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PoemCome, Prince of Peace, For Now
      Come, Prince of Peace, for now The sands are run! The root of David Thou, Yet David's Son; Man of the Father's choice, Faithful and tried. "Come!" saith the Spirit's voice, "Come!" saith the bride. To Him who sits above, Far over all, Rises the voice of love, That eager call From the vast desert dry, Here where He died: "Come!" 'tis
ArticleEvery Good Gift
      Every Good Gift--Cometh Down I wish to disclaim any originality in the chief thought contained in this short paper. It is merely the following out of what has already been noticed. It has been said that modern infidelity tries to work up to God; whereas truth comes down from Him, the Holy Ghost having descended from the glorified Christ (1 John
ArticleFalse Named Knowledge
      1 Timothy 6: 20--New Translation The last three verses of the first Epistle to Timothy are of great importance. Timothy had to keep the entrusted deposit--the pure and simple revelation of grace in a glorified Christ--and to avoid two snares; snares into which many more have fallen than is usually supposed. The first of these are "profane vain
ArticleHaving Accomplished All Things
      Ephesians 6: 13 The great question here is to be found standing (holding the ground) at the end of the battle, when the enemy shall have exhausted all his attacking force and ingenuity. There can be no truce, the position occupied is too important and conspicuous for the enemy to allow any repose; and though he may, every now and then, draw b
PoemJesus, our Lord, Our All,
      Jesus, our Lord, our all, To Thee we cling; Keep us (while empires fall) Under Thy wing. Saviour to Thee we pray, Knowing Thy Name; Yesterday and today Ever the Same! Quickly the moments flee, Passing away; One thousand years to Thee Are as one day. Changeless Thy majesty, Wondrous Thy Name; Through all eternity Thou art the Same!
ArticleMoral Blindness
      A servant of the Lord, no longer with us, once said "infatuation precedes destruction"; (See J. G. Bellett, in his beautiful Introduction to Isaiah, p. 21.) it was no doubt true of the Jewish nation in their treatment of Messiah before Titus was sent to demolish their city, and I believe it to be true, in every time, in the ways of God with men.
PoemO Lord Of Glory, Who Couldst Leave
      O Lord of glory, who couldst leave, The height supreme in death to lie, What tongue shall sing, what heart conceive The love divine that made Thee die? Bought with a price, for ever Thine, We bless Thee for Thy stoop divine. But ris'n, the Firstborn from the dead, Triumphant hast Thou entered in; The glorious Man, the living Head, Thrice
ArticleOur Citizenship is in Heaven
      Philippians 3: 20-21 This does not merely mean that we are citizens of the heavens, but that we are formed in such a way by the heavenly order of things that it may be said of us that our politeuma is there. It is in contrast with a very common and popular religion; that is of those who walk in outward Christian profession, but are enemies of t
PoemSome Better Thing
      Hebrews 11: 40 By faith they stood, the sires of old As rocks in restless sea; Or knew to tame the raging flame As they went gloriously: A witness-cloud - illustrious crowd - A heavenly company. And, pilgrim! what the path to-day That leads to victory? Not steel and flame, but grief and shame And patient toil for thee; But a higher par
ArticleThe Crown of Righteousness
      2 Timothy 4: 8 It may be well to look, though not for the first time, at the circumstances of the apostle to the Gentiles when he wrote thus to Timothy. He had been unjustly imprisoned; he had committed nothing worthy of death or of bonds. He was anticipating an unjust capital sentence from the iniquitous head of the Roman Empire; and from t
ArticleThe Gifts In Ephesians 4
       APOSTLES If any man build a house, he will begin by the foundation and will not try to make the roof first. It is hardly necessary to call attention to the fact that an apostolic service is analogous to laying a foundation. Indeed the great Apostle to the Gentiles uses the figure where responsible work on earth is in question. "Accord
ArticleThe Remnant
      It is evident that no single truth, however great and blessed in itself, can ever be taken as a ground of fellowship in an evil day when Christendom presents one vast field of ruins; for ruin it is, whatever may be the pretensions of the Roman, Greek, or other "churches". It may seem to be insisting too much upon what is too patent; yet it is we
ArticleThe Second Man, Out of Heaven
      The importance of understanding clearly that the "second man" applies to an order entirely different from that of the "first man" is very great, and may still be considered, though so much has been said about it. Adam is looked at in 1 Corinthians 15 as the head of a race, and when our Lord's place as last Adam, quickening all those in the race
PoemThe Secret Name
      "What is thy name . . . that we may do thee honour?" (Judges 13: 17) The word "secret" may well be translated "wonderful" (Isaiah 9: 6), and the expression in the next verse, where it is said that the angel did wonderfully, is in connection with it. O wonderful! thrice wonderful Must be the secret Name Of Him who mounts aloft to God In the d
ArticleThere is One Body
      Of all the wonderful truths connected with the new creation, that of the one body is the most remarkable. Much has lately been said as to this aspect of the church of God; and I wish merely to insist once more upon its immense importance, and especially as delivering every faithful heart from sectarian principles. There are two points which I s
PoemTo God - Alone
      To God - alone Dwelling in uncreated light, Who hast unknown Immortal Being beyond sight - Honour and everlasting might! Yet though our eyes May not behold Thy Deity - So broadly lies The gulf between all else and Thee - We Thy reveal├Ęd glories see! By faith we see Jesus with highest honour crowned, And majesty Divine and human, w
PoemWhere Glory Lights The Courts On High
      Where glory lights the courts on high, With highest glory crowned, Thee, Lord of power and majesty, Celestial hosts surround. O who shall sing that path of worth, That led up to the throne? The Corn of Wheat upon this earth Could but abide alone; But Thou art risen from the dead, And we, as one with Thee, Now sing Thy Name, our Lord,

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