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Some Better Thing

By E.L. Bevir

      Hebrews 11: 40

      By faith they stood, the sires of old
      As rocks in restless sea;
      Or knew to tame the raging flame
      As they went gloriously:
      A witness-cloud - illustrious crowd -
      A heavenly company.
      And, pilgrim! what the path to-day
      That leads to victory?
      Not steel and flame, but grief and shame
      And patient toil for thee;
      But a higher part by God's own heart
      Thy guerdon bright shall be!

      A crowning gift of joy and love
      Hath been reserved for thee!
      In that full height of God's own light
      Thy quickened heart must be!
      Then on, through shame, through steel or flame,
      On, on to victory!

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