and preaching the Word of God. Even though I've dealt with theological questions and doctrinal controversies in some of my books, I have never done so from the perspective of a systematic theologian. It is of little concern to me whether so
SermonWinning the War from the Inside Out
      This is as we said earlier the time which we set apart to come to the Lord's Table. We do that, at lest every month, and kind of alternate between Sunday evening and Sunday morning. So that we can all participate. And along that line I want to address a subject that is appropriate. The Bible tells us when we come to the Lord's table that we need to
ArticleYour Child's Greatest Need
      If you've been a parent for any time at all, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that your child came into the world with an insatiable faculty for evil. Even before birth, your baby's little heart was already programmed for sin and selfishness. The inclination toward depravity is such that, given free reign, every baby has the potential to bec

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