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      I remember a child that lived with her parents in a small village. One day the news came that her father had joined the army (it was at the beginning of our [Civil] war), and a few days after the landlord came to demand the rent. The mother told him she hadn't got it, and that her husband had gone into the army. He was a hard-hearted wretch, and
DevotionalFinding Your Picture
      You know I have an idea that the Bible is like an album. I go into a man's house, and while waiting for him, I take up an album and open it. I look at a picture. "Why, that looks like a man I know." I turn over and look at another. "Well, I know that man." By-and-by I come upon another. "Why, that man looks like my brother." I am getting pretty
AnecdoteFor Charley's Sake
      In Detroit, at an international convention of the Young Men's Christian Association, Judge Olds was present as a delegate from Columbus. One evening he was telling about the mighty power Christians summon to their aid in the petition "for Christ's sake," "in Jesus' name," and he told a story that made a great impression on me. When the war came on,
AnecdoteFound in the Sand
      While I was attending a meeting in a certain city some time ago, a lady came to me and said, "I want you to go home with me; I have something to say to you." When we reached her home, there were some friends there. After they had retired, she put her arms on the table, and tears began to come into her eyes, but with an effort she repressed her emot
PoemHe Careth For You
      1 Peter 5:7 "All thy griefs by Him are ordered, Needful is each one for thee, All thy tears by Him are counted, One too much there cannot be. And if, while they fall so quickly, Thou canst own His way is right, Then each bitter tear of anguish, Precious is in Jesus' sight. Far too well thy Saviour loves thee, To allow thy life to be
SermonHeaven Inhabitants
      If there is anything that ought to make heaven near to Christians, it is knowing that God and all their loved ones will be there. What is it that makes home so attractive? Is it because we have a beautiful home? Is it because we have beautiful lawns? Is it because we have beautiful trees around that home? Is it because we have beautiful paintings u
SermonHeaven: Its Hope
      Like all the other wonderful works of God, this Book bears the sure stamp of its author. It is like Him. Though man plants the seeds, God makes the flowers, and they are perfect and beautiful like Himself. Men wrote what is in the Bible, but the work is God's. The more refined, as a rule, people are, the fonder they are of the flowers, and the bett
      A man came to me the other day and said: "I like your preaching. You don't preach hell, and I suppose you don't believe in one." Now I don't want any one to rise up in the Judgment and say that I was not a faithful preacher of the Word of God. It is my duty to preach God's Word just as He gives it to me; I have no right to pick out a text here and
AnecdoteHigher and Higher
      I remember a few years ago, a little child died, and just before his soul went home he asked his father to lift him up, and the father put his hand under the head of the child and raised it up. But the child only said, "That is not enough; that is not what I want; lift me right up." The child was wasted all to skin and bones, but still his fathe
AnecdoteHold Up Your Light
      Out west, a friend of mine was walking along one of the streets one dark night, and saw approaching him a man with a lantern. As he came up close to him he noticed by the bright light that the man seemed as if he had no eyes. He went past, but the thought struck him, "Surely that man is blind." He turned around and said, "My friend, are you not
AnecdoteHow Little Moody took the Whippings
      When I was a boy my mother used to send me outdoors to get a birch stick to whip me with; and at first I used to stand off from the rod as far as I could. But I soon found that the whipping hurt me more that way than any other; and so I went as near to my mother as I could, and found the punishment lighter. And so when God chastens us let us kis
      I suppose Isaiah thought he was as good as most men in his day, and perhaps he was a good deal better than most men, but when he saw the Lord, he cried, "Woe is me, for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips." When he saw the Lord, he saw his own deformity, and he fell in the dust before the Lord. And that is the proper place for a sinn
       "Learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart."--Matthew 11:29. There is no harder lesson to learn than the lesson of humility. It is not taught in the schools of men, only in the school of Christ. It is the rarest of all the gifts. Very rarely do we find a man or woman who is following closely the footsteps of the Master in meekness and in h
AnecdoteIn Jail
      I remember a mother who heard that her boy was impressed at one of our meetings. She said her son was a good enough boy, and he didn't need to be converted. I pleaded with that mother, but all my pleading was of no account. I tried my influence with the boy; but when I was pulling one way she was pulling the other, and of course her influence pr
SermonInternal Foes
      Now if we are going to overcome, we must begin inside. God always begins there. An enemy inside the fort is far more dangerous than one outside. Scripture teaches that in every believer there are two natures warring against each other. Paul says in his epistle to the Romans:--"For we know that the law is spiritual: but I am carnal, sold under si
AnecdoteJohnny, Cling Close to the Rock
      Little Johnny and his sister were one day going through a long, narrow tunnel. The railroad company had built small clefts here and there through the tunnel, so that if any one got caught in the tunnel when the train was passing, they could save themselves. After this little boy and girl had gone some distance in the tunnel, they heard a train c
AnecdoteJumping into Father's Arms
      I remember, while in Mobile attending meetings, a little incident occurred which I will relate. It was a beautiful evening, and just before the meeting some neighbors and myself were sitting on the front piazza enjoying the evening. One of the neighbors put one of his children upon a ledge eight feet high, and put out his hands and told him to j
AnecdoteLittle Great Men
      One afternoon I noticed a lady at the services whom I knew to be a Sunday-school teacher. After the service I asked her where her class was. "O," said she, "I went to the school and found only a little boy, and so I came away." "Only a little boy!" said I. "Think of the value of one such soul! The fires of a reformation may be slumbering in t
AnecdoteLittle Jimmy
      A friend of mine in Chicago took his Sabbath-school out on the cars [train] once. A little boy was allowed to sit on the platform of the car, when by some mischance he fell, and the whole train passed over him. They had to go on half a mile before they could stop. They went back to him, and found that the poor little fellow had been cut and mang
      "But he that lacketh these things is blind, and cannot see afar off" (2 Peter 1:9). I heard a man, some time ago, speaking about Abraham. He said "Abraham was not tempted by the well-watered plains of Sodom, for Abraham was what you might call a long-sighted man; he had his eyes set on the city which had foundation--'whose Builder and Maker is

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