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The Secret Name

By E.L. Bevir

      "What is thy name . . . that we may do thee honour?" (Judges 13: 17)   The word "secret" may well be translated "wonderful" (Isaiah 9: 6), and the expression in the next verse, where it is said that the angel did wonderfully, is in connection with it.

      O wonderful! thrice wonderful
      Must be the secret Name
      Of Him who mounts aloft to God
      In the devouring flame.

      Say who shall meet that angel's look,
      (Judges 13: 6)
      So terrible to scan?
      In Jesu's face it shall be seen,
      The meek and lowly Man!

      And who shall see the mighty God,
      Yet live before His face?
      In the burnt-offering we shall live,
      In all its fragrant grace.

      Yea, now we live, and live in Him,
      And learn the Father's heart,
      His worth has brought our souls on high
      Our bright eternal part.

      Known in the fierce ascending fire,
      Excelling praise or fame;
      O wonderful! most wonderful
      Must be Thy bless'd Name!
       - E. L. B.

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