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AnecdoteLooking down from Heaven
      I remember in the exposition building in Dublin, while I was speaking about heaven, I said something to the effect that, "perhaps at this moment a mother is looking down from heaven upon her daughter here to-night," and I pointed down to a young lady in the audience. Next morning I received this letter: "On Wednesday, when you were speaking of h
SermonLost and Found
      A great many people tell you, "I will become a Christian when Christ comes and seeks me." I was talking to a gray-haired man in my native town not long ago who, when I spoke to him about his soul, suggested that he would become a Christian when the Lord Jesus Christ came to him. He was waiting till Christ hunted him personally. And there is a c
AnecdoteLost on the Deep
      I read some time ago of a vessel that had been off on a whaling voyage, and had been gone about three years. I saw the account in print somewhere lately, but it happened a long time ago. The father of one of those sailors had charge of the lighthouse, and he was expecting his boy to come home. It was time for the whaling vessel to return. One ni
      In Chicago a few years ago there was a little boy who went to one of the mission Sunday-schools. His father moved to another part of the city about five miles away, and every Sunday that boy came past thirty or forty Sunday-schools to the one he attended. And one Sunday a lady who was out collecting scholars for a Sunday-school met him and asked
AnecdoteLove in a Sunday-School
      John Wanamaker, superintendent of probably one of the largest Sunday-schools in the world, had a theory that he would never put a boy out of his school for bad conduct. He argued, if a boy misbehaved himself, it was through bad training at home, and that if he put him out of the school, no one would take care of him. Well, this theory was put to
DevotionalLove, Peace and Joy
      When a man who has been living in sin turns from his sins, and turns to God with all his heart, he is met on the threshold of the divine life by these sister graces. The love of God is shed abroad in his heart by the Holy Ghost. The peace of God comes at the same time, and also the joy of the Lord. We can put the test to ourselves, if we have th
ArticleMarch 18, 1805 - George Washington Bethune Came on Stage
      When France suppressed its Protestant Huguenots, they scattered around the world. Many wound up in the young United States. Several presidents, the first chief justice of the United States (John Jay) and many other famous men boasted Huguenot blood. George Washington Bethune, born on this day, March 18, 1805 in New York City, was also of Huguenot d
Men of the Bible - Table of Contents
      A great many people are afraid of the will of God, and yet I believe that one of the sweetest lessons that we can learn in the school of Christ is the surrender of our wills to God, letting Him plan for us and rule our lives. If I know my own mind, if an angel should come from the throne of God and tell me that I could have my will done the rest of
AnecdoteMoody and the Children
      The first two or three years that I attempted to talk in the meetings, I saw that the older people did not like it. I had sense enough to know that I was a bore to them. "Well, I went out upon the street and I got eighteen little children to follow me the first Sunday, and I led them into the Sunday-school. I found that I had something to do. I
AnecdoteMoody Chasing his Shadow
      When I was a little boy, I remember I tried to catch my shadow. I don't know if you were ever so foolish; but I remember running after it, and trying to get ahead of it. I could not see why the shadow always kept ahead of me. Once I happened to be racing with my face to the sun, and I looked over my head and saw my shadow coming back of me, and
AnecdoteMoody in the Far West
      I remember when I went to California just to try and get a few souls saved on the Pacific coast, I went into a school there, and asked, "Have you got some one who can write a plain hand?" "Yes." Well, we got up the blackboard, and the lesson upon it proved to be the very text we have tonight. "Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven." And I said,
AnecdoteMoody's Mother and her Prodigal Son
      I can give you a little experience of my own family. Before I was fourteen years old the first thing I remember was the death of my father. He had been unfortunate in business, and failed. Soon after his death the creditors came in and took everything. My mother was left with a large family of children. One calamity after another swept over the
AnecdoteMrs. Moody Teaching her Child
      There was a time when our little boy did not like to go to church, and would get up in the morning, and say to his mother, "What day is tomorrow?" "Tuesday." "Next day?" "Wednesday." "Next day?" "Thursday;" and so on, till he came to the answer, "Sunday." "Dear me," he said. I said to the mother, "We cannot have our boy grow up to hate Sunday in
PoemMy God shall supply all your need
      Precious Jesus! I have found Thee, All my utmost need required: In Thyself, dear Lord, Thou'st found me, All Thy loving heart desired. I would praise Thee, From my soul, by love inspired! All my sins were laid upon Thee, All my guilt was on Thee laid; For the blood of Thine atonement, All my utmost debt was paid. Dearest Saviour, I bel
DevotionalNo Real Death
      "With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation" (Ps. 91:16). Jesus Christ came into the world to destroy death, and we can say with Paul, if we will, "Oh, death, where is thy sting?" And we can hear a voice rolling down from heaven saying, "Buried in the bosom of the Son of God." He took death unto His own bosom. He went into the
DevotionalNot a Failure
      "He must increase, but I must decrease" (John 3:30). Sometimes it looks as if God's servants fail. When Herod beheaded John the Baptist, it looked as if John's mission was a failure. But was it? The voice that rang through the valley of the Jordan rings through the whole world to-day You can hear its echo upon the mountains and the valleys yet,
AnecdoteObedience Explained
      Suppose I say to my boy, "Willie, I want you to go out and bring me a glass of water." He says he doesn't want to go. "I didn't ask you whether you wanted to go or not, Willie; I told you to go." "But I don't want to go," he says. "I tell you, you must go and get me a glass of water." He does not like to go. But he knows I am very fond of grapes
AnecdoteOff for America
      Previous to my coming across to this great country of ours, I was holding meetings in London. I took my ticket from there to Manchester to bid some friends good-by. When I got to the railway carriage I saw little groups of boys around two little fellows. Their coats were threadbare, with patches here and there carefully covering up the holes. So
AnecdoteOpen the Door
      I heard of a little child some time ago who was burned. The mother had gone out and left the three children at home. The eldest left the room, and the remaining two began to play with fire, and set the place in a blaze. When the youngest of the two saw what she had done, she went into a little cupboard and fastened herself in. The remaining c
DevotionalOther items in the Bibles
      "Truly the man of God is never so great as when he is little in his own eyes, and nevermore exalted than when he sits lowly at his Master's feet." Many have got a justifying Christ; they have the Christ who died on the board; they fully believe in His blessed atonement, but they have not got the risen, reigning, sanctifying One, who can still th

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