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SermonThe Messengers of the King - Matthew 10:1
      With great joy this morning we come to the 10th chapter of Matthew. In our ongoing study of this marvelous, thrilling account of our Lord's life and ministry, we find ourselves beginning a new section, a new dimension, as we enter the 10th chapter. This chapter is marked in the first verse by the calling and the commissioning of the disciples. And
ArticleThe Murder of Jesus
      Recent years have seen an unprecedented interest in the inner workings of America's justice system. Not so long ago, the notion of bringing live television cameras inside the courtroom was highly controversial. Now we have Court TV, an entire cable channel devoted to nothing but courtroom cameras and criminal justice. Or sometimes injustice. Ev
SermonThe Power of Christmas Truth
      Will you open your Bible as we look together to this great great story of the birth of Christ? And our text Matthew chapter 1 and I would like to begin reading at verse 21 and read down through verse 4 of chapter 2...this to provide a setting for the message that God has put on my heart for this morning. Matthew 1:21... And she will bear a son a
Sermon SeriesThe Salvation of Babies Who Die - Part 1
      Some of you who tuned into the Larry King Show, a week ago Saturday, will remember that Larry fired a question to me on the air--it came out of nowhere--a question that reveals a nagging, troubling issue in the human heart. He asked me, "What about a two-year-old baby crushed at the bottom of the World Trade Center?" I answered, "Instant heaven." H
The Salvation of Babies Who Die - Part 2
      This is part two of a subject that I began last Sunday night, the salvation of babies who die. I'm very thankful and gratified for the response that I have received to part one. Last Sunday night when I finished the message, there were certainly three or four, maybe five or six, sets of parents who came up to me and thanked me for the message becau
SermonThe Scandal of the Catholic Priesthood
      Well, thank you for coming tonight. I am going to put on the hat of sort of a professor and historian tonight. I am so used to getting up and saying "take out your Bible," but that wouldn't help, since the Catholic priesthood isn't found anywhere in scripture, so we can't start there. I want to talk about the scandal of the priesthood, because obvi
Sermon SeriesThe Secret of Contentment - Sermon 1
      What a joy it is now to come to the time of the study of the Word of God. Open your Bible with me, will you, to Philippians chapter 4. We come in this last chapter in Paul's letter to the church at Philippi to a new section, really the last large section of thought before some final conclusions that he brings at the end. We come to what is a very i
The Secret of Contentment - Sermon 2
      Let's open our Bibles to Philippians chapter 4 and return to our study of the secret of contentment. We're looking at Philippians chapter 4 verses 10 through 19 as a unit of thought in the mind of the Spirit of God and from the pen of the Apostle Paul. And here he is writing about the subject of contentment. In verse 11 he writes, "Not that I speak
The Secret of Contentment - Sermon 3
      Let's open our Bibles now as we come to our time of study in the Word of God to Philippians chapter 4 in what will be our third and last message on the subject of the secret of contentment. We're looking at Philippians 4 verses 10 through 19. A number of weeks ago I introduced you to a gentleman who has recently become a friend of mine by the n
SermonThe Sheep's Responsibility
      Well, let's open our Bibles for our time in God's Word, chapter 5 of 1 Thessalonians, chapter 5 of 1 Thessalonians. Last Lord's day and this morning we're studying verses 12 and 13, let me read them to you, 1 Thessalonians 5:12 and 13. "But we request of you, brethren, that you appreciate those who diligently labor among you and have charge over yo
SermonThe Shepherds' Responsibility
      It's our joy now to study together the Word of God. Open your Bible, if you will, to 1 Thessalonians chapter 5. We begin to embark upon a study of what is the last major section of this wonderful letter from Paul to the Christians in Thessalonica. We're looking at a section that begins in verse 12 and runs all the way down to verse 22. It is really
Sermon SeriesThe Sign's of Christ's Coming - Sermon 3
      Tonight, as I promised you this morning, we're going back to Matthew chapter 24. And I'm so very excited and anxious about our message tonight and thrilled that you're all here ready to get back into this great chapter. I think if I preached all the time this way, Sunday morning and Sunday night on the same subject, it would shorten up my reviews a
The Signs of Christ's Coming - Sermon 1
      Starting this morning, we have the privilege to begin a series for which I have waited for many, many years. And that is a study of Matthew 24 and 25, known commonly as "The Olivet Discourse" because it is a sermon given by our Lord to His disciples on the Mount of Olives. The theme of this great sermon is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. It is a
The Signs of Christ's Coming - Sermon 2
      Now we come to the study of the Word of God in Matthew chapter 24. Matthew 24 and 25 is known as "The Olivet Discourse." It is a discourse or a sermon given by our Lord Jesus Christ, delivered on the Mount of Olives. Its subject is the Second Coming of Christ. So it is His own sermon, His own message about His own Second Coming. It's a glorious, gl
The Signs of Christ's Coming - Sermon 4
      Let's open our Bibles together to the twenty-fourth chapter of Matthew...Matthew chapter 24. This great chapter is our Lord's own sermon on His Second Coming. It details for us the events surrounding the return of the Lord Jesus Christ from His own mouth. What a tremendous privilege to study this great text. You know, people in our world are alw
The Signs of Christ's Coming - Sermon 5
      One of the great joys in our time of worship together is to study God's Word. How can we worship God unless we know who He is? How can we worship Him fully unless we worship Him in truth? And that truth comes to us through His Word. Let's open our Bibles to the twenty-fourth chapter of Matthew's gospel, Matthew chapter 24. It is with excitement
The Signs of Christ's Coming - Sermon 6
      This morning, we come in our study if God's Word to a very marvelous and thrilling passage for Christians. And so I invite you to turn in your Bible to Matthew chapter 24 as we look at verses 29 through 31. A great text on the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Those of us who know and love the Lord, and those of us who study His Word are v
The Signs of Christ's Coming - Sermon 7
      We have such a great privilege as we meet together on the Lord's day in studying God's Word. It's easy for us to forget that privilege. We may take for granted the abundance of biblical teaching to which we're exposed here at Grace Church. Whenever I'm away in another place, meeting other people who do not have the privilege that all of us enjoy he
The Signs of Christ's Coming - Sermon 8
      We open our Bibles this morning to Matthew chapter 24, looking again at the signs of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, the signs of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. I don't know about your childhood, but my childhood was filled with lots of games. I...when I look back and think of myself as a child, I don't think of myself in a house, I t
The Signs of Christ's Coming - Sermon 9
      I invite you again, this morning, to open your Bible, if you will, to the twenty-fourth chapter of Matthew. We are again this week going back to what is becoming for us a familiar text, this great sermon of our Lord Jesus Christ on His own Second Coming that occupies chapter 24 and 25 of Matthew's gospel. We have come now to the section in verse 36

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